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Across the half-pipe and back, 110th Street this is not

11 men braved some chillier temperatures and circled up in the Arbo parking lot for this week’s episode of Fast Twitch.  YHC had two bad ideas pulling into the parking lot, mentioned this with a weak disclaimer and dropped the first bad idea on the pax.  It went something like this.

Hoover:  “I’ve got two bad ideas for you.  The first is the Raintree 10K.”

All pax: … *sigh*

Hoover:  “The other is to run the Coburn half-pipe, twice.”

Random pax: … *sigh* “Where is that?”  “We have to run over past Strawberry Ln.”  “I think I left the iron on.”

And like that, we were off.  YHC, as per the usual, kicked on some tunes and the pax followed.  Some days YHC feels like the pied-piper.  Mosey through the mean backstreets of Raintree, rounding run, woodfox, strawberry ln, eventually hitting Rosecliff and getting to Coburn.  The pax all pulled up at Coburn and instructions were relayed.

Random pax: “So just down to the stop sign and back 2 times?”

Hoover: “No.  All the way to the end and back, twice.”

Random pax:  “That’s not the half-pipe”

Hoover:  … *calculating lame excuse as to why we’ll do this anyway*

Random pax: “So we’re not stopping at Bevington?”

Hoover:  “Try for two times out and back, faster guys go for three.”

Somehow YHC convinced the pax to get moving.

Towards the end of the second round, YHC was coming in near the 6, Gerber decided to go for a third round, followed by Turkey Leg, Alf, and Airwolf.  Somehow all three aborted or just pulled up for the 6 and we did some mary in the middle of the road waiting for Gerber to come back.  When he didn’t show up quickly, we decided to leave him to his fate.  No pax wants to be on the wild streets of Coburn for too long.  Alone or in a group that’s a dangerous place to be.  Alf volunteered to stay behind and wait for him.  Brave, sir.  Very brave.

This is a tough area for a solo pax, with random deer, and barking dogs.  God help the man who runs into a “Karen” who can unleash the kraken just for startling them in the gloom.  I’m sure NextDoor is full of these horror stories.  And speaking of horror stories, there’s no easy place to stop for a code brown.  Now that’s a NextDoor horror story that will keep YHC up at night.

Not to keep you in suspense, but yes, Gerber made it back to the pax and proceeded to outrun us all to the launch point.


The whole route is not what one would call easy.  Plenty of hills as Alf kept reminding YHC every time YHC was passed.  There was a vague threat from YHC about tying a rope to the fast guys to pull YHC along.  Vague but empty.  YHC was all out of rope.

The backblast title comes from Rock Thrill.  YHC was jamming out to Bobby Womack’s, “Across 110th St” when Rock Thrill recognized the song.  We talked briefly about tunes and he mentioned the backblast should be a reference/homage to the title track of that movie, the same song played at the end of Jackie Brown.

Solid group of pax today.  No surprise on who was out front Gerber, Mr. “I ran leg 33 of BRR backwards”, Turkey Leg, Alf, and Airwolf.  Cheese Curd and Ductwork were running neck and neck for the morning, route be damned.  PurpleHaze, Rock Thrill, Astro, and Retread held down the 6 and kept YHC honest with pacing.

A solid 10K or more if you opted for the extra distance, no PRs were shattered but Retread is now the Local Legend of Firefox.  It’s on Strava so you know it’s true.

Back in the parking lot, there were no announcements but Gerber pulled this odd contraption from the back of his car, mounted a phone to it and told us to go stand in front of the ABC store.  10 seconds later, your Fast Twitch Christmas card is ready and being printed off at Walmart as you read this.  Get Benny your address and tell him Uncle Hoover sent ya.  Maybe yu’ll get one in the mail, maybe not.

BTW, Purple Haze could totally be a Mini-Hoover if he would let his beard grow out.  YHC can see the grey in there fighting to get out.

Turning Laps Tuesday

21 pax braved nearly freezing temps this morning to turn a few laps at Watchtower. Despite the cooler temps the spirits seemed good this morning as many discussed upcoming Thanksgiving plans. Went over DICCS and we began


moseyed over to the bus parking lot on the other side of the school. We did 15 Side straddle hops, 15 imperial walkers, Jimmy Dougan’s – center left and right, calf stretches, downward dog, upward dog and Merkins.


