🎶 On the First Day of (F3) Christmas, my Q gave to me 🎶

🎶 On the First Day of (F3) Christmas, my Q gave to me 🎶

Buddy the Elf, I mean YHC showed up shortly before 0500 for prerun with Alpaca-onesie to boot. Cooter greeted me with a smirk, Black Beard emerged from the minivan, Kirby from the Camry and we were off into the gloom with the wind in our hair. Pretty sure we ran 3 miles but the watch only said 2. Those were some long miles.

Wardrobe change for the main event. Cooter kicked us off with the reminder to social distance. I modified the disclaimer with a pronouncement of wealth upon all gathered and off we went. As @Rousey would say “we got shit to do”

The Thang

Warmup: SSH’s, Peter Parker, Mtn Climbers, Hillbilly Squats, Merkins, Shoulder Taps

Mosey to parking lot in front of Sara’s Y for 12 DAYS OF F3 CHRISTMAS
Introduce new called exercise for each island in the parking lot
Each day introduce a new exercise and repeat prior called exercises

1: Sprint to Sara’s Y and back (12 total = 1 mile)
2: Diamond Merkins (22 total)
3: Sumo Squats (30 total)
4: Supermans (36 total)
5: Burpees (40 total) ALWAYS A CROWD FAVORITE!
6. Squats a-jumping (42 total)
7. Mike Tysons: (42 total)
8. Pax-a-Merkin’g (40 total)
9. ‘Merican hammers (36 total)
10. Planks-a-jacking (30 total) *Insert @Frehley’s dirty joke*
11. Low slow squats (22 total)
12. Carolina dry docks (12 total)

Mosey back to launch and meetup with runners

The Moleskine

  • @Elsa, you crushed the workout my man. It was great to see you out again since Turkey Jam
  • @Kirby and @Frehley’s you keep me laughing throughout the pain. Whether it’s a well-timed “that’s what she said” or giving me a hard time for making you carry my poop wipes, you’re  hilarious
  • @Black Beard, I enjoyed getting to chat more during the pre-run this morning and sharing our disdain for dirty snow
  • @Cooter, thanks for the opportunity to lead. I looked forward to this workout and knew it would be a special one to ring in December.
  • @Loogie, I’ll never forget you showing up to Bagpipe a few months ago in 50 degree weather with the same amount of layers that you were wearing this morning. You’ve got a quiet strength to you, rolling with the punches and dishing them right back out
  • @Mighty Mite, you’re a huge part of why I kept coming out to workouts after my first few Saturdays at Da Vinci. I’m following your example and welcoming other FNG’s into the fold – respect
  • @Sweetwater, almost didn’t recognize you with the beanie. Not sure I’ve ever seen you really break a sweat or be out of breath. Are you a machine?
  • @Rousey, your energy is contagious. Something about those grunts that really brings out the best in a man
  • @Tagalong, you sliced through today’s work and led the pack! You’re sneaky like a ninja. With a beard. The bearded ninja.
  • Shoutout to @LaZboy for a similar workout this morning at Hawk’s Nest. Great minds think alike
  • It’s almost been a year since I made it out to my first F3 workout.
  • Grateful for the brothers and friends that I’ve made.
  • Grateful for each one of you

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

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1 month ago

Great job, Midriff! This workout and wardrobe will be a tough act for me to follow next week!

1 month ago

It was kinda cold that other day

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