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Record Numbers!

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s roll …

Warmed up on Millbridge Parkway with an opening 1 mile mosey!  PAX were to report at Britania Drive for their mission should they choose to accept:)

6 Hill repeats, run mile pace for 90 seconds and 30 seconds all out (up the hill), rinse and repeat, but increasing distance each time until Ice 9 blew chunks!  PAX re-grouped near top of the hill and mosey back down the hill to start together.  Various pace groups formed and launched so we all finished at the top of hill together.  After the hills, our final challenge was a fast 800M.  We ended with mosey back to COT, down hill thank goodness.


Record number 17 at Pursuit this morning.  PAX were all pushing hard on 7 mile barrier, some broke it, very impressive.

Special recognition to Schedule C for bringing an FNG, F3 name “Package”, hospital name David.  Great to have Bratwurst back out with us after recovering from his MTB injury.  Always good to see our ruckers, Turnbuckle and Jingles, keep pounding!  Apparently I did not work Tuck hard enough since he was doing top speed strides for one last push at the end of the workout.  I enjoyed chasing Tool Time and Glidah who reached the top of the hill every time, way to get after it guys.

Ghosted, Catfish, Halfback, you guys are all amazing, great work ethic to keep coming, I love it.  Keep on coming, it gets easier, I promise.

I’d like to add that Pursuit is very accommodating to all runners, different paces, ruckers, marathoners, etc.  There is only one chance each week to do a workout like this, don’t miss it, your cardio and waistline will appreciate it.  If you have good ideas, suggestions or want to Q, shoot me a text 704.577.5930.


Project Hot Wheels – Nov 7 – Service Opportunity to build a ramp for local teenager in a wheelchair.  Recalc has details.  Goto GM Service Opportunity channel to sign up.  This connection came from Ray of Hope.

Christ Closet – Thursday 6-8, help others get free clothing

Blood Drive by SOB region Sat at Brace Y if you missed your last chance.

Thank you for taking us out Bratwurst, great prayer, look upward, inward and outward!

National Nut Day 2020

Today, October 22nd, is National Nut Day (Ha! Who knew?!).  In celebratory fashion we all gathered in downtown Waxhaw, NC on a brisk, clear Fall morning to engage in some exercise activities that included a romp through fallen leaves and what would turn out to be a nut free route as we meandered through the mean streets of Waxhaw.

DiCCS(LN) were delivered to include a mention of Leaves and Acorns on the street and to watch out for those, [insert debilitating injury of your preference to want to avoid here], just waiting to happen when you slip on one of these little bastards.


Mosey to the 701 Main Parking Lot for some stretching with a stop along the way at the parking lot of Center Grove Baptist Church for 20 X SSH and 20 X IW. Then continue Mosey over to 701 main for stretching with Downward Dog, Calf Stretch L/R, Runners Stretch L/R and Upward Dog.


Mosey to top of Another Bad Idea for a Triple Nickel – Beginning at first Stop sign, 5 X MT, run to next Stop Sign, 5 X MT, run to bottom of Another Bad Idea, 5 X MT, AYG back to start point  and repeat two more times.

Mosey (the long way) to parking lot at corner of South Main and Church St and do Captain Therkin 1:4 BBSU:AH 1-5….6:24 BBSU:LBC…. 10:40 BBSU:AH, Do 5 X Merkin after completing each round.

Mosey to Rock Formations along S. Providence St for a Bobby Hurley Ladder 1…..10  At first rock do 1 BH, next 2 and so on up to 10.

Mosey back across S. Main to Pedestrian bridge and to front of Mary O’Neill’s and partner up for 100 dips. While partner 1 runs around the block, other partner does as many dips as possible, flap jack until 100 are completed.

Foundation led us in Mary with boat canoe until 1 minute left. Mosey back to COT and done.

Great morning for a workout outside. Clear skies and visible stars to gaze upon as we pushed our bodies past our various points of comfort.