Turning Laps

I marked off 10 light poles around the outer road of the parking lot. We did 11’s of Dry Docks and Big Boy sit-ups. We ran around the entire parking lot to light pole number 10 did 10 drydocks, then back tracked to light pole number 1 and did 1 Big boy situp. Then we ran back around the parking lot to light pole number 9 and did 9 Dry docks then back to Pole 1 for 2 Big Boys. We repeated this until we got to 1 Dry dock and 10 big boys. The guys seemed like they were going to mutiny by the time we finished this exercise but everyone finished and seemed to feel good about it.

The Pit Stop

Next we went to the parking lot in front of the main entrance. We each lined up on one line of a parking space. We began a Webb of Merkins and LBC’s, however before each Merkin we would do a sideways alligator walk (plank position move sideways) from one side of the parking space to the other side of the parking space and then return to the first side the do our Merkins and LBC’s. We continued that until we got to 5 Merkins and 20 LBC’s. (I called this the pit stop because it’s like we are crawling under the car and rolling over to check what’s going on under the car)

The Chase

Everyone partnered up with a partner of equal skill. Partner A did 20 squats while partner B starts to runs backwards. When partner A is done with squats he runs to catch partner B. When he catches partner B then Partner B does 20 Squats while A runs backwards. We realized that 20 squats put a lot of distance between the 2 partners and made is really hard to sprint to catch up to the other partner, so we called an audible and changed it to only 10 squats.

After the Chase we only had about 3 minutes left, so we headed over to the COT and continued The Pit Stop webb. We made it up to 7 merkins and 28 LBC’s before time was up.


Over all I felt it was a good workout and seemed to be received well by all the Pax. The first part of the workout ate up a lot of time, but we did get over 3 miles of running in, with it being Thanksgiving week, I think the extra running was appreciated. We had an FNG – Welcome to Sheldon! and a couple of announcements of Thanksgiving day activities include something called the F3 Gobbler -(clear your browser history after looking that up) and the Briarcrest 5K & 10K. Check the F3 News channel for details.

Making Cadence Great Again – A HawksNest Story

YHC has been watching the numbers at H&H (Hawksnest & Hydra) all year with a certain degree of incredulity if I am being honest.  Sustaining 20+ PAX on a week in, week out basis is quite the feet, and after making comment regarding the same to the Deepest of Dishes, YHC was invited to Q a workout and experience the revolution first hand.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but more on that after…


  • Thorough disclaimer including YHC’s lack of knowledge of the AO as an excuse for what could be an uninspired weinke.
  • Mosey over past the fountain to the small lot for COP
    • SSH, IW, LSS, Moroccan Nightclubs, Merkins all IC w/ burpee ladder in between
  • Split PAX into 3rds and line up by the benches and across on the lot on the curb for:
    • 1s do dips, 2s run, 3s do air chair to start, rotate through up to 100 dips each PAX.  Plank it up for the 6
    • 1s do Step ups, 2s run, 3s do 6-inch plank, rotate through up to 50 step ups.  Forearm Plank for the 6
    • Mak Tar Jai (or however the hell you spell that nonsense) IC X20
  • Mosey to the parking lot of the medical building where YHC had pre-set cones four parking spaces apart, line up abreast for…
    • Inverted suicides (run far, hit cones on the way back).  First was exploding merkins X5, Hand jump merkins X10, Hand Release Merkins X15, Low-Slow Merkins X20 w/ run out, lunge walk back #hunkahunkaburninshoulders.  Plank for the 6
    • Repeato w/ Jump Squats X10, Sister Mary-Katherines X20, Low-Slow Squat X15, Turkish Get-ups X5 per side.  Run out and run back this time.
  • Mosey back to the original lot for elevator merkins
  • Mosey to launch and circle up for Mary (H2H, Protractor, Freddy, Dolly)

Ye Olde Moleskinny:

It’s par for the course to get a little bit of mumblechatter at a workout, especially for YHC who is oft derided for high complexity weinkes.  That said, I’ve never encountered mumblechatter to the level of the HN PAX.  True, the trifusenik effect is present, but there seems to be a bit of a talk-then-work subculture which has taken root.  Clearly the chatter brings all the PAX to the yard, so not gonna knock a working formula either.  YHC pulled every dirty trick in the book to bring the gift of quiet through pain and succeeded only in moderation… I’ll take a small win.  It was no small victory, however, to have more than 2 or 3 PAX count cadence out loud, which happened a solid one or two times during the 45 minutes.

