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Wet n Mild



Quick mosey to the entrance followed by side stradle hop, imperial walkers, and moroccan nightclub.


The Thang

Started with 5 blockys at station #1 rifle carried to the 2nd station. Took a quick mosey around mt chiseled. 10 curls with the coupon at the 2nd station. Rifle carry to station 3. Another mosey around mt chisleled. 15 Derkins at station3. Rifle carry to station 4. One more mosey around mt chiseled. 20 weighted squats at station 4. Rifle carry back to station #1. Repeat stations 1 -4.


Partner up and do 100 curls and 100 military presses combined. Partner ran around mt chiseled did 10 Bobby Hurley on the backside of mt chiseled and return to tagout with partner.


Rifle carry coupon back to station one. 5 more blockys at station 1. Rifle carry to station 2. Take one last mosey around mt chiseled. 20 speed skaters at station 2. Rifle carried back to station 1. Lunges to the curb of the parking lot. Finished with a couple squats as time expired.



First Q went smooth. Didn’t catch too much flack from Fuse Box or Chastain…..yet. I was impressed how Bread Bowl stuck with it and kept moving forward never giving up, keep it up young man!!!!!  Shout out to all branches of our military thank you for service!!!!  Thanks to F3 for giving me the honor to lead this group today…….Hope I didn’t botch this first post too bad.



CPR training next Monday last one for a while sign up now

Passport challange, Waxhaw is killing it, dont forget to  log attendance

Tis The Season For #Gainz

Failing to realize that today is a bank holiday, YHC agreed to Q Meathead earlier this week and the dream of sleeping in was dashed.  The one upside to this prolonged house arrest period however, has been the discovery of the post F3 nap.  Knowing that the blissful 6:45-7:30 am slumber awaited, five Pax tackled a strength and conditioning workout in the friendly confines of Calvary’s hotbox, since the Q had less than zero interest in standing around swinging kettlebells in the rain.  Today’s playlist had the potential to be controversial for an 11/11/20 workout, but seemed to be well received.  I decided to go with Christmas music this morning even though normally I am in the not before Thanksgiving camp.  With all that has happened this year, the opportunity to spread joy and good cheer needed to be seized.   Also, my Spotify Christmas playlist had already been created years ago and required no additional effort.

Warmup: Not a fan of them

Round 1: Alternating Swings & Merkins from 10 reps down to 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 then 25 LBC to catch our breath

Round 2: Alternating Swings & Squats from 10 down to 1 then 25 LBC

Round 3: Alternating Swings & Wide Arm Merkins from 10 to 1 then 25 LBC

Round 4: Alternating Swings & Deadlifts from 10 to 1 then 25 LBC

Round 5: Alternating Swings & Diamond Merkins from 10 to 1

That got us to 275 swings.  Or 265.  Or 250.  Or 270 depending on who you asked.  After Ernst & Young verified the results we did the remaining 25 swings to get to 300.  Next up was three rounds of split squats and dips and we were joined briefly by the Anvil Pax led by Ductwork and his eight tiny reindeer.  One minute of elbow plank and we were finished and now we can move on to naptime.

Now for the part you people actually care about…the Christmas playlist clocks in at 3 hours and 35 minutes and is chock full of auditory presents.  The elves of random shuffle gave us The Royal Guardsman’s “Snoopy’s Christmas”, The Jackson Five’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, The Angelic Whitney Houston’s “Do You Hear What I Hear”, Robert Earl Keene’s “Merry Christmas from the Family”, Bryan Adams’ “Christmas Time”, Billy Squier’s “Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You”, The Ramones’ “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight)”, Alan Jackson’s “Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas”, Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” and of course Mariah.  This is the time of year where Mariah awakens from her yearly slumber ready to dominate the next month and a half.  Some of the gems we didn’t get to include “Mamcita Donde Esta Santa Claus”, “Dominick the Donkey”, “Christmas in Hollis”, “Mele Kalikimaka”, and Weezer’s version of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”.  The weather may be warm and muggy, the trees may still have most of their leaves, and the Big 10 may not have had their front-runners drop games to lesser teams in embarrassing fashion, but this morning we officially rang in the Holiday season.  It’s been a pretty messed up year, so in YHC’s opinion we should go nuts for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.  If something is worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.  Buy too many presents for your family, cook a second turkey, break out the good wine, play Christmas music, put up more lights than are tasteful and necessary.  Let’s make the next seven and a half weeks memorable.


