Inaugural 2021 Kettlebell Program

  • When:01/04/2021
  • QIC: Voodoo

Inaugural 2021 Kettlebell Program

In January 2020, we rolled out a series of structured kettlebell workouts in order to provide some direction to the pax’s strength training. We spent months performing a modified StrongFirst Level I SFG training program, a swing/merkin/snatch program, and a swing program. For 2021, we will likely re-run some of those programs as well as revisit the Total Tension program some pax followed in late 2019.

Starting at Swole on Monday, we will transition to a new program focused on heavier weights and lower reps. The focus of the program will be two programs devised by Geoff Neupert: Kettlebell Strong and Kettlebell One. The Strong program consists of double cleans and double presses while the One program consists of double swings. If you don’t have a pair of identical bells, both can be performed with either (i) a single kettlebell or (ii) mismatched double kettlebells (switch sides each set). You should start with a weight that you can press for 4-5 tough reps. The goal is to gradually increase the number of reps being performed each workout. By the end, that weight will be much more manageable than when you started.

Each workout will consist of 4 sections:

  1. Warm-up (SSH, IW, Sharon Towers, prying squats, etc.)
  2. Neupert (KB Strong or KB One, based on the schedule) – this is the only thing the Q has to make sure they get in there. The reps are generally low, but it should be challenging so there should be ample rest. Ideally, the pax will use doubles, but singles will do. Bell size should be a weight that can be pressed 4-5 times with effort.
  3. Complex – I’ve included a selection of complexes from a few authors. Some are time-based (i.e., AMRAP for 15:00) and some just need to be completed. If they don’t take enough time, the Q can do another complex or move on to the next section.
  4. Easy Strength – We might only have time for this on Saturdays, but the idea is to do 5 exercises with relatively low reps at a challenging weight. I’ve provided some examples of the types of exercises, but they should include: deadlift, upper body pull, upper body push, full body explosive, and abs.
  5. Mary – If there’s not enough time to get through Easy Strength, Mary should be performed (elbow planks, hollow body holds, glute bridges, etc.).

The specifics of sections 2-4 can be found on the different tabs of the Google Sheet saved here. The Q has discretion over the Warm-up, any Complex(es), the Easy Strength, and Mary portions. Suggestions are included in the spreadsheet. Each workout will have a prescribed Neupert workout based on the schedule in the spreadsheet.

As always, the focus of each workout should be performing good quality reps. If you have questions about any of the exercises, please ask questions of the Q or site Qs at the workout. I (Voodoo) am working on collecting some of the bells that I have lent out during the pandemic and will bring extra bells to the workouts to lend to pax in need of them once I have them.

If you’ve been posting for a while, we hope you will continue to come out and support the sites. If you’ve been curious about bells, please join us and give it a try. If you have questions, please ask.

See you in the gloom,

Voodoo, Mighty Mite, Unplugged, Ickey Shuffle, and High Tide

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