All joking aside, this a tight knit crew and everyone got after what was designed to be a smokefest for the arms, chest, and shoulders #nosoccerarmshere.  Impressively, the refuseniking which did occur was often during the planking portions #inactiverecovery.  Solid work up and down the ranks.  Grateful as always to Hopper and Deep Dish for the opportunity to lead, once Marathon training is done, I’ll have to make a point to get out to the H&H neck of the woods more frequently.  Maybe next time I can be part of the chatter instead of swimming upstream.


  • Turkey Ruck launching 0700 from Dunkin on Thursday
  • Centurion convergence on Friday with a delayed 0700 start time and running a full hour
  • RockZero brings back by popular demand the “ultimate football” game… not sure what that is but could guess based on the name, gotta show to know.


Final thought for the day, as you gather to celebrate the season, be safe and take care of each other.  The world is a challenging place for so many right now and it can be hard to be thankful.  Find space where you can to help those who are struggling this week, the world will be a brighter place because of your generosity.




Monday, Monday

Was feeling good this morning around 5:16 when YHC arrived to COT before Flash. The Ignition crowd led by Gerber heading down the Yellow Brick Road as they started their journey to (by all accounts) Hell. Ran into Goodfella who was there a bit early to do a pre-run. The rest of the 14 Pax slowly trickled in and all of a sudden it was time for…


Moseyed down the YBR to Breadbowl’s Bidet for some stretching and a few Merkins and Plank Jacks mixed in to get those shoulders and cores engaged all the while keeping our heads on a swivel for possible traffic coming through. Thankfully no cars interrupted the euphoria.


Mosey to Stadium parking lot for “Elecides”
Run to first parking lane, do 1 of called exercise and back to start Repeato until reaching the final parking lane for 5 of called exercise.

2-Big Boy Sit-ups
3-Speed Skaters 2 = 1

Mosey to back of MS to try and pick up Breadbowl on the way who had to make an early morning pit stop at Rudy’s Shed. Seems he must have had a hanger-oner as he was not yet finished when we strolled by.

Arrived at picnic tables and did called exercise X 20 and ran to Breezeway at bus pickup for Called exercise and return to Tables for the next round.

1-Derkins, Bear Crawl
2-Stepups, Lunge Walk
3-Irkins, Bunny Hop

Mosey around front of MS to COT and circle up for cool down and stretching for last 3 mins as the Ignition PAX roll in.


Great push by everyone and a perfect way to start off the week of high calories and good fellowship with our families.


Check your schedules and try to sign up for a Thursday to go serve meals at the homeless shelter.
M and 10+ 2.0 friendly.

Turkey Trot in Briar Crest- See Chicken Little to sign up. Spots still open.

Try to post at a Thanksgiving morning event and make an impact on a cause you care about and bring your families.

YHC took us out with a prayer

Meat and Potatoes Monday

7 men gathered in the InVue parking lot this AM to kick off their Monday to sling heavy iron and get in plenty of 0.0.  Turkey week is upon us and some pax are looking to gather their credit now in advance of Thursday.  With the playlist set, courtesy of a suggestion by Mighty Mite, pax put the work in.  It was a meat and potatoes workout and as Midriff would later point out it was a metal on metal kind of day.

The Thang:

10 rounds with alternating exercises

25 swings

10 squats (goblet or sumo)

5 lawnmowers per side or 5 renegade rows per side

We moved on to cook drills across the parking lot, then grabbed an extra 50 swings to kill some time, 10 cleans per side, 5 OH presses per side, and then wrapped up with a minute each of our static hold trio.


YHC’s weinke was a simple but effective routine.  TBH, YHC wasn’t feeling overly creative and with the last Q at Meathead still fresh in some pax’s minds it was best to go with the basics and not push the envelope.  Monday is also a time to reflect on (trash-talk) the weekend’s televised sporting events.  So K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) IMHO.