Soggy Bottoms

The Thang

Diccs given, words of safety, let’s mosey …

Warm-up’s: SSH, Imperial squawkers, Mtn climbers, potatoe pickers, Merkins & Calf stretch

First Exercise – Parking lot suicides

  • rotate 5 Scorpion drydocks & Speed skaters
  • 5 big boys at home base

Mosey to HS entrance

  • Heels to heaven and alphabet leg lift

Mosey to MS entrance

  • 15 Mike Tysons, hot short lap, 15 donkey kicks – repeat 3x

Mosey to covered Picnic tables

  • Derkins & dips, 15/20/10 – smoker!

Mosey to COT and Premature led us thru 100 Heels to heaven to expire our time!


First exercise included Big Boy’s in a very wet parking lot.  I heard more than one gasp as all of our backs first hit that cold wet asphalt:)  But we shook that off quickly with suicides.  Mental note, don’t give the Q keys to Premature to end the workout.  He nearly killed us with 100 heels to heavens.  And of course Ice 9 was cheering him on, smdh.  Thanks for allowing me to lead you guys this morning, always an honor.  You guys all impress me so much, getting up early, working out in the pouring rain, pushing yourself during the workout and encouraging one another.  Great work gentlemen!


  • Makeshift marathon Sat 7a start, check with your Sat Site Q to confirm if open (Blackhawk might be open).
  • Congrats to Mike Parrino – Deep Dish for taking on Co-Site Q responsibilities with Premature at Dromedary.
  • Wolverine took us out.

Where no one knows your name

It’s good to be new. Try out new things, visit new places, Q new sites. Thanks to One Star and Fiji for allowing me to spread my wings and run around an AO I’ve only visited once before. In case you hadn’t heard, the 2020 Passport Challenge is underway and it’s designed to get you out of your comfort zone. That is, those repeat AOs you post at every week and everybody knows your name. And no, not the Cheers bar.

This beautiful morning we had 14 pax that took a stroll around the greens of Bushwood. Eager to make a good impression, YHC sported a sleeveless shirt, complete with collar. Everyone got the DiCCS and we departed for destinations unknown.


A quick loop around the bus lot for some SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs and that’s it

The Thang

Off to the neighborhood to hit the holes. The theme would become apparent pretty quickly. At the top of each road we do an exercise and at the cul-de-sac we do an exercise. They’re all OYO but I made myself clear (or at least I thought I did) there was to be no standing around and no Mary. If you’re fast (or you cheat) then you go back and pick up the six. Run with them. Do the exercises with them. Don’t wait around. That didn’t exactly happen…We’ll get to that. For those who care, here are the exercises for each road:

  •   Turkey Hunt
    • 20 Speedskaters in the green
    • 5 Burpees at the tee
    • Repeato
  • Red Twig
    • 15 Merkins in the green
    • 15 Dry Docks at the tee
  • Painted Turtle
    • 20 Big Boys in the green
    • 20 Box Cutters at the tee

So when you haven’t posted at a site before, you rely on Google Maps. When you rely on Google Maps, things seem closer on the screen than they do in real life. YHC fell victim to that and had to audible a bit and cut out some planned cul-de-sacs. We eventually moseyed our way to the Arborvitae cul-de-sac and followed the trail back out to the school, but not before YHC noticed pax standing around and not going back for the six. Someone mentioned Monkey Humpers at one point and I mentioned they might make an appearance if there was any more standing around. Apparently the Bushwood crowd loves some Monkey Humpers so we worked those into the rotation.

