DiCCS were given

Warm up

Quick mosey aroind wallgreens, passing by Dublin and ending up at Target parking lot.


The thang

4 corners ot the Target Parking lot

Started with burpees in the first Corner total of 5 then new to Bobby Hurley’s at the second Corner total of 10 onto Mark ends at corner three ending up with 20 squats at the fourth corner. X2

Short Mosey around Target following the sidewalk to the back of the neighborhood behind Target.


Starting at the bottom of the cul-de-sac to the top of the hill, hand release Merkins at the bottom and diamond Merkins at the top.


Nice Mosey back to Target via the rear entrance of the hood.

4 corners again

Five burpees at the first corner 10 big boys at the second corner 5 wide hand merkins at the third corner 20 squats at the 4th corner.

Finish that PetSmart with 10 donkey kicks at the wall and 10 Mike Tyson’s at the bottom of the parking lot then back to c o t.


Awesome morning get some work in. Started a little chilly but warmed up quick. Not naming names but maybe a couple reversal of fortunes early in the workout. Thanks to Loafer for letting me Q ….and thanks to Posse for reminding me there is an upcoming Q school immediately after my second Q,  I’m still learning dude😉! All kidding aside really grateful for shop dawg sharing, as the 6th man, his awesome journey with F3!!!!


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