  • Midriff, a 76ers fan (seriously?), keeps punching that passport.  Great to have him out this AM.  This might have been his first run with kettlebells.
  • Voodoo, the nantaan with no tan, sporting a fresh haircut.  Thanks for coaching Midriff today through his first Swole session.
  • The Worm, putting in solid work on the far end of the parking lot, found his inner release during the trifecta of static holds.
  • Unplugged had to be resuscitated after The Worm’s previously mentioned release and is being tested now for the ‘rona (among other things).  Unplugged is currently challenging Voodoo for most bells brought to a single workout in the back of a sedan.
  • Frehley’s comet was digging the playlist and shared some stories and 80’s metal anecdotes from his more adventurous youth.  Said stories will be kept off this backblast to protect the innocent.
  • Might Mite requested one song for the playlist today that was not 80’s metal (said song was released in 2013) but it inspired a playlist of epic 80’s metal proportions.  See if you can figure it out below.


  • Check SLACK for convergences on Turkey day and the Friday after
  • YHC has the Q at Fast Twitch on 11/24

YHC had the take-out.


Now here it is, your moment of zen …

Guns N Roses:  Welcome to the Jungle

Airbourne:  Back in the Game

Quiet Riot:  Bang Your Head

Alice Cooper:  Poison

Twisted Sister:  I Wanna Rock

Warrant:  Cherry Pie

Motley Crue:  Kickstart my Heart

Anthrax:  I’m the Man

Clutch:  Ghoul Wrangler

Motorhead:  Breaking the Law

Blood for Blood:  Ace of Spades (Motorhead cover)

Ugly Kid Joe:  Everything About You

The True Burpee Mile™

Why has no one ever replicated the True Burpee Mile™ successfully?

Because it’s impossible.

Not really, but Champion Forest is set up perfectly with a mile from top to bottom with 20 stops along street lights. No back and forth, no laps, just one straight shot of pure misery.

9 pax decided 52 degrees, foggy, and 100% humidity (not a joke) were perfect running conditions

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)


  • Mosey long way around the back of the school to the drivers ed lot
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • IW x 15 IC
  • Moroccan Night Club x 10 IC
  • Jimmy Dugans
  • MC x 10 IC
  • Glidah stretch
  • Calf Stretch
  • LBMC x 20


The Thang:

Mosey to the Beginning of Champion Forest for the True Burpee Mile™:

  • It’s simple and it’s miserable
  • Start at the entrance with 5 burpees
  • 5 burpees at the next 19 street lights all the way to the end of Waynewood which is exactly a mile
  • 100 burpees / 1 mile
  • BOOM


  • Mosey up Dobson through the woods, past the cemetery into Lawson
  • Spotted three of the LRC guys, asked them to join and were dissed
  • Start at the top of Methodist Church Lane
    • 10 squats
    • Run to bottom, 10 Big Boy Situps
    • Rinse and repeat for a total of 3 sets


  • Mosey up Southern Trace to intersection with the end of Lawson Dr.
  • “Straight Outta Lawson” segment
    • 2/3 of a mile downhill with a brutal uphill to Mill Chase Ln
  • Circle back for the six


  • Mosey to island in front of crazy cabin guy
  • Heels to Heaven x 10 IC
  • Mosey to benches in front of Middle School
    • 10 Derkins
    • 20 Step Ups
    • 30 Dips
    • Hot lap around entire parking lot
    • Two laps
  • Mosey back to start



This workout had it all:

  1. A “Deadwood” opening mosey that took off for about a mile
  2. The “Glidah” stretch which is still hanging tough as a top 5 called warmup exercise
  3. The True Burpee Mile™
  4. Fog
  5. Dark woods and running next to a cemetery
  6. A run in with the LRC biker gang (with them scampering off)
  7. Strava segments
  8. Running on Cuthbertson Rd.
  9. Taunting of Crazy Cabin Guy (Easy Button)
  10. Over 5 miles covered
  11. Zero site Qs in attendance

Great job on the True Burpee Mile™ everyone.  It’s an Ignition classic and the setup is hard to duplicate.  Glad to initiate Hurry, Tool Time, and Tuck, y’all are official now.