Back to the trails, we can now see the school so the call came for a Burpee Run. You know, like an Indian Run, but the person at the back of the line does a Burpee then sprints to the front. From the woods all the way to COT I think only 2 pax did a Burpee and sprinted. No idea what happened there. Methinks mutiny. No worries.

Line up on the curb for some Suicides. To the far curb and back – 5 Burpees. Repeato with 10 Mike Tysons. Repeato with 15 Bonnie Blairs. Thanks to One Star for pointing out the expansive wall. We finished up with a few rounds of Donkey Kicks then made our way back to COT.


I had fun. I dunno about everyone else. The last time I posted at Bushwood was the beginning of January. That was too long of a break. I’ll be back sooner next time. Don’t forget to stamp your passports!


  • F3 10 Year Anniversary is coming up in January down in Cape Fear. It’s a multi-day affair and many of the events are M and 2.0 friendly. Check the official F3nation website or your corresponding social media site for more details
  • Passport Challenge is in effect. Fill it out here
  • CPR class on 11/16 – Waxhaw Bible Church from 6pm to 8pm. It’s only $15 and the money goes to a great cause. See Surge (Jim Connell) or go HERE to sign up


YHC took us out


Don’t call it a comeback

One of the foundational A51 F3 locations, The Matrix on Mondays, has been creeping back up in the ratings as many F3 vets have rallied behind the iconic AO to see if they can save it.

A great group of 8 randos showed up today. I can say, I have rarely seen these guys all post together in any normal cadence but today it all came together.

Promising low mileage and more strength building we did just that….

The Thang

Run around the school to lower parking lot for SSH, Low Slow Wide Leg Squats, Merkins

Starfish in parking lot (short run)

  • ROUND 1: Middle Jump Squats (15) – Corners (20 of each): Merkins, Derkins, Hand Release, Wide Arm
  • ROUND 2: Middle – Carolina Dry Docks (15) – Corners (20 each): Sister MCs, Jump Squats, Romanian DLs, Squat Jacks

Lifting Rocks

Shoulder Press/Curl combos – 10, 10, 9, 9, 8, 8, 7, etc.

Other exercises in cadence with final overhead rock hold for a 10 count by all 8 PAX


Partner work

P1 – Pullups (10, 8, 6, 4, 2)

P2 – Big boy sit ups (waits for P1 & flapjack)

Wall work

Partner 1 holds feet on wall, Partner 2 bear crawls to line and does 5 merkins & walks back and taps Partner 1 (3 rounds


5 minutes of various ab exercises to wrap things up


  • Lex Luthor, always pushing himself, grabbed a mighty large rock and had to put it down a few times during the sets. That’s no slight to him, failure is always a good thing when you’re lifting weights and he grabbed a boulder.
  • Cheese Curd made a triumphant return to the Matrix after popping a calf muscle a few weeks earlier playing soccer. I don’t think he was quiet for one minute of the workout. He must have really missed us.
  • First time working out with Midriff who was pushing hard the entire workout – I believe this was his first time to the site. A good reminder to keep trying out New AOs – on that note, there is a challenge through the end of the year to hit up as many as possible, check it out on Slack.
  • Cage, who is in tip top shape and is a total beast overcame COVID at 61 years old…..further proof that….ah never mind I’m not going to get into it. We hadn’t seen him in a few weeks so it was good to see him back and healthy.
  • I only typically see Homer in the gym lifting plates so hopefully he got a good dose of that today
  • Great to see fast runners like Turkey Leg and Madison come out to a strength day….I’m always worried when I see these guys  that they don’t have some 60 mile a week goal they are trying to hit and I’m ruining it for them, although if that were the case I know they would just run an easy 10 miles when they get home from my Q
  • Once the site Q (Pop Tart) is healthy and we can get some consistency, we’re gonna see this site take off again. Don’t miss it!

Announcements/Prayer Requests:

Paper Jam’s mom sadly passed away unexpectedly over the weekend, please keep them in your prayers

A51 Q School November 21st at the Panera at the Arboretum – 7am workout followed by instruction – contact me for more details or Slack

Restrictor Plates at Ignition

12 immigrants looked to get their lower back Passport stamped at Ignition.


