And On the 12th Day of Christmas my Q gave to me…

And On the 12th Day of Christmas my Q gave to me…

YHC was up on deck for the Q of this week’s edition of Swole.  YHC is comfortable Q’ing a bootcamp after having Q’ed many a bootcamp but leading a gear workout is still a bit of uncharted territory for me.  Leaning on lessons learned from the last time yours truly Q’ed Swole I planned out a total body KB workout.  YHC has neglected legs recently so legs were more of a focus than typically done at a KB workout.  The only requirement of these workouts is to get 250 swings in.  The plan was 10 rounds (or is that really all?) with each round consisting of 25 swings, a called KB exercise and an exercise without the KB…each round taking 3 minutes.  And there was a 12 rep theme for our 12 Days of Christmas.

Oh and the other requirement at a gear workout is to have a music playlist that motivates.  The benefit of being the Q is you get to push your taste in music on the Pax.  I always go 90’s-early 2000’s alternative/grunge.  Here is what went down with playlist at the bottom.

The Thang:

25 swings each round with

  • 6 shoulder presses each arm and 10 squats (Day 1)
  • 12 goblet squats and 10 merkins (Day 2)
  • 6 cleans each arm and 10 squats (Day 3)
  • 6 lunges each leg and 10 merkins (Day 4)
  • 6 snatches each arm and 10 squats (Day 5)
  • 12 Romanian deadlifts and 10 merkins (Day 6)
  • 6 bent rows and 10 squats (Day 7)
  • 12 sumo squats and 10 merkins (Day 8)
  • 12 upright rows and 10 squats (Day 9)
  • 6 single leg dead lifts and 10 merkins (Day 10)

So at this point we have our 250 swings in but that is only 10 days.  At about Day 8 Voodoo asked if we were at 250 swings.  It probably felt like 250 with the huge bell that he swings (YHC wonders if that sounds as awkward in print as it does in my head).  Uncle Leo, ever the numbers savant, pointed out that we were only at 200.  And Wild Turkey had already done the math and noted that he had a feeling that we were going to do more than that.  And he was correct because there are 12 days of Christmas…obvi.

  • 25 swings with 12 flutters while pressing the KB and 10 squats (Day 11)
  • 25 swings with 12 burpees and 10 merkins to finish off DAy 12)  Editor’s note, YHC was not initially going to call the merkins along with burpees but Frehley’s insisted on the merkins too #overachiever

Just enough time for 60 seconds out and 60 seconds back of Farmer’s Carry and 1 minute of elbow plank hold.  Finito.


Alive – Pearl Jam

Far Behind – Candlebox

What’s My Age Again – Blink 182

Promise – Eve 6

The Bends – Radiohead

Enemy – Sevendust

Possum Kingdom – The Toadies

The Taste of Ink – The Used

Slither – Velvet Revolver

My Name is Jonas – Weezer

Plowed – Sponge

Impressive that most of the Pax knew almost all of the playlist and appeared to approve.  YHC knew Frehley’s would be the hardest to win over musically but he even admitted to liking a couple of the songs.  But he did remark that if his M caught him listening to Enemy by Sevendust that she would think he had lost his mind and promptly have him committed.  Mighty Mite was surprised that YHC listened to some of the harder music…there is much more of that Mighty that I will break out in the future.


Great work by all.  Everyone got after it and there was still room for some mumblechatter on music, sports, holiday plans and aging musicians trying to pull off teen angst in their upper 40’s.  Thanks guys for making it enjoyable as always and thanks Mighty and Voodoo for the opportunity to lead.

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28 days ago

Great Q and great music! Thanks for leading, War Eagle!

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