No leaves or acorns presented themselves to any of the PAX and I am very glad for that.

Ex LaX – Gave us some insight into how he was led to F3 by PAX in other regions and reached out to Zinfandel and the rest is history. It was also mentioned that he doesn’t like to run very much but his mentality is do what you hate so you don’t hate it so much. (Sounds like he has bought in to the mantra of getting outside of your comfort zone). Glad to see you posting brother! Keep it up. You will be thankful you did if you aren’t already.


November 7th – Donate $$ or Time or Both for Hot Wheels project to build a wheelchair ramp and sidewalk for 15 year old 9th grader with Spina Bifida.

YHC took us out in prayer. #ctg

Boxer-themed Circuit Training


Opening set – dynamic running drills and burpees with the standard warm-up COP.

4 rounds, 8 exercises, 1 min each

American hammer
Push-ups (I really think the word merkin is dumb.)
Squats with upper-cuts
Mountain climbers
Shadow boxing  <- Adding a link is pretty boss.
Heels to Heaven


Adding a pulled quote in the backblast makes it look really professional


Wordplay on Moleskine
Here’s the part where we write about an important life lesson. It’s also a good place to remember that wacky thing that happened. Also, mention that WordPress is awkward and you couldn’t get it to work.

Blood drive
Makeshift Marathon


Who Moved My Cheese?

Perfect weather and with an early arrival to pre-run YHC discovered that half of the parking lot was full of parked buses.  Due to early voting at MRHS the bus lot is now the voting lot.  YHC doesn’t like change and apparently neither did the person in the 4 Runner who drove up and then drove off right before 5:30am….. jokes on you, you missed a good one.

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)

Mosey backwards loop around the back half of the high school lot to avoid the buses.

  • Side Straddle Hop x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
  • Calf Stretch
  • Various stretches

The Thang:

  • 20 Merkins, run to median
  • 19 Flutters (2 is 1), run back to start
  • 18 Merkins, run to median
  • 17 Flutters (2 is 1), run back to start
  • Continue until
  • 2 Merkins, run to median
  • 1 Flutter (2 is 1)
  • Mary for the six

Mosey to the road that goes on the side of the HS

  • Start at speed bump with 10 singe count quality step out lunges
  • Run to street light, 5 burpees
  • Alternate 10 lunges and 5 burpees at every light around the globe
  • Mary for the six

Mosey in front of the HS

  • Captain Therkin Web
  • 1 big boy situp, 4 American Hammers, 2 Merkins
  • 2 big boy situps, 8 American Hammers, 2 Merkins
  • Continue until 10 big boys, 40 American Hammers, 2 Merkins

Long Mosey to the brick alley beside the Middle School

  • Wall sit air presses x 20 IC while we wait on the six
  • 10 donkey kicks
  • 10 wall sit air jabs IC
  • 15 donkey kicks
  • 15 wall sit air presses IC
  • 20 donkey kicks
  • 20 wall sit air jabs IC
  • 25 donkey kicks
  • 25 wall sit air presses IC

Mosey down back path to benches behind Middle School

  • Dips x 30 IC while we wait on the six
  • 10 quick step ups

Mosey to bottom of HS lot

  • 10 plank jacks IC
  • 5 six inch plank jacks IC

Mosey back to COT

  • Mary for last 90 seconds



Perfect morning to post.  Seemed like good number across the board. Threw a curveball today and kept the mileage at about 2.5 miles.  Maybe Chiseled out ran us today.  The initial 110 Merkins/100 Flutter start with some running took a little longer than anticipated.  Could it have been audibled?  Sure, but where is the fun in that.

The buses being in the parking lot definitely gave a different look and made staying alert even more important today.  It actually didn’t seem to impact the workout at all and if anything it kept the drivers from flying down that main road that we cross.

Everyone did a great job today and pushed hard, well done.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead today.


