Just One Big Warm Up

Just One Big Warm Up

11 men gathered in the gloom for this week’s edition of Nightmare on Elm led by YHC.  Pretty standard morning of 26 degree weather and everyone arriving at 5:29 in order to enjoy the last few moments of warmth.  The power of the fartsack is strong this time of year, t-claps to these fine gentlemen for not succumbing to the dark side.  Disclaimer was given with special emphasis on social distancing and keeping YHC honest in that regards #keepeachotheraccountable.  5:30 and we were off.

The Thang

Mosey to the parking lot betwixt Harris Teeter and CFA for COP:

IW x 12, Hillbillies x 12, Peter Parkers x 10, hold 6 inches, Parker Peters x 10, Big Arm Circles forward x 10, Big Arm Circles backwards x 10, SSH x 15

Mosey to first round.  It was at this time that Frehley’s commented that he thought that we were just going to warm up the whole time.  Yep, YHC threw an extra set or two in there because it was cold and most of us (Mudflap excluded) are old.  And besides when it is 26 degrees isn’t the whole workout basically one big warm up?  Cross Rea down Piper Station Dr and run to the circle where the hotels and Auto Bell are.  Count off by 3’s.  1’s run to the Residence Inn sign for 10 hand release merkins, 2’s run to the fountains at the new hotel (Hilton) for 10 diamond merkins and 3’s run to Piper Glen Animal Hospital for 10 wide arm merkins.  After each station run back to the circle for 10 shoulder tap merkins.  2 rounds of this and the upper body was feeling it.

Now that upper body had been addressed time for some cardio.  Run to the Brown Bag parking deck.  Triple Nickel of 5 donkey kicks at the bottom and 5 burpees at the top for 5 rounds.  Be sure to run along the outside of the deck and not up and down the stairs.  YHC was originally going to make this a Triple Nickel Adjusted for Inflation and increase the reps from 5 to 10 to 15 but timing was not going to allow it.  In fact due to timing YHC had to audible and drop the 5 rounds to 3.

Time was running short but we needed to get legs in.  Run to the Stonecrest fountains at Chipotle and spread far apart on the fountain wall.  With your back to the wall put your left foot on the wall and crank out 25 right leg lunges.  Be sure and get low.  Then alternate for 25 left leg lunges with right foot on the wall.  Add in 25 low slow squats and finish the leg sundae off with 10 more alternating lunges.

Mosey back to launch and when we hit the theater parking lot time to shake it up and make the rest of the jaunt home backwards.  1 minute to spare and Long Haul led us in some plank work.


Solid work by all.  The time really flew by for this workout for whatever reason.  Long Haul was practicing social distancing by blowing past the Pax.  He was in the merkin group with Patent Pending, Cooter and myself and kept about a 200 yard separation from us because well he was that much faster.  We wondered if it was possible for one to outrun Covid.  Apparently it runs in the family as Long Haul’s 2.0, Mudflap, was at the front with his old man the whole workout too.  I know that this will come as a shock to everyone but Frehley’s was full of mumblechatter early on.  YHC thought that he had worked some of it out of Frehley’s until at the end Frehley’s challenged Long Haul to a sprint back to launch #sandbagging.  Steady Teddy was killing it as always.  Glad to hear the 2.0 is inevitably going to get a full ride and you will be able to retire early.  Patent P brought Shade out who had posted in Charleston and one other place I believe.  Shade did awesome and I enjoyed the little bit of time I got to speak with him (what is it with all these Wisconsin transplants in SOB land?).  And I always enjoy getting to catch up with Patent P.  It did make YHC’s morning to see the dynamic duo of Patent and Loogie show up, especially since Loogie is now officially a beach bum.  You guys embody the fellowship aspect of F3, even when pushing yourselves, which is why many of us get up to exercise at 5:30 in cold or hot weather.  Speaking for myself it is much more enjoyable than working out solo.  Circuit City ditched his traditional bright, hi-vis attire for an all black ninja attire.  It must be in keeping with Best Buy’s Black Friday promotion.  Cooter, appreciate the push in the pre-run.  Cooter wanted to go an extra lap but YHC wanted to keep some in the tank for the Q.  Cooter is becoming such a #seriousrunner.  So Rousey’s 2.0 and my 2.0 are besties.  A couple of months back my 2.0 was hanging with his when Rousey bemoaned that his gym was closed.  My 2.0 mentioned that he ought to try this F3 thing that her dad did.  Imagine that a 12 year old EH’ing guys.  Anyhoo Rousey showed up and 3 months later he is one of the most consistent and reliable posters and crushing workouts.  The funny part is that he was amazed when I told him that yeah, we work out outside even when it is below freezing.  Now he is showing up in 26 degree weather in shorts…I think the California weather is officially out of your system.

Thanks to Circuit City and Swine Flu for giving me the opportunity to lead.


  • Keep pushing through December in the Passport Challenge.
  • War Eagle’s regular reminder to social distance at workouts.  It is a better alternative than having to wear a mask at workouts.
  • Nightmare is looking for Q’s in January and February.
  • Check Slack for Madame Tussaud’s post about needing guys to get together to put together Welcome Home packages for A Roof Above.  These will go to homeless men who will be provided a new living quarters in the hotel that A Roof Above recently purchased.
  • Thanks Patent Pending for the takeout.

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