I have so much to report…..

I have so much to report…..

You know, sometimes when I write these backblasts I can struggle with what to say.  We did this, we did that, and so on…….

But today’s workout gave me plenty of material.  To start, after I sent out a Slack notice about the workout yesterday, the first response was from Snuka!  Yes, Snuka is on Slack! Who knew?  That alone might be enough for a backblast, but, men…..there’s more….

14 studs showed up today for a cold Anvil morning.  As I pulled into the lot, I was honored and overwhelmed that Lorax and Point Break had ordered a construction lift that would raise me above the heads of all of the pax so I could offer the disclaimer like Benito Mussolini.  Isn’t that thoughtful?  Much to my chagrin, Point Break lost the keys to the lift so I could not be properly elevated to address the crowd…..disappointing!

Secondly, as we were stretching Lorax reported to several of us that he had to liquidate his kids’ 529 plans to pay for new headlights on his Jeep.  I won’t tell you the price, but certain previously owned vehicles cost less than Lorax’s headlights.

I started to spew my disclaimer, but told the men I had woken up twice in the night fearing I had slept through my alarm….never happened to me before so I was relieved to have even been there. In terms of the disclaimer, I told them I adored them, but was not responsible for them.  I am not sure anyone believed either of those statements.  So, off we went:

Warm Up:

Jog to the grassy knoll courtyard in front of Calvary, for:

  • IW’s
  • Low Slow Squats
  • MC’s
  • Hillbillies

The Beast:

We sashayed to one of the lamp lights near the hot box and I instructed the pax we would be running the main thoroughfare connecting 51 to Rea Rd, stopping at six lamp lights for six stated exercises.  I got to catch up with Mr Magoo on Buckeye and Big 10 football at this point, which made it all worthwhile.  We repeated this four times back and forth (those lights are far apart from each other and frankly….I got tired) with:

  • merkins
  • heals to heaven
  • jump squats
  • CDDs

We circled up for some working recovery mary a la dollys, flutter and crunches.

The Tree Lane:

We yogged to the main lane that connects the outer thoroughfare of Calvary to the church.  At each tree you come to, rotate through lunges, broad jumps and bear crawls until you get to the end of the lane.

Rock City:

We journeyed to the front of the church, partnered up and grabbed a lifting rock.  Partner 1 runs back to the grassy knoll courtyard while Partner 2 days stated exercise, then flapjack:

  • curls
  • squats
  • OH presses

We had about 7 minutes left so we jogged to one of the front lots of Calvary for 10 quick 40-yardish gassers.  We were about 3 in when Snowflake said “Hopper, this will be reflected upon negatively in your YELP review!”.  Horsehead immediately responded with “You know you have done something wrong when Snowflake talks smack to you”.  Amen!  Fortunately, I know Snowflake is the forgiving type and he and I will be good, but I did have to check myself after that one.

Jog to the cars to finish up!  That’s a wrap!


I met some new dudes today…..Chopper, Fargo, Midriff, Chastain, Das Boot.  It was my pleasure boys!  Funny how you can meet new dudes at a F3 workout and by the end of it, you feel like you knew them for a while.  Lorax, Orange Whip and Point Break killed most everything and most of us were watching their backs for 45 minutes….strong!  Snuka was his normal 29 year old self disguised in the body of a 59 year old!  Fast and furious!    Horse Head’s and Puddin Pop’s stand up comedy routines made my legs and lungs hurt less in the moment, so thank you for that boys! Mr. Magoo….all I have to say is “O-H…..”.  Snowflake, I might have been overzealous this morning, but we share the same birthday so you have to forgive me…..#birthdaybrothers.

Lorax and Point Break, thanks a ton for allowing me the honor and Midriff…..excellent take out prayer!


Orange Whip is hosting Q school this Saturday after Rock Zero.  Come workout at 7:00 then join the Top Gun instruction.  Great way to learn the 1st F mantra and how to keep the pax moving and motivated during a workout.  We have a lot of new guys who are certainly Q worthy so come out and get up to speed on how to lead a workout.

2020 Passport Challenge goes through 12/31 and includes any F3 activity

Canned food drive at Hydra tomorrow morning

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