That’s a Long Damn Way

That’s a Long Damn Way

YHC rolled into the Blakeney park about 5 minutes before launch and wondered if he had the day or time wrong.  Where was everyone?  Finally YHC noticed Mary Kay stretching over by the playground area.  Hey co-site Q, we meet over here.  It was about this time that YHC realized that there were several guys hanging out in their cars enjoying the last few minutes of warmth because this was one of the first “cold” mornings of the year.  Clock hit 5:30 disclaimer was given and off we went.

The Thing:

Moseyed over to the Blakeney medical complex and circled up for COP: SSH, Hillbillies, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, Yoga stretch right and left leg, Morroccan Night Clubs.

Next up a crowd favorite that YHC learned from a Goonie Q at Davinci.  Partner up and P1 runs down to the end of the complex at the 2nd daycare and runs back while P2 bearcrawls the same stretch doing a merkin at each parking spot.  Flapjack at the spot where each partner bearcrawls to working your way to the end of the complex.  The complex is looooong with the first couple of down and backs being just under a mile.  It was probably about the 4th or 5th trip down when YHC passed Big Tuna who noted “This is a long damn way War Eagle”.  Yes it was Tuna, yes it was…and we are all better for it. YHC called this one about 3/4 of the way through as we had gone for about 25 minutes and there were other things to get to.

Head over to the wall behind Old Navy.  Partner back up with the same partner, P1 does 4 wall climbs while P2 does burpees.  Flapjack for 4 sets.  A few rounds of PAX called Mary exercises.  Mosey back to launch but stopping at the alleyway for people’s chair with 50 overhead presses then Balls to the Wall and a repeato for 1 more set just to ensure that the shoulders are smoked.


It has been a great start to Firestarter.  There was obviously a need for a Monday bootcamp in SOB land.  And a great mixture of SOB regulars and guys who typically post in Waxhaw so it has been a pleasure meeting new PAX.  The goal of YHC was to keep things moving pretty quickly and get some distance in while burning out the upper body.  Hopefully everyone got their money’s worth.  Thanks for pushing hard fellas and thanks Teddy and MK for the opportunity to lead.


  • Keep stamping those passports and visiting different sites in SOB, A51 and Waxhaw.
  • Q school in A51 on 11/21 at Calvary Church, check Slack for further details.

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