Be Careful What you Wish For

Be Careful What you Wish For

Another great night for working out with your 2.0 at The Appetizer.  We had a record number of 2.0s (and I can’t remember all their names and know I missed at least three).  As our Q mentioned (several times), I put in the humble request to “include some burpees” in the workout. Lucky me (and all the PAX) the workout was burpee filled.  Here’s how it went, roughly:

DISCC given

Warm Up

Mosey around back of school to parking lot for some warming up: SSH, LSS, Merkin, InOut, Bobby Hurley

Stretching: Plank, bring right for forward to Can Opener, elbows down (if you can), reach for sky, rinse repeat on left

Mosey to the rock pile and grab a lifting rock.

The Thang

Burpee breakdown (or rather PAX breakdown via burpees).  Half of us started running to the first cone, the other half started with the burpees:
– 5 burpees with lifting rock (actually makes you miss doing burpees without the rock)
– run to first cone, merkin x10, return
– 5 burpees with lifting rock
– run to second cone, in-out x10
– run to first cone, merkin x10, return
– 5 burpees with lifting rock
– run to third cone, jump squat x10
– run to second cone, in-out x10
– run to first cone, merkin x10, return
– 5 burpees with lifting rock

That was so much fun we did it twice.  Well I got through two rounds, some other PAX probably passed me though by the end I was happy to still be standing.

Next, partner up for alternating running or lifting:
– runner goes to second light and back, while
– lifter uses rock to do AMRAP each of curls, tricep, bench press

A couple rounds of that and then we did one round hitting some abs:
– runner goes to second light and back, while
– partner does 20 big boys, 20 LBCs

Mosey over to side parking lot to wrap with ACDC. To the tune of Thunderstruck we do one burpee everytime we hear the word “Thunder” and in the meantime “keep moving” however we choose (though all PAX choose a slow mosey while fearing the next rampage of “thunder”).

That took us to the end and COT was held in the same lot we were catching our breath from being thunderburpeestruck. Oxygen starved as my brain was I initiated count-o-rama in the wrong direction (FYI there’s a right direction and wrong direction)


Two FNGs joined us this evening, both older 2.0s who seemed to take the workout like a walk in the park.  The Appetizer is an ideal time to lead by example with your 2.0s and this evening the PAX were out numbered by 2.0s.  Great job men.

Next time you’re thinking about making a request to the Q to modify his workout think twice as you may get a lot more than you asked for. I started this MABA challenge 4 days late so I have some catching up to do, so I’m not complaining at all. I just hope the PAX that came to the Appetizer aren’t afraid to come back.   But after our last three workouts, anyone who comes back isn’t afraid of a serious beating.

Thanks to HighHat for leading us through a great night of sweating and suffering together. He ended with some strong words of appreciation for F3 and the real source of strength and support it has provided him during the last year. This is a place where men can be vulnerable. So do not hesitate to lean on your brother. Though it may feel like it sometimes, you are not alone. Thoughts echoed by Zinfandel and shared by YHC among others.


Blood drive on January 30th (aka Fastpass exit from Dryuary)

Burpee Challenge (Make America Burpee Again) is 100 burpees a day for the month (how hard can it be?!)

Publicize your Year’s Goals on the Google Spreadsheet

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