Hurry tied for first on the “Straight Outta Lawson” segment which sounds great, and it is.  However, he completely stopped and basically took a smoke break (and maybe even a nap) one street too early until he realized he had another street to go.  No doubt he would have taken it easily.

Tool Time, Bottlecap, and Easy Button also put in top 5 segment times, Waxhaw is getting fast.

Welcome Tuck to Ignition.  I think this was your first Ignition post.  Passport stamped and well done.

It’s good to see Deadwood and Rubbermaid back at Ignition.  They were apparently so happy to see each other as well because they stuck together the whole workout.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead today.


  • Briarcrest Turkey Trot 5k and 10k are this Thursday. The 10k starts at 8am-ish and the 5k starts at 8:15am-ish.  Not too late to join and it’s for a great cause.  DM Chicken Little for more info.


9 is the magic number on a foggy Monday morning

18 (counted at Number-ama) or 19 (counted at Name-O-Rama) PAX started the Turkey week with the best intention to burn these additional calories before they even had them! An unknown number did the MASH-workout and likewise, an unknown number braved my VQ workout! It was all about getting prepared for my daughter’s birthday – more to come…



Being German, I started the workout a few seconds before 5:15am and moseyed along the street, past the CVS and circled up at the small parking lot which feels more like a dark, dirty backyard. Sugar Daddy took a shortcut from the starting point, as he still needs to learn how to set an alarm, but made it just in time to participate in the warm-up circle. 18 of each: side-straddle hops, imperial walkers, Moroccan night clubs, plank jacks and then a little bit of stretching. After that, we made an Indian Run past Target to the top of the small hill into the neighborhood. Chastain was already trying to Q-jack and suggested to build in some burpees… If he would have known, what was up my sleeve… On the way, we picked-up Posse, who should talk to Sugar Daddy about learning on how to set the Alarm (Actually, maybe they should talk to somebody else to get some good input).


The Thang

As it is my daughter’s ninth birthday, we did a “9” instead of a “7”. Starting on top of the hill, we did these things where nobody knows the name for (stationary lunge-jumps – suggestions are welcome!) and did speed skaters at the bottom of the hill. Of course, always 2-for-1, as it would be boring otherwise.

Taking a left we kept the group together with another Indian Run to the cul-de-sac, which was the starting point for our next set of pain. There are 9 lamp posts on the way to the other cul-de-sac and we alternated 3 different exercises (and of course: 9 reps of each): dry dogs, big boys and burpees (here you go, Chastain).

And again an Indian Run back to the starting point, for another visit of 9 lamp posts with 9 reps. This time: bobby hurlies, LBC´s and monkey hoppers.

As everybody did a great job with picking up the 6, we stayed together with another Indian Run to the Pet-supply shop where we started a 4-corner-each-corner-9-reps-deconstructed-burpee: in´s-and-out´s, merkins, jump squats and the full burpees.

As we still had a few seconds to spare, we finished off with 18 donkey kicks against the pet-supply-shop (haha) and went back to COT.



Apart from learning to set the alarms to the right time there was not much to report. There was little or no b******* and moaning throughout the workout – either the burpees killed everyone or everybody was mentally eating a turkey already or it is just the great support everybody shows for a VQ!

Thank you everyone – I had a great time being a VQ!


  • Chastain talked about the 2020 Passport Challenge. He used all his words for the day… in short: sign-up, try different AO´s or do 2nd and 3rd F´s and beat Area 51 and SOB!
  • Shop Dawg mixed up the days during the Christ Closet Announcement: Mondays (6-7pm), Thursdays (6-8pm) and Saturdays (9am-12pm). Get out with your M and 2.0´s and do something good for the community!
  • Fusebox invited to the Q-source right after the workout. Topic: Faylure (sorry: failure!)
  • Asylum needs a Q for next week. Then, Hanson has his VQ the week after.
  • Sugar Daddy’s VQ is coming up next Monday at Flash – support him!
  • Posse would like to participate in the Waxhaw parade (floats stay still, people are driving by), but needs somebody else to step up and lead this. Suggestion was that MASHERs are doing a 2-hour workout with people popping in as desired, with a nice F3 pop-up banner.


Thank you Shop Dawg for taking us out today!

Ice9 actually a good idea?