  • DCCS – Staying on campus and running with weights
  • Hot lap back to launch
  • SSH, Merkins, Sumo Squats


  • Get in teams of 3 PAX (equal height/speed)
  • Grab a 45lb plate for each team
  • Restrictor Plate Racing #1
    • P1 runs 4 light poles
      • 10 high knees, 10 in/outs, come back to P2/P3
    • P2 and P3 run with plate and catch P1 and switch out 1 partner
    • Repeat until high school entrance near football field
  • Rinse/Repeat back to round about behind HS
  • Squats for 6
  • Rifle Carry catch me if you can #1
    • P1:  Rifle carries plate around double HS circles
    • P2 and P3:  1 hand release burpee and catch P1 and switch
  • Triple Nickel #1
    • Bottom Circle:  10 high knees, 10 in/outs
    • Top Circle:  10 backward hand merkins on curb
    • Repeat 5 times
  • Rifle Carry catch me if you can #2
    • P1:  Rifle carries plate past Rudy’s shed to middle school benches
    • P2 and P3:  1 hand release burpee and catch P1 and switch
  • Triple Nickel #2
    • Benches:  10 derkins
    • Rudy’s shed:  20 balls-to-wall shoulder taps
    • Repeat 3 times
  • Restrictor Plate Racing #2
    • P2 and P3 run with plate
    • P1 runs does 1 hand release burpee and catches Partners and switch out 1 partner
    • Repeat until COT
  • Plank moves and 1 sprint
  • 30 seconds of Have a nice day


  • SCREW YOU GUYS who left me with Hurry and Ice9 . . . That was awful . . . They literally pulled me around the campus for 60 minutes
  • I don’t have anything else to write because I couldn’t pay attention to anything but trying not to fall down chasing them
  • Good push by all of you guys . . . Lots of guys running faster than I usually see them running
  • Thanks to the guys at the front (Hurry, Tool Time, Wolverine, Ice9, Hollywood, Dasher) for setting a fast pace and making the rest of you keep up . . . That is what I need every morning so I appreciate it . . . I don’t necessarily like it though


Triple Nickle Beatdown

9 joined us today for this weeks installment of Base Camp led by YHC a former Base Camp Site Q. After a through disclaimer that was highly enjoyed by most of the pax, with no FNGs present after a short run around the bus lot we began right by the Staff lot for a quick cop.

10 IW IC
10 Windmill

Following completion of the Windmills, instructions were made to run towards the intersection of Strawberry and Rosecliff. Upon reaching each speed bump(3 in total) pax were instructed to perform 5 jump squats. Leaders were also instructed to collect the six upon reaching Rosecliff. After a quick 10 count by Mr. Magoo instructions were given for the main event.

Triple Nickle:
Top of the Hill( Intersection of Strawberry and Rosecliff) 10 Merkins
Bottom of the Hill(first neighborhood intersection off of Rosecliff) 10 Diamond Merkins
Rinse and repeat 5 times for a total of 100 merkins

After a quick round of LBCs and a Thunder Road 10 count, off we went back to launch. Stoping at each speed bump for 5 monkey humpers, facing traffic after a fellow pax asked which direction they would be faced(you’re welcome). After stoping right before the entrance of SCMS, instructions were made to run back to Semi’s Office. Upon going over the mileage amount YHC had originally planed it was time to bring a good friend back to visit after picking up a lifting rock.

Jack Webb
1 slow merkin
4 air presses with lifting rock
We went up to 4 slow merkins and 16 air presses then worked our way back down

Following a Hoover 10 Count, we went over to Semi’s office and grabbed some wall for 2 rounds of 25 air presses on YHCs count.

