Playing with a deck of cards

Playing with a deck of cards

When: 11/52020

QIC: Premature


Sugar Daddy (R), Ex-Lax, Smithers, Shake-n-Bake, Deflated, 0-69 (R), Schneider (R), Rockwell, Fredo, Rigley (R), Card Load

Playing with Deck of Cards

Starting the morning at 45 degrees can always be painful but feels like heaven after 10- minutes. DiCCS were given two minutes before 5:30 and the team was introduced to a deck of playing cards.

Four PAX were assigned suits with a corresponding pain exercise: Rockwell spades Bonny Blairs, Schneider diamonds LBC, Carb Load clubs Spiderman Merkins, and Rigley hearts for Big Boi sit-ups. PAX started off with a Mosey to Dreamchasers not for a beer but “simple” warmup.

20 SSH

15 Imperial walkers

10 downward and 10 upward dog

Calf stretch 15 seconds per leg

Left and right runners stretch

Mosey to the large open parking lot to start the THANG

The Thang

Paula Abdul for ½ mile – run two poles and back one andflipped a card to determine the suit: PAX did the number on the card. No one should be shocked I told PAX Aces are 15 since I cannot figure out how to take a picture on MY phone. Wrigleyasked where did 15 come from? I said it is obvious, King is 14. He said, King is 13. I started laughing. PAX, went through 10 cards and many turned up clubs aka Spiderman Merkins.

We ran another ½ mile and flipped 10 more cards in a row. At this point, the PAX wanted to flip more cards, NOT!

My plan was to lead the PAX to the hill where the new condoswere built. I was running with Shake and he asked where we are going? I said to the hill. Surprise, surprise, we ran past the entrance and we had to back track. We finally entered the new road and headed to the new parking lot to flip 10 more cards. Thankfully many hearts and diamonds as Carb Load prayed PAX ran halfway up hill and flipped 10 more cards and this time a surprise, Joker. Of course, this means 20 Burpees. I could not understand why people were groining, its only Burpees on a hill???? PAX ran the rest of the hill and flipped more cards. What else to do after running hill? Yes, run four corners and flip more cards. We arrived back at COT but still had 5 minutes which is plenty of time to run down and up the high again. When PAX reached bottom of hill, flipped a card and what do you know, spades of 11 Bonny Blairs. PAX ran back up the hill to flip one more card and headed to COT. PAX logged over 3 miles and almost completed the full deck.

Everyone pushed it today and got in a good workout starting the week of right and stayed safe. I want to give a special shoutout to Ex-Lax. He pushed the entire time. Great job!

Sugar Daddy loved it so much he expressed how it helped stretch his hamstring!

Smithers, Rockwell, and Fredo did a great job pushing on the hill and helping the 6.

Deflated and 0-69 logged some serious steps!


Service project, Hot Wheels, downtown Waxhax to build a ramp for a nine-year girl in a wheelchair Nov 7th. Volunteer money through Venmo and/or help build.

Chicken Little will lead a Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day and post info on The Playhouse and NewsChannel.

Makeshift Marathon 2020 Nov 14: complete marathon by creating a relay team, run a 10k, run ½ marathon, or run complete marathon by yourself. Please makes sure you go to link and register.

Prayer Request

Kelli Niro (premature wife) and decided not to take the medication


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