2020 Turkey Bowl

2020 Turkey Bowl

7 pax (plus 5 future FNGs) converged at the 2020 Charlotte Turkey Bowl. No Marathons or bootcamps for us. Instead we got a healthy dose of all 3 Fs, as we tossed around a pigskin, built camaraderie over hours last minute scrambling to come up with plays, and were treated to a fun filled day hosted by Unpackin’ It Ministries.

A big shout out to Blue Screen for pulling this team together. He and I have been trying to get on the same team at this even for the past few years and it finally came together. More kudos to Surge for stepping up and being our coach and co-captain after injuring his leg earlier in the week.

The Thang

Team F3 Waxhaw started a little slow out the gates and dropped our first two games. Not by much, mind you, but it was clear the talent was there and we just needed just a little time to gel after an off season with no practices. Even a dream team needs time to discover its identity.

Starting off 0-2 wasn’t how we drew it up but it just made us hungrier for our first win starting game three in the single elimination playoffs. And boy did we feast. After dropping over 30 points in our first win we found a 40 burger in win number 2!

What’s this? We’re in the championship? Phone calls start going out to the Ms saying “baby, don’t wait up”.

It was a hard fought game with a full field TD scamper by our QB Eli. But alas, it wasn’t to be and the other team took home the turkey. Not to worry though because Team F3 Waxhaw will be back next year with our sights set on revenge.

Oh yeah, Easy Button was there too, but he joined some other team so forget him.

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