6th anniversary of Commitment.  19 men showed up to celebrate a big piece of how F3 Waxhaw got its start.  YHC reached out to some of the OG’s (Old Guys) who were involved in starting F3 Waxhaw and was pleased to hear that some of them would be able to make it.


  • DCCS whipped out and the old guys were not impressed (who cares about safety . . . Back in my day . . .)
  • Mosey down path to the circle and sharp left onto grass field (we never do stuff on grass anymore)
  • SSH, I-Squawkers, Merkins
  • Mosey to circle for 6 hand release knee slap burpees


  • The Beast . . .  I don’t care if Chastain tried to steal my thunder at Impromptu
    • 6 Bomb Jacks
    • Run 6 3 trees
    • Repeat 6 times
  • PLANK TALK: We hear from Snowflake about how Commitment started
    • He let us know that it was actually Ice9’s idea to plant a workout down in cow country Waxhaw
    • Anything he is doing during 1st F stuff is definitely a BAD IDEA


  • Partner up and grab a weight
  • P1 rifle carries weight to Front Parking Lot of Kensington
  • P2 does 6 Bomb Jacks and chases P1
  • Flapjack
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from Dasher about how he actually used to work out when it was cold out


  • P1 planks
  • P2 jumps over P1 6 times
  • P2 does 6 Derkins with feet on P1’s back
  • Flapjack and repeat 6 times
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from former Site Q Popeye about Transporter calling him out in a loving way
  • Second round of Partner Rifle carries around parking lot
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from Damascus about Commitment ended
    • He blamed it on Bro-lympics
    • He blamed it on Doughboy’s kid’s Porto-Potty explosion
    • He never mentioned he brought chain cutters he had any responsibility


  • 3rd round of Partner Rifle carries back to launch
  • PLANK TALK:  We briefly hear from Gerber about his memories of Commitment
    • Apparently he either has a bad memory or he was tired of planking


  • Mosey to soccer field
  • Bunny hops to midfield with 3 stops along the way for 6 knee slap burpees
  • Sprint to end of field
  • PLANK TALK:  Goodfella steps up so we can see him and reminisces about the day at Commitment when FNG Orville was almost killed by Transporter’s Q . . . Never to be seen again


  • 100 yard sprint
  • Popeye crushes it and shows the whole world he is a sandbagger . . . And then gets upset with the Q when he realizes we are doing EVERYTHING in SIXES today
  • Repeat 6 times
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from current Site Q who talks about how co-Site Q Mad Dog is not pulling his weight in attendance and missed very much


  • Thanks to Snowflake for taking the horse and buggy long drive to Waxhaw as he did 6 years ago
    • His, and Ice9’s, selfless act each Saturday morning 6 years ago was the cornerstone of today’s F3 Waxhaw
    • Your COMMITMENT, no pun intended, has set F3 Waxhaw up to successfully find sad clowns and impact our local community
    • THANKS for to both of you for following the calling that God placed on your heart
    • I can’t wait to see Ice9’s second good idea . . . It should be coming shortly
  • Thanks to all the Site Qs, past and present, who have made this Saturday workout flourish and to be welcoming to all FNGs
  • Speaking of FNGs, welcome Norwood . . . Another lame sports great nickname given by the uncreative men of F3 Waxhaw #Buffalo
  • Well done to Das Boot who brought the FNG and kittens Catnip back out
  • 6th MAN:  Catnip gave his story and is still bitter about not being named “Tiger”
  • Kotters:  Along with Catnip, Maple Syrup and Ben Stein’s Money dusted off the white Reeboks workout gear and re-joined the cult PAX


    • Kevin:  Tanyatine’s brother who has been battling cancer and recently found out he has a gum ball-sized growth
    • Virginia:  Centerfold’s mom who is going through some tests and awaiting some results
    • Rice n Beans:  Centerfold is leading this initiative to get PAX, their M’s and 2.0s to head uptown on upcoming Wednesday nights (12/2, 12/9, 12/16) from 6:30-8:30pm to feed the underserved.  WILL YOU COMMIT TO ONE UPCOMING NIGHT?  Great opportunity to give back during this Holiday season and share that opportunity with other F3 PAX #Fellowship #Service


Swarm BB

So…. I wasn’t necessarily forced to Q but when an OG asks and you haven’t posted in a few weeks just go with it. Here we go.

