Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

18 showed up for the last daylight Clyent Dinner of 2020. They were treated to a six course progressive dinner around the Cutty campus. But it didn’t stop there, this one required a little detective work to figure out where each course would take place. Fortunately we had seven 2.0s present to get us moving in the right direction.

DiCCS provided as well as special instructions for the scavenger hunt. I’ve got clues but you’re gonna have to work for them!


Quick mosey around the starting lot then circle up for SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Plank Jacks, Calf Stretches. A nice appetizer and that earned the PAX their first clue. What is this a picture of and where would you do this activity? These kids are smart so we were off to the basketball courts. Now we’ve whet our appetites so it’s time for…

The Thang

We’re on the courts, so why not work out with some basketball players. Start with some suicide drills with Bobby Hurleys then follow that with a few Makhtar N’Diayes. Last up some Big Boy Sit-Ups and then it’s time for clue number two. This one came with a hint to get rid of the letters the spell the last exercise we did. For those following at home, the letters were BIG BOY. That left us with SHED. The kids figured out the puzzle but we needed the dads to point us in the right direction. Teamwork!

Now that we’re at Rudy’s famous shed, I instructed the PAX to sit at the shed just like Rudy would (lost on the children) so we did a wall sit with some air presses. Hop off the wall for some LBCs, then back to the wall for some Donkey Kicks. Time for the third clue. Tell you what these kids are sharp! We had an early guess of merry-go-round, but they quickly got to roundabout, so that’s where we headed.

On the way I told the PAX to partner up with someone that wasn’t in your family. Chatterbox and his 2.0 found us right as we got there so we were up to 18! Good numbers! We moseyed down one light pole away from the roundabout and then the partners took turns taking a lap around the roundabout while the other partner did AMRAP of Squats, Turkish Get Ups, Alligator Merkins, Imperial Walkers, Rosalitas, and Side Straddle Hops. One both partners have finished the first exercise then move on to the next. Once we were all finished, clue number four had already been revealed! That’s right, a very original acronym using the first letter of each exercise spelled STAIRS. Everyone was SUPER excited to travel to the covered stairs.

The original plan was to do 7s at the top and bottom of the stairs, but with such a large group I audibled to more partner work. Find a NEW partner and collectively do 50 Mike Tysons and 50 (audibled to 25) Speed Skaters while alternating running down the stairs and back up. At this point I audibled because we were running low on time and had a few more clues to get through. Speaking of which, clue number five was a cypher. I wish I had a picture of all 7 2.0s gathered around the clue sheet and collectively deciphering the code. It didn’t take long and we were off to the middle school’s front door. We took a circuitous route to get there so we could work in a bear crawl under the covered walkway, but after a few groans and moans we got through it and to the benches at the front.

One more set of partner work with another NEW partner. This time the partners collectively did 100 Dips while alternating a hot lap around the flag pole island. With 2 minutes to go the final clue was revealed! This clue was in the form of a rebus (look it up) and though it took a minute for the kiddos to figure out how it worked, they managed to puzzle it out and we made a jailbreak for the final location. The answer to the clue?? SHOVEL FLAG!


This one was a ton of fun to put together. It was my first time as Q for Clyent Dinner and knowing that it regularly has 2.0s I wanted to make sure it was fun for all ages. Here are a couple of things that you missed:

On the 2nd clue that spelled SHED, I think Gerber got a little worried as the kids were figuring out the letters one at a time…First they got “S” then “H” and Gerber said something along the lines of “Uh, what are you spelling here?” Not sure what he meant…

Got a few comments about the Turkish Get Ups and why they were named such. I’d also heard them called Russian Get Ups, but SRAIRS wouldn’t have been a very helpful clue

Just like his dad, Speedbump was a little concerned with the cypher after the first letter. The kids got “F” and Speedbump says “Is this kid friendly?” C’mon guys!

Thanks Wrigley for inviting me to Q the last 2020 Clyent Dinner with a sunset ending.


Project Hotwheels is a go for November 7th. No more cash donations needed but could use more guys to assist

Turkey Trot 5k/10k opportunity on Thanksgiving morning – Sign up here:

CPR classes still available on November 9th and 16th from 6pm to 8pm. The cost is $15 and the proceeds go towards purchasing AEDs. See Surge (Jim Connell) for details/sign-up



YHC took us out

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