Ahh…The Warm Glow of Christmas In Waxhaw

Ahh…The Warm Glow of Christmas In Waxhaw

Aah….the promise of a workout by Christmas lights.  What promised to be a cold, bitter morning, turned out to be a nice festive jaunt through downtown Waxhaw.

The Thang

  1. DICCS out
  2. Quick jaunt down Keith Jong Hill and a warm up in the new apartments parking lot.  It was apparent that Ice9 never had an inside voice.  Even his whisper was jarring.  Better than the dry heaving I guess, but loud nonetheless. Quick jog to the backside of the long road to Waxhaw.
  3. Paula Abdul.  5 Merkins forward, 10 squats back.  The Burpee Train made an appearance right at the start.  The majority of the Pax complied with the rules.  Zin was on his own plan.  He drug a few other weak and impressionable Pax along with him, as they continued the Paula Abdul.  Later in the day there was debate about Floater rules.  You will need to get caught up in the Playhouse to understand the court room drama that unfolded.
  4. BLIMPS – Mosey’d to DreamChasers and started BLIMPS (Burpees, Lunges, Incline Merkins, Merkins, Plank Jacks and Squats).  Pair up gazelle and Clydesdale.  50 burpees and 100 of everything else.  Runner is the timer.  Lap around Christmas Island.  Long story short…time ran short….dropped the count to 75 and then 50.
  5. Mosey back to COT


It was a pleasant workout in the glow of downtown Christmas lights.  I saw some of the Pax working out a little closer than they should have been (you know..COVID)…it was just the warmth of the season I guess.  Good group.  It was great to have Deadwood and Dancing Bear cotters.  Announcement were light.  Really don’t remember any of them. I’m about to reference the blacked out picture that Carb Load took and see if I can identify the 16 suspects.  If I miss you, blame Carb Load.

That’s all.  Peace.

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