Redemption Q

Redemption Q

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After a little goof up last Monday, that left many Clydesdale Pax to suffer at the hand of Dasher, I had to get back out and redeem myself for failing to show for my Q.  That is now behind us, so lets move on.

The Thang:

  1. DICCS handled
  2. Mosey to Rudy’s poop palace for a little warm-up.  Light stretching and the usual suspect exercises.
  3. Mosey to the traffic circle behind the High School
  4. Out and Back’s – So look, when you’re a Clydesdale Q’ing a Gazelle oriented workout, you have to get creative.  Last week as I was pondering the Q I would ultimately miss, I came up with this idea.  Everyone launches from and returns to the traffic circle.  You run 4 minutes out and then turn around and run back.  This allows the Gazelles to stretch their legs and naturally pick up the six on the return trip.  We did this 4x with a few minutes of Mary and Planking between each leg.
  5. Mosey back to Rudy’s poop palace.
  6. Lieutenant Dan up the back drive to COT.  Each light stop and do 1 squat and 4 backward lunges.  Increasing per the usual at each light.  We ended on the 9th light, with 9 squats and 36 backward lunges.
  7. COT
  8. Announcements – Thursday night load a truck at Christ’s Closet, bound for distribution in Wilmington.  Sign up for the 1/30 blood drive.  CSAUP coming up on 2/6.
  9. Prayer
  10. Family Photo

Peace.  Redemption attained.


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