10 Flutters IC
10 Rosalita IC
10 American Hammer
Protractor till time was called


-YHC realized on his drive home from Columbia yesterday that he was the QIC for Base Camp on Monday, Thunder Road remembers this beatdown from my December 2018 q at Base Camp only it was about 30 degrees colder outside
-The plan was for around 2.5 miles today, YHC underestimated that the Triple Nickle was probably closer to a half a mile each way than the 0.4 miles each way YHC had measured. YHC had us clocked at 3.24 miles, miles varied from 3.08-3.24+. A bit higher than what Base Camp traditionally is however, everyone crushed it out there today
– Air Wolf was out in front most of the workout followed closely by Way, no surprise there as Air Wolf has gotten faster since posting at Fast Twitch
-With this being Makeshift 10k/Half Marathon/Marathon Taper week YHC broke his usual limited Merkin usage to be taper friendly(you can still get upper body in while running in workouts)
-Its been quite awhile since YHC had visited Base Camp, probably close to a year. Thank you for Thunder Road and Mr. Magoo for brining me out of Base Camp retirement

-Makeshift Marathon Saturday 11/14 7 AM, preblast here
-Saturday November 21st Orange Whip be holding an A51 Q school at the Panera in the Arboretum at 0700. 45 minute workout followed by instruction from some veterans(30-45 minutes). If you haven’t q’d in awhile and are looking to step up and lead a workout this is a great place to learn the basics in leading a workout and F3 Site
-Thunder Road with the strong takeout

Benny out

Swing Variations – Soundtrack by The Pixies

A small(er) group of men gathered for a Monday meltdown.

90 seconds each set
10 two-handed swings
4 thrusters
4 push-ups

10 single-arm (weak side) swings
4 thrusters
4 push-ups

10 single-arm (strong side) swings
4 thrusters
4 push-ups

10 alternating swings
4 thrusters
4 push-ups

10 American swings
4 thrusters
4 push-ups

x 5

Waiter, rack and farmer’s carries
Elbow plank 1 min
Glute bridge (almost) 1 min

After Van Halen and KISS playlists, I decided to push the sonic boundaries and play one of my favorites bands – The Pixies. It’s not likely that you’ve heard them, but your favorite alternative bands love them. They wrote guitar-based songs with hooks, but mixed artsy noise and cryptics lyrics that would alternate between breathy whispers or full-throated shouting. They were among a handful of 1980s bands  that provided a contrast to make-up and spandex rockers. (Other notables include REM, Replacements, Husker Du, Jesus & Mary Chain and Sonic Youth.) Over the years, a few songs have made it onto soundtracks and even commercials. You can find their best loved “hits” here.

Maxine’s Parking Lot Bootcamp 23 – Cerberus 11

History has shown… at some point, all great empires fall. NO. YHC isn’t talking about the results from the elections. But what’s up with Maxine’s parking lot bootcamp outpacing us for # of PAX this morning?!?!? Haha, good to see people exercising outside, even if it still costs $30 a class when it’s free over by the Viva Chicken. Just sayin.  Anyhoo… 11 compadres showed up at the 3-headed dawg for a beatdown.  Here’s what transpired..

0530 GO!

0531 Wait… come back to the lot for One Star

0532 – 0614 run up and down 2 decks, lunge, crab walk, bear crawl, pull-ups, knee ups, wall sits, single leg squats, and dragon flags oh my!

0615 FINITO!

Good group of guys as usual this morning, and lots of solid mumble chatter. Has been a while since YHC has been to the site, so great to see some familiar faces and some new ones. YHC has been working like a dawg lately, and haven’t gotten a good routine for posting.  But this was 3rd Q in 8 days, so small acceleration. Thanks Alf for voluntolding me on the schedule a while back.  Taking the easy way out on BackBlasts since time-constrained, but posting the BB for my lead at MIP Saturday. A good reminder for all F3 Nation PAX to remind ourselves of what being in F3 Nation means. Have a great Sunday all.

– – It’s Tolkien, not TOKEN!