  • SOB blood drive is this Friday at the Brace YMCA. If YOU did not donate last Saturday, now is your change.  DaVinci is having a post blood drive friendly workout Saturday morning at well if you do donate or just like to modify, this one’s for you.
  • Operation Hot Wheels is Saturday Nov 7. We will be replacing wheel chair ramp boards and paving a section of sidewalk for a local 9th grade girl in need in downtown Waxhaw.  Please let Shop Dawg know if you can help out that day with time and donations are needed.

Feel the burn

10 pax posted at Calvary at 0530 this morning for another edition of Meathead. Everyone knew that the main course would be 250 swings, but the real question was what other exercises would we struggle through?


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Windmills/Sharon Towers x 10 IC
  • Forward arm circles (small to big) x 5 IC
  • Backward arm circles (small to big) x 5 IC

Main Course:

  • 20 2-handed swings
  • 8 lawnmower rows per side
  • Rest for the balance of 2:00
  • 20 2-handed swings
  • 8 goblet squats
  • Rest for the balance of 2:00
  • 10 2-handed swings
  • 15 merkins
  • 5 cleans per side
  • Rest for the balance of 2:30

Repeato for 5 total rounds. That’s 250 swings, 80 rows (40 per side), 40 goblets, 75 merkins, and 80 cleans (40 per side).


  • Waiter carries (:30 out, :30 rest, :30 back, :30 rest)
  • Racked carries (:30 out, :30 rest, :30 back, :30 rest)
  • 1:00 of hard-style elbow plank, :30 rest
  • 1:00 of hollow body hold, :30 rest
  • 1:00 of glute bridge, done.


  • The blood drive is upon us. This Friday at the Brace (formerly Siskey) Family YMCA. There are still 5 slots available, so get signed up and donate blood for a good cause. Contact Mighty Mite for more details.
  • Some pax are gathering at Char Bar 7 at the intersection of Weddington and McKee roads on 10/23 if you’d like to join. Reach out to Hoover to HC.
  • Please consider donating to the Give 2 Give campaign. The Area 51 link is here and the SOB link is here. The first $500 of donations to the Area 51 site will be matched.


  • After taking a tour of AOs the past 2 weeks, it’s good to get back out to Meathead. My hands were a little tender in a few spots after Monday’s Swole, so clearly I needed to get back to swinging some iron.
  • This was a pretty meat and potatoes workout this morning. The goblets were challenging and it was tough to get the heart rate back under control before the last round of swings.
  • T-claps to Turkey Leg for pre-running the workout. Please advertise in the future and maybe I’ll join you.
  • Please sound off with any other comments, observations, etc.


Dirty Steve finds the spirit world at Anvil

15 pax mustered prior to 0530 (Floorslapper would join us at 0533), and after waiting for Smokey to walk the 100 yards from where he parked – YHC asked if any pax needed a disclaimer.  Did have to reintroduce myself to Erin Brokovich.  Had only posted with him once at Hawks Nest.  So, we launched into the humpday south Charlotte gloom.  At this point, Spackler was already asking for mileage.  Anvil.  Bootcamp.  Low mileage.

We yogged around the Swole lot and a couple others and circled up for COP.  Welcome Floorslapper.  Ductwork said the warmup run pace was a little quick.  #cobains

Most of what follows will be Moleskinny with a sprinkling of Thang.

Standard COP but worked in some burpees which was met with some grumbling and refuseniking, of course.  Horsehead was doing some odd-looking stretches already at this point.  His knee is dinged up.  Later, I asked if that was why he wasn’t doing the burpees.  Answer: “No.  I’m just used to not doing them.”  Fair enough.  Purple pill it is.

Did some rock work with some sprints/runs, and then headed over to the pavilion for some Bernie Sanders Recliners (aka Peoples Chair).  This was the point in the workout when Clover said Rocky & First Blood II were the two finest movies ever made, and his personal favorites.

