Coffee is for Closers

Coffee is for Closers

Set the alarm for 4:50 which left me plenty of time to dream up the plan for my first Q of 2021.  Hit the parking lot and it was packed for Ignition standards – must be lots of New Year’s Goal Setters –

Still hit double digits for Flash – 10 Pax showed up on a balmy day

DCCS and Mosey to front of Middle School for various; SSH, Diamond, Wide – Merkings, Damascus stretch and some Prison Squats.

The Thang:

Add 1 of Merkin/Bobby Hurley at each light pole on the long drive in front of the cutty schools – we hit 8 total lights…

That placed us in front of the grass hill – 6 times up the hill sprint and then descending big bois at the bottom.

Hit driver ed parking lot for the Accelerator; first corner 15 Merkings, lap until hit second corner 15merkins, 15 shoulder taps, hit 3rd corner 15 Merkins, 15 Shoulder taps, 15 BH’s, 4th corner – 15 merkins, 15 shoulder taps, 15 BH’s, 15 Knee Slaps.

Mosey to cafe and benches: 3 rounds (dips  and then step ups) stop at triangle.

Back main road – Paula Abdul – 2 lights up fast mosey – back one in revers.

Mosey back to COT and finish some suicides to get in 3M.

Goal was to get in 3Miles today – been lots of burpees and who the heck is on the tyson kick these days?

While we weren’t in gazelle from just yet, this group is a bunch of grinders.  3 yards and a cloud of dust….

Chainsaw  – never hear that Respect2 complain – he just gets after it.  Same for ExLax – His dedication to show up everyday and not skip out on the running – way to go.

Kotters to Trojan – the New Year’s ball/bash has him pumped up to do great things in 2021

JWow and Surge back at it after some injury and time off

Good to see Cobbler and Doughboy broadcasting SquakBox on the run this morning – keep after it

Steady Eddy aka Rockwell was taking charge today as well.

Meat Smoker is getting a handle on the Lexicon – and  seems happy go lucky for now… just wait until he gets his first ticket from the form police…

0-69 – well he stays after it each day!!!! rock star



announcements – more workouts on the way– see the schedule

Blood drive coming up soon

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