Finding Keith Gordon

Finding Keith Gordon

Quick, customary disclaimer after everyone emerged from their well-heated vehicles at 5:59:37.  19 Area51 pax launched, and Floorslapper reclaimed his LIFO status, joining the pax 4 minutes into the workout….and order was restored to the world.

As expected, it was an especially mumblechatterish pax.  This is Hydra, after all.  Thankfully, 2 or 3 pax actually cadence-counted otherwise I would have lost count for sure in COP.

Below is some Thang and more Moleskinny.

During COP, I called Dancing Chilcutt’s (named after former Tarheel hoopster Pete Chilcutt), but those should be done in elbow plank, not regular plank #cobains.  Why?  Because the only thing you ever saw with Chilcutt was his flying elbows in the lane.  Spackler was the only one actually doing Dancing Chilcutt’s but that’s because he was mindlessly modifying.

We did some other stuff in COP – IW’s of course, No SSH’s obviously.  Called out some true bootcamp exercises like bear crawls, burpee broad jumps & Wallthar N’Djayie’s.  Relatively sure Trifusenik did none of the aforementioned exercises.

Good to meet Broken Arrow this morning.  That’s Proehl’s dad, by the way.

Brandi was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  27 degrees.  Because why not?

Also good to make Bubble Wrap’s acquaintance among the pax.  During the rock/running partner work – I had to tell Clover that his partner’s name was Bubble Wrap….too which he said, “I think his name is Matt.”  He may have been right?

The OP posse ran in (Huddle House, Sweater Set, Brandi & Slingshot).

Marge also ran in.  2.15 miles he says, and also ran out at 0630.  0530 launch might work better for you, chief.

Snuka was WD by about 15 years….ok only 10 or 11. #ageless

Mayday – KOTTERS!  Come back again soon, and I don’t mean in March.

Geraldo & Puddin’ were going great guns on the obscure movie trivia (Google Keith Gordon – he’s the same age as Snuka).  They even extended the conversation after the workout.  I’m fascinated by their knowledge of all things trivial in pop culture, music & movies.  I suggested they start a podcast – “F3LittleKnownFacts”…coming soon.

Buc-ee’s, Motorboat & Gloss clowncarred, I think…Gloss may have ridden home in the bed of Motorboat’s truck after the soiling that took place in the Methodist church parking lot.

Deep Dish, who will be napping this afternoon, was unusually quiet due to lack of sleep, but still posted!  Let that be a lesson to all you fartsacker’s….none of whom will read this, actually.

Thanks to Puddin’ for taking us out in prayer.  Please remember to keep asking God to heal Jennings Palmer.  I dusted off the orange wristband this week.  #allinforjennings

The Bible verse Bout Time included on those is Exodus 14:14.  Quick lesson here:  The scene is the Israelites running from the Pharaoh of Egypt and his army.  The people were understandably terrified.  They had just been told they were free after 400+ years in slavery/captivity.  Well…Pharaoh changed his mind.  But God didn’t.  They were at the coast of the Red Sea.  Exodus 14:14 reads: “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”  These were Moses’ words to the Israelites in the face of a seemingly impossible and catastrophic situation.  Guess what?  Moses was right.  Many of you know what happened next.

Will you men join me in claiming that promise for Jennings & the Palmer’s?  “The LORD will fight for you, Jennings.”

Grateful for all you knuckleheads.


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