Puddin’, in between not doing the called exercises, was quoting Dirty Steve from Young Guns.  By the way, watching Blacklist on Netflix, and in the most recent episode I watched – the boxer (pugilist) member of Young Guns had a quick appearance until he gutted himself with some Samurai knife.

Did some overhead press and Walther N’Djaiye’s…thought Smokey was going to break down one of the doors during these…Calvary likely to send Lorax a bill for the replacement door.

Snuka and Magoo don’t say much, but they were 3 of the 5 Respects in the group, and were getting after it.  Snuka and Smokey were racing during the rock work.  Spackler said he held back waiting for slower-paced long mileage.

Lorax informed Point Break and YHC that he was staying home as it is his son’s birthday.  Birthday’s seemed to be the topic du jour at COT, and Clover strangely knew about 8 pax’s birthday’s.  Also said today was his 1/3 or 1/6 birthday?

Limey posted for the 89th consecutive weekday.  T-claps.

Snowflake, aka Area51’s War Daddy, ran in and put in the hard work.  You can thank him for the Walthar’s as he introduced them to me 5 years ago at some Union County AO from which F3 is now banned.

Stone Cold and 49’er may have clowncarred it over from their neighborhood?  The clown car is kind of a lost art form among the pax.  Let’s bring that practice back, shall we?!  Great to have 49’er back in the gloom after a temporary 4+ year retirement from F3.  And thanks to SC for taking us out in prayer.

Puddin’ waited until the 6 MoM to roast the pax with his flatulence, and Spackler regaled the pax with prolific tales of his 1st grader’s farting exploits.

Anvil and Swole should do a joint COT.  Lorax/Point Break and Voodoo (or High Tide) can coordinate.

For those of you who know Snoop of F3 Metro (and for those that don’t) – please pray for healing for his fiancée Laura who suffered an aneurysm a few days ago and is in ICU.  God can heal anyone, so let’s ask him boldly to do so for her.  Aye?!

Thanks to PB & Lorax for tapping me to Q at Area 51’s best AO.  Next time we’re going up NorthFace at least once.

Happy Hump Day.  We should really do a happy hour.  Where’s the damn camel?

7 Pax with 7 SACS (well 6 sacks and one ruck… sack)

0515 was the time, still 15 minutes earlier than necessary in YHC’s opinion, but more on that later.  The least hospitable asphalt in all of A51, the SCMS bus lot, was the place.  Back where it all began for me, and the birthplace of the regions youngest AO, SACS.  CheeseCurd has created a special thing here, even it would be better at 45 minutes, and made the mistake of asking YHC to Q.  So here I was, with sandbag in tow, ready to dish out the downpainment.  Little did I know, today was to be a record day setting the high water mark thus far for this young AO at 7.  Grizzled veterans and new guys alike arrived just in time to shoulder their bags and head off into the gloom.


-Walk somewhat adroitly down the hill to the track for 4 corners.  Corner 1, 5 “baggies” (merkin on top of the bag/ruck, jump up, lift bag/ruck up to a press position, press, return bag/ruck to ground, repeat). Corner 2, 5 Baggies / 5 Squats.  Corner 3, 5 Baggies/ 5 Squats / 5 2-count lunges.  Corner 4, 5 Baggies/ 5 Squats / 5 2-count lunges / 5 Counter-rotation reverse lunges.

-Walk with purpose back to parking lot for suicide ladder.  Starting with 2 each of squats, baggies & counter-rotates (we gotta come up with a better name for this one guys), complete reps and run out 2 parking spots for 10 merkins, run back.  Next set 4 of the 3 exercises, run out 4 spots for 10 merkins, run back.  Continue through 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.