Groundhog Day Seems to Be Contagious

YHC has been doing a lot of the same things recently… wake up, figure out what to do with my day, read news about stupid politicians (yes, all of them), read headlines about covid spiking, deal with realities of unemployment in the a time of economic uncertainty… to say life has been challenging of late is a gross understatement.  Yet I have an amazing outlet for my frustration, a safe place of solidarity where I can vent both physically and emotionally and so I am leaning in.  F3 is saving my life on a daily basis, even on days I don’t post, which has been a bit more frequent this week.  So when Prohibition took to slack looking for a substi-Q for this weekend, YHC jumped on it because I knew it would get me out of the Fartsack and with my brothers on a Saturday morning, something I desperately needed.  Ironically, as Hoover observed, the last time I Q’d RZ was a subset-Q for… you got it… Prohibition.  So as things in my life, the country, and the [F3]Nation go round and round in a time loop, I set out to bring forward a “greatest hits” style workout for the PAX, they’ll tell you how I did.


Mosey to grassy knoll court and circle up for COP

-10 SSH IC, 1 Burpee, 10 IW IC, 2 Burpees, 10 LSS IC, 3 Burpees, 10 LSM IC, 4 Burpees, 10 Peter Parkers IC, 5 Burpees.

-Mosey to rock pile by the rotunda, grab a shmedium rock, mosey to rotunda.  10 Triple-Lindys, run around far median (by 51) and back to your rock.  YHC originally planned a “pass the rock” type circuit forgetting about shared coupon moratoriums but several PAX gently reminded me of the need for social consciousness and I obliged.  As such we completed a circuit of 10 curl, 10 press and 10 crusher combinations involving runs around the rotunda after 10 of each, then 20 of combinations of them, then 10 10 10.  After running the rotunda and returning to your rock, 5 burpees (after each set).  There was much grumbling about burpees.  Finally wrap up with 10 more Triple-Lindys and round the median by 51 again.

-After returning our rocks, back over to the ‘knoll for some elevator merkins with forward-backward ‘crawls mixed in… always a crowd pleaser

-Mosey to hill by the fields for 11s of Sister Mary Katherines and Jump Squats

-Mosey to outside wall of Hotbox for peoples chair sets intermixed with Balls to the Wall Walks.  sets of left leg up hold, right leg up hold, alternating leg lifts and air presses in between BTWs.

-Move to interior of the Hotbox for Little Hazes, Dips and Incline Merkins.  We did 25 of each, then 15, then 5.

-Mosey up to rocks by the baseball diamond.  Grab a Shmedium rock and line up abreast at the close light pole.  5 Triple Lindys, AYG to the second tree, AYG back, 4 Triple Lindys and so on… AKA “Chase Alf”

-Indian run around the outside and over to the Olympus Lot, circle up for Mary.  LBCs, Freddy Mercuries and thats that.


MOLESKIN and Other Sundries:

-Lots to say about a strong group of PAX today, but you guys know the drill.  Proehl’s 20 years are an unfair advantage in well… everything.  YHC is salty about losing a footrace, but we’ll not get into those details.  Alf continues to benefit from shorter ranges of motion in most exercises, but Kudos to Joker for beating him out in last OYO sets of the morning.  Glad to see Horsehead back in the gloom after dealing with a bit of an injury.  Boondocks just got it done.  Hoover and Geraldo are the strongest big men on the block, no questions asked.  Runstopper wore tights on a 60 degree morning… why???  YHC was blessed by strong efforts, and even stronger mumblechatter, from the PAX today which reminds me I need to get back to RockZero more frequently.

-During COT I shared my heart relating to the state of the world today.  As I shared a bit of my journey in the preamble today, those around us in our every day lives are living their own struggles.  There are dark days ahead of us as Covid flares, the election results will undoubtedly upset half the nation, and our economy teeters on the brink of another potential disaster heading into the holidays.  If you are reading this message, you are blessed with a support structure which most of the world doesn’t access.  The way we support and prop each other up makes us stronger, which is a gift we can leverage to support our communities in turn.  The SkyQ guided Dread and OBT to make F3 for moments just like this, so that we can lead as servants while the world burns around us.  I need you guys every day, so that I can lead and support my family, and I am so damn grateful I can continue to draw on your strength else I might not be able to get out of bed some mornings.  I challenge you all  to be the change you want to see in the world, give of yourself with wreckless abandon, and serve as a light house in troubled waters.  We were made for this boys. Aye!