Avast Ye!

Avast Ye!

Shiver me timbers! 6 hearties joined the old salt and swashbuckler, Frehley’s Comet, for a trip on the Centurion Pirate Ship. Frehley’s assured 6 sons of biscuit eaters that he would give no quarter during today’s workout. Talk of mutiny was quickly suppressed as Frehley’s prepared the crew to batton down the hatches and move forward.

Mosey was called for and bounty promised upon completion of the mornings events. Onward, to the bilge.


Bunch of exercises that Frehley’s free-wheeled

Start at the bilge and do 10x called exercise. Run up a half level. 10x called exercise. Back down and do exercises again. Did this a few times. Heavy on the Merkins.


Orlop to Poop Deck Set

Start at Orlop. Run to the dungbie. Do some exercises. Run back. Repeat this a few times with different exercises. Stairs were taken to the poop deck each time.


Start at entrance to the deck at bilge level. Run to the dungbie. Wall sits. Do this a few times. Run back to the launch.

No hornswagglers today, the 6 hearties got it done.



Frehley’s called one of his sets the Pirate Ship. Actually, he asked what that amusement park ride that swings back and forth was called. The pax provided the answer, and, a theme for a backblast that was not going to get written. Weather was nasty at 37 with a 10mph NW wind that made it feel like 30. Enough rain to make it uncomfortable. T-claps to the men who posted this morning. Much easier to stay in the nice, warm confines of your fartsack.

If you have any interest in deciphering the Pirate talk included in this backblast, click HERE


Please continue to pray for Jennings Palmer as he battles leukemia. He is in Nashville with Bout Time, getting treatment.

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