-Shoulder bags for a jaunt around the bus lot and assume a seated position on the edge of the sidewalk.  With bag on knees, stand unassisted from the seated position, using the bag as a lever, return to seated.   This move is very challenge as the bag is resistance for your quads and hip flexors, but is also the source of your balance as you move through the movements.  We did 25.  Flutter press X20 OYO.  LBC with bag on Knees X20 OYO

-Shoulder bags, walk back down to the track and lunge walk from start to stands.  50 calf raises.  Walk back to the bus lot, 20 H2H in cadence, done.

Ye Ole Moleskinny:

-YHC struggles to find an hour worth of ruck PT to fill a weinke, but I think that mostly has to do with the feeling of antipathy for walking around carrying a sandbag or ruck.  I know its walking under load… but its still walking.  After years of boot camping and running, it just feels wrong to walk during a workout.  I’ll get over it, but in the mean time I’ll continue to bust on CC about this being a 60 minute workout… just what I do.  All of that said, today kicked my butt. #workingfromhomemeansPAXcannap

-T-claps to CC’s neighbor Bubblewrap who posted for the very first time at Swole on Monday, and today was his 3rd workout (Hawksnest yesterday).  My man hung strong throughout this challenging workout and handled the #40 sandbag quite easily.  Next time I’ll bring him a #60.  Clearly he’s been bitten by the F3 bug, welcome to the movement.

-Geraldo CRUSHED the ladder exercise.  YHC was hard pressed to catch him in the final two sets.  Big man is strong, though maybe more than 40 lbs. next time?  Just sayin that was too easy for you bro.

-Speaking of crushing, clearly CC was aware his limitation (both mental and the walking boot he is wearing) would keep him off the podium for most of the workout, so we killed the walking segments.  By the time we got to the next “station” CC had arrived, had a sip of tea and was waiting impatiently for the party to resume.  I gotta say, I was duly impressed with the work done by a man who, for all intents and purposes, should be on IR.

-It was great to work out with Jazz Hands and Brexit, who I’ve met before, but I rarely see given their southerly nature.  Its nice to see SOBs venture north of 485 for something other than a running workout.  If this keeps up, I may have to post SACs more often, just so I can get to know more of our southern brothers (you know the SOBs who don’t run…)

-Having Dora present was great, the man has been doing ruck work since the Spearhead days, and that probably was why he and Geraldo were able to spend the entire workout talking about things the rest of us had never heard of.   I know Goruck is a thing, maybe I should learn more about it one day…


-Give to Give campaign:  we all have a little something we can contribute back to the organization which gives us so much every day we post, and on the days we don’t.  F3 foundation is how this thing we love so much grows year over year, so pay it forward with whatever you can spare, even if it’s only $5.

-Bloodrive, this Friday, with HH to follow

The Fountain(s) of Life

3-mile prerun with Mic Check. Thanks for the accountability my friend to get some extra credit in today

Strange Brew showed up in a shirt, I hardly recognized him


  • 25 SSH
  • 10 hillbilly
  • 10 peter parkers
  • 10 merkins
  • 10 parker peters

Fountain #1: Chipotle

  • Leg work with partner
  • Jump ups (50)
  • Jog out and back
  • Step ups (50)
  • Jog out and back

Fountain #2: Flying Biscuit

  • Chair dips: in slow cadence (5, 10, 5)
  • Declined merkin: in slow cadence (5, 10, 5)
  • Squats: in slow cadence (5, 10, 5)
    • Completely lose cadence counting during second set. HT to Wingman for checking me on that

Fountain #3: St. Matthews

  • Rock work with partner
  • Ground pounders (50)
  • Tricep Extensions (55)
  • Curls (75)

Fountain #4: Post Office

  • Sprint
  • 5 diamond pushups
  • Sprint
  • Mic Check and Wingman led the pack

Light Posts on the way home

  • 1 monkey humper per light
  • Teddy and Tagalong led the pack and made it to to light post #13, total of 91 humpers – ouch


  • Need additional Q’s for future weeks. Patent Pending is stepping up to help Site Q
  • Prayers that we continue to stay diligent during quarantine and isolation
  • Firestarter next Monday at 5:30. SOB’s only Monday bootcamp. We need to show up to get this workout off the ground. HT to Teddy and Mary Kay for stepping up to lead
  • Blood Drive on Friday
  • Patent Pending took us out

Return of the Blockee

Certainly the hit of IPC was the Blockee and I felt like the region had been deprived of her presence for too long.  The goal this morning was to get in plenty of running, in an AO that isn’t necessarily known for it, while keeping true to Chiseled’s name.