The Warmup:

  • Mosey around the front of school back around to the shed, the long way. Circle up
  • 10 SSH
  • 10 IW
  • 10 LSS
  • 10 Merkins (IC)
  • 10 MC

The Thang:

I was so rusty and didn’t have my Weinke that we almost skipped to the second item on the list…but we didnt.

  • Mosey to the bollards near COT. This was a version of 7’s.
  • 1 burpee at the start and 15 Monkey Humpers at the end…7 times. Finish at the bollards near COT.

Mosey to the intersection near the traffic light.

  • Indian Run back around to the big parking lot…Don’t leave the 6 which was me all morning… I only dry heaved a few times.

At parking lot

  • 10 Bear Crawl/10 Squats across the parking lot

Mosey to the normal 4 corners starting location.

  • 5 merkins
  • 10 dry docks
  • 15 squats
  • 20 BBS
  • Hit each exercise on the way out and none on the way back.

Moesy to the bottom of the long hill beside the drivers ed cars.

  • Backward run-up the hill to the main road that goes in front of the school.
  • Hit the first alcove for 30 DK oyo.
  • Mosey back to COT.

The Moleskine:

I hit 5 miles and thought I wasn’t going to make it a few times… But this is F3 and fellow Pax are always there to push and encourage you to dig a little deeper and keep going. No need to mention anyone, they are all fast.  Thanks for letting me lead, I’ll try to get out more!

See Chastains BB for announcements.

Too Soon for Tights?

Maybe according to Mermaid, but not to the majority of the Centurion PAX posting in the mid-30s gloom. Nine men, most with warm legs, headed out for some pre-Thanksgiving work to get the weekend started. Continuing Sable’s theme from last week, YHC planned a merkin-heavy workout. We’ll see if we can call it a streak next week with Mermaid’s Black Friday impromptu convergence.

The Thang:

Mosey to Charlotte Catholic and circle up for COP at the bottom of the deck:

SSH x 15 IC

Imperial Walker x 15 IC

Low Slow Squats x 15 IC

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Gather at the bottom of the first ramp and stare up (or down?) the Merkin Ladder. Up the ramps for the ladder, stopping at each turn for merkins, start at 20 and step down by 1. Three+ times up the ramp and 210 merkins for those scoring at home.

Re-group at the bottom of the ramp for some Mary: LBCs x 25 IC, Flutter x 25 IC, Rosalita x 20 IC

Mosey over to the aquatics center parking lot, admiring some freshly laid asphalt in the former Centurion AO lot. Three rounds up the hill: Round 1 = bear crawl, Round 2 = lunge walk, Round 3 = burpee broad jump.

Mosey back over to the former launch spot and lay down on the still warm asphalt. Thought about ending it right there, but felt a tinge of sympathy for those cold-legged tights mockers. Instead, more Mary: Boone LBC x 12 each side IC, Freddie Mercury x 20 IC, Heels to Heaven x 20 IC.

Mosey over to the brick benches: step-ups each leg, dips, derkins. Round 1 = 12 reps each, Round 2 = 10 reps each, Round 3 = 8 reps each.

Back to launch and finish out with some Mary – old school sit-ups OYO, dolly IC, flutter IC.



Thanks to Mermaid and Margo for the opportunity. Mermaid gave me an encouraging honk while driving by my usual run in on Carmel. Pretty sure the 3 yoga-pant clad ladies tailing me not too far behind were blushing behind their headlamps thinking the honk was intended for them. #notsofastmyfriend Good to see Limey out in sub-40 weather, though I bet he (along with Mermaid) wishes he had gone with the tights. Missed Lorax, something about a plantars injury. No bueno, heal up soon brother. Missed Margo as well, but sounds like he had a hall pass preparing for the annual Centurion festival of lights workout sure to be scheduled in about 4 weeks. Wonder if that qualifies for its own passport stamp? Thanks to Mermaid for taking us out.


Q School tomorrow at Arboretum.

Black Friday workout at Centurion, 7am, Amelie’s lot, Mermaid on Q. Rumor has it as an hour workout, so have an extra slice of pie.