Rusty The Q

Rusty The Q

Moving to Waxhaw in August has been great.  Especially meeting a lot of new guys at the Waxhaw AO’s. My first AO nearly 3 months ago was The Body Shop… so how did I get on the Q schedule after so long being absent from it?  Just a driving need to give back.  What everyone finds after joining F3 is the amazing support structure. Like most of you this last year I’ve leaned on a few great guys and really was feeling the need to lead again.  My absence isn’t important, the important thing for everyone, especially the new guys, to understand is – no matter how great or inconsistent your Q turns out – the men of F3 have your back! No exception today.

I had a few inconsistency’s this morning…my cadence was atrocious. At the end, Longhaul said it took me 45 minutes to get it right. LOL My second was planning, these always look good on paper and I had it drawn out perfectly, or so i thought.  My main issue was basic math. In a typical boot camp we get roughly 2.5 miles.  That’s nearly half of the workout.  I had this great idea of looping the AO twice and if you’ve ever been to Rea View Elem, you would know it’s not that big.  Great AO, just bad planning. We covered 1.5 miles after two laps. Unfortunately the basic math here is i would need about 35 minutes of exercises to even get close to 45 minutes of work. This left me ad-libbing for nearly 20 minutes. Much to the chagrin of the group.

The Thang:

Disclaimers are pretty long now covering the headlamps, CPR and a phone, start early!

Mosey down and around the track… it’s not confirmed yet, but looking back, was I supposed to warm up the Mash Unit also?  Was this my third “inconsistency” of the morning? Oh boy…sorry guys.

Circle up by the around track to bball court


SS hop – cadence 25

2 burpees

Merkins – civilian 20

2 burpees

Lunges – civ 10 ea leg

2 burpees

Big boys – civ 20


Behind school – Center building

Grab some wall for 7’s

Mike Tysons / Donkey kicks


Parking lot

Bear crawl each parking spot – Merkin at each stripe x10

Mary – knees to chest / Amer Hammer

Check time – trouble is brewing…we burned about 10 minutes

And here’s what I left off that probably would have saved the day…dang it

Triple nickel on hill, merkins / squats

Lunge walk end of parking lot

Mosey to start / Decline merkins and plank jacks

Repeato – Mosey – around track to bball court – So we repeated the above and I still had about 20 minutes to go.  Adding the triple nickel and lung walks likely would have gotten us there.

Longhaul to the rescue with a rock pile not to far away – mosey to the pile and we did three rounds of bicep curls, tricep extensions and overhead presses. Mixed in a few more burpees and some mary.  Das Boots showed his juggling talents with two rocks and Sugar Daddy awarded the “Chain of Pain” for lifting the heaviest rock through three rounds.

Mosey back to start for plank jacks, mary and rounded out my cadence practice with some squats.

Great work by the crew, very little mumble chatter except during the second round of Mike Tyson’s. We worked the body and the brain today.  Appreciate the opportunity to lead!

WELCOME – FNG Steve Martin – The Jerk

COT – Thanks for the take out Das Boot


There is a lot going on in Waxhaw and SOB. Tons of opportunities to give back. Take a look at Slack and GroupMe for ideas.

– Q School – If you haven’t Q’d yet this is a great opportunity to learn from some of the best (and a great time for a refresher if it’s been a while like YHC). Calvary Church this Sat at 7:00 AM.

– Service Project Saturday 8:30 – New Town Elementary (Watchtower AO) – spreading mulch and various other items.

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