The Thang:

  1.  DICCS
  2. Warmup mosey and exercises
  3. Start at one end of the parking lot with your coupon.  Perform reps of a given exercise, rifle carry your block to the next island, place your block down and run to the far end of the parking lot.  Run back to your block, perform the same reps of the same exercise, rifle carry your block to the next island, place it down and run to the far end of the parking lot.  Wash, rinse, repeat all the way down the parking lot and back.
    1. Round trip 1 – 15 curls at each island
    2. Out trip 2 – 3 blockees each island
    3. Return trip 2 – 10 coupon squats
  4. COT


We wound up getting in just under 3 miles and the workout was a smoker.  Good effort by all.  The only awkward thing was when Mayhem whipped out his wood and asked another guy to hold it.  0-69 was the 6th Man and shared a compelling story about the impact of F3 in his life.  One year ago he was 70 pounds heavier and couldn’t tie his own shoes.  He literally credits F3 with saving his life.  This should be a catalyst for you to find guys around you to EH into coming. Go find them, you don’t have to look far.

Prayer requests – J-Woww’s neighbors the Watsons need prayer for the husbands heart attack and wife’s COVID diagnosis.  Catfish’s Step-Father’s Mom is in her final days on this earth and we prayed for a peaceful passing.  I am missing one more….its escaping me.

Have a great day gents!


Oh NO.  Nope UNO!

I was so thankful for the thoughtful text from Stone Cold on Sunday evening reminding me of this Q on Tuesday!  My last Q was designed to Smoke the one and only Horse Head who, by the way, ended up being a no show.  I was so thankful that he was in attendance this morning along with his son Boonedock.  Boone takes after his mother.  That is a nice way of saying… he ain’t like HH!

An adequate disclaimer was given.

Tha thing:

  • 20xSSH
  • 20xEW
  • 20xSwings OYO

Mosey for a lap around the cinder track.

We partnered up for some cumulative work in groups of two.  Partner one did said exercise while partner two ran the cinder track. The goal was to reach 100 reps and then plank.

  • 100xSwings
  • Plank
  • 100xPress

Mosey across parking lot the board of pain and a deck of UNO cards.  The board only had a list of exercises with no numbers.  The number of reps was decided by the card drawn multiplied by three…  UNLESS, of course, a wild card, reverse card was drawn.  And boy, were they ever.  This thing switched directions and flipped and flopped like a squirrel trying to cross the road in traffic.  The list of exercises included: swings, presses, snatches, burpees, Louganis, goblet squats, thrusters, cleans, rows, etc.

Mosey back to launch for some more cumulative work to 100 in partners:

  • 100xsquats
  • Plank
  • 100xrows

Mosey back to board for another round of UNO.

We concluded at launch with 20 LBCs.


  • Horse still refuseniks on all burpees, but Boone does not.  Refer to the statement of Boone’s nature from the top.
  • Evidently, Baracus is having a hard time catching the game winning frisbee at Ultimate on Fridays.  YHC offered to throw the bell back and forth with him under the assumption that if you could catch a bell you could catch a frisbee (possible reference to the movie Dodgeball).  BA wouldn’t have it.
  • Chin Music tried to bring up the VOLS record…  I so wanted to have a long discussion about this, however, it was time to start the workout.  The PAX were lucky as four letter words may have followed – Oh NO.  Nope UNO!