Back to the Shadows

Back to the Shadows

11 guys fought the cold to come lift blocks at a 0.0 workout.  I arrive early to get the playlist set.  New faces so I go introduce myself to.  (Kotters Bookworm after a 2 year hiatus).  DiCCs given.  Lets get started.


10 Atomic Merkins

10 Block Jumps



Jack Webb of Block Jumps as the 1 and chest press as the 4.  Thanks to Posse, Mayhem, and Dough boy for helping with counting.

Line blocks up on the curb and do an assortment of foot release squats, toe taps, and one legged lunges while one pax at a time takes turns wheel barrowing 6 parking spots.  I don’t have a name for this so I will go with Wheel Barrow – but you take two small plates (2.5 lbs) and put your feet on them.  Plank position and bear crawl except you don’t move your feet….you kind of drag them.   (If you were at my last Diesel Q, we did them then).

Line up blocks at the end of the parking spaces away from curb.  30 air presses block presses (thanks Jwoww for the correction), crawl bear towards the curb, and 10 feet on the curb dry docks.   3 Rounds.  I was called out by Posse for “Don’t Q it if you can’t do it”.  More on that in the Moleskin.

Partner up.  P1 does Curls while P2 is the timer with 50 toe taps.   Bread Bowl living dangerously today asking me if 1 is 1 or 2 is 1 (For those that don’t know, when I asked I always respond with 2 is 1).  Do this three rounds.  Mayhem with the tongue in cheek feedback that Diesel is a no cardio site.  I shut that down quickly reminding him that its a no running site, not no cardio.  Now get back to toe tapping.  Posse with feedback that it looks like we were doing some Irish jig and we needed Irish music.  He jokingly asked if Springsteen had an Irish Jig (actually yes – American Land).

That’s it.  Circle up for COT.   Damn it, winkie is done and we have close to 15 minutes left.  How did all that only take 30 minutes?!

Stay with your partners.  P1 does curb dips and P2 is the timer with (licks finger to check the wind) 12, yes 12 In/Outs.   3 Rounds.

(Sill more time???!).  Jwoww asks if he needs to jump in with some special merkins.  Hell No!  I’ve seen your special merkins and they are only possible for people under 200 pounds.

Back on the curb for Hungarian Get ups???  (Thanks Golden Plates for the attempted naming).  So its a Russian Get up, crawl out to do a merkin, crawl back and do another russian get up.    Do 10 on your won.   Posse with the call out mentioning Russian Get up’s have made an appearance at my last 3 Q’s.  Yes…another sign that I’ve Q’ed too much – same stale workout moves (see mole skin below).

Circle up for more curls.   21’s  7 bottom half curls, upper half curls, and full curls.  Biceps aren’t burning yet, lets do 7 more curls.  And while we are at it lets just finish out a second set of 21’s so bottom half and top half 7’s as well.

Watch Check….3 minutes.   10 block jumps on your own.

Watch Check….2 minutes.  Aussie Burpees.  Watch Check….keep doing burpees.   Mayhem tells us we have 20 seconds left….keep doing burpees…..Time.



  • Not my finest work today.  I’ve left some Q’s before and thought “I really kicked their ass”.  I didn’t have that same feeling today.   It was a last minute thrown together Q without much thought to timing.  My apologies guys.
    • On that same note…lets cover the title – Back to the shadows.   I’m typically a 10-12 Q’s a year type of guy.  While preparing for this Q, I was beginning to feel like I was over doing it.  I glanced at the wonderful database Deflated put together to find this is my 26th (is that right???!) Q this year.  What the hell?  Scroll through the names to find I’m in the top 5 and above both Deadwood and Zinfandel….yup, time to slink back into the shadows…I’m Qing too much.  No one wants to be led by the same guy that often.  Time for some of you guys that have only Q’ed a couple times to step up. (Checks calendar to see Draper, Chatter Box, Cat Fish, Schnitzel, High Hat, and Ricky Bobby on the calendar for this next week.  Lets keep it going!).
    • So why volunteer to take Diesel you might be asking (your not, but I’m going to answer it anyways)?  Because week in and week out I look at the schedule and it shows “Diesel – TBD” or one of the site q’s is leading it (yes, there are exceptions).  Are the Diesel Site Q’s bad at asking other people to Q their site, or are the people that go to that site not stepping up to lead (another core F3 principle)?  I actually don’t know the answer to that question.  Maybe my perception is wrong.  Either way, I’m calling out Diesel pax to step up and start leading workouts (Hint, per the calendar no one is scheduled to lead again next week so go get with Brutus and tell him you want to lead.  And Brutus, get off your ass and go find a Q).
  • Welcome back out Bookworm.  Posse has apparently been EH’ing him while seeing him out walking (Sound familiar Drive By?).  Hope to see you out at some more workouts (Mash 6 days a week has no running).
  • And lets give a hand to OG Posse.  Not only EH’ing random guys walking around his neighborhood, but following through to make sure he came to the workout….and also bringing extra gloves just in case he didn’t have any.   Wow.  Way to raise that bar.
  • No Site Q’s today.  Both had semi valid excuses.   Chastain Q’ing another site (is that an excuse though?) and Brutus out with a bad back (is that an excuse though?).
  • Mayhem was near me and giving me plenty of feedback today.  Apparently my constant zingers about mashers being late has been both registering (way to be on time lately guys), but also upsetting.  We learn in Q Source about Candor – graciously telling the truth.  I’m really good about the truth part (or at least giving my opinion) but not the gracious part.  So I will apologize for my communication style, but not for actually telling the mashers to get their act together and be on time to COT (another core principle of F3).
  • So the whole being called out by Posse for “Don’t Q it if you can’t do it”.  (Hint, here is where you can check out because the next paragraph will just be a lot of excuses).  So in addition to the rotator cuff issue that constantly nags me, I have an elbow issue that comes up from time to time.  I hyperextended it playing pick up basketball in my teens and it comes back when we do a lot of bear crawls (or when I play tennis – so I don’t play tennis).  I did the wheel barrow thing at my last Diesel Q and it (elbow soreness) came back with a vengeance.  Its kinda been popping up during bear crawls.  Recently (in the last two weeks, its been hurting more – thus I didn’t do the bear crawls at Watchtower Tuesday).  So after doing the wheel barrow things today, it was really hurting.  Should I have audibled and not called a crawl bear…probably, but I didn’t.  And Posse did the right thing calling me out for asking others to do something I wasn’t willing to do (though in my defense an injury that I had just sustained was preventing me).  Anyways, there’s my defense of violating ANOTHER F3 principle – Don’t Q it if you can’t do it.
  • So I’ve managed to piss off Diesel Site Q’s, Diesel Pax, and Mash Pax in this back blast so perhaps we will just end it here.  I will go back to the shadows to study the chapter on Candor in the Q Source book as obviously I still need to work on my graciousness.


  • Q School tomorrow at Calvary Church.
  • New <SPACE> Town Elementary Clean up at 8:30. (Thank you Posse for clarifying the space).
  • Christ Closet Saturday Give Away.
  • Prayers for JWoww’s wife struggling with brain micro bleeding.

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