F3 Waxhaw New Year’s Day

F3 Waxhaw New Year’s Day

Happy New Year everyone! The new year is often a time for a reset. Time to evaluate what happened the previous year and make changes, hopefully for the better. 2020 was a…different year and one that was especially challenging for many/most folks. Relationships, resolve, perseverance, motivation, drive, survival were just a few things that were tested. One thing that was a constant was this group of High Impact Men from F3 Waxhaw. In this year of turmoil, we saw our numbers grow. We created several new AOs to provide First F(Fitness) opportunities to an ever expanding geography. Though social distancing limited our abilities to hold large, indoor, Second F (Fellowship) events like the Effees or monthly lunches we stayed strong with weekly Coffeeteria and events like the Makeshift Marathon and Turkey Bowl. Even more impressive was the explosive growth we saw in the Third F (Faith) area, where little old Waxhaw has impacted people’s lives ways we won’t even know with things like: Christ’s Closet, Rice and Beans, Blood Drives, Project Hot Wheels, and many more. We say it often, but it bears repeating: “F3 is more than a workout!

This New Year’s Day 42 men arrived on a cold, blustery, rainy morning where we experienced all five of F3 Nation’s core principles. Not sure what those are?

1. Free of Charge – We never charge for a workout. Ever.

2. Open to All Men – If you’re a guy, you’re welcome. Regardless of fitness level, age, or experience you’re welcome and encouraged to be here.

3. Held Rain or Shine – If New Year’s Day wasn’t an indication of how true this is, I don’t know what is. Conditions were pretty miserable but we pushed through.

4. Peer Led – Rotating fashion of men leading each other. You got to see that on full show on this day as depending on which workout you attended you got to see Recalculating, Brutus, Fuse Box, and YHC all taking a turn at the helm.


I’m not sure what the other groups did for a workout, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is we ended the workout together in a Circle of Trust. It is, after all, the 5th of the five core principles.

5. Circle of Trust – Always ends with a Circle of Trust.

42 men gathered in a circle to acknowledge the completion of another step in the journey of bettering ourselves. I would invite challenge you to watch the Name-O-Rama and pay attention to the names you DON’T see. Why weren’t they there? Now is the time to reach out and check in on them. Invite them to come back out. Post with them. Encourage them.

F3 Waxhaw New Year’s Day Name-O-Rama


2021 is a new year with new challenges. Create some new habits this year and you’ll be better for it. Here are some suggestions from Bottlecap: Show up early, Pre-run, Try Ignition, Don’t modify, ask somebody if you can Q, Talk to a PAX you don’t know.

“Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him”

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