A51 OBD?

A51 OBD?

8 for Centurion today. Group was disclaimed and we took off. Lorax called the QIC’s disclaimer, “Lazy.” Fair enough.


Mosey across 51, north to shopping center where businesses go to die on the corner of 51/Carmel.


IW x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Flutter x 11 IC

Triple Set

Start at the middle of the shopping center. Run up stairs. 15 Heels to Heaven in the middle. Run down far stairs and back to launch. 20 Merkins. 3 reps

Mary to regroup

Mosey over to the rock pile on McMahon, by the two semi trucks parked on the road. Grab a rock.

Civilian count rock set. All exercises to 10. We did a bunch of curls, presses, tri extensions, goblet squats. Some exercises were done in consecutive sets of 10. All completed without putting rock down.

Mosey down Little, back into campus, over to parking deck, AKA, Tartarus.

Triple Set

Same as above. Start at Stairwell 1. Up to level 4. Over to Stairwell 2. 15 Jump Squat. Down stairs and back to launch. 20 Wide arm merkin.

Mary/Plank-o-rama to regroup.

Mosey to benches in middle of campus. 10 Incline Merkin/10 Dips/10 Decline Merkins x 3.

Mosey through campus, across 51, and back to launch.

5 MOM and plank. Several exercises completed. Zero burpees today.



OBD=Only Backblast of the Day. Maybe. We will see. 1st Centurion backblast in a few weeks. Mighty Might did not write one. Neither did Benny, even after I called him on it the Saturday following his Q. He responded that he would complete it later that day. Alas, he did not.

Point Break mentioned that he may need to use his feet to type after this morning. Yes, it was a heavy arm day. I was hitting failure during the bench sets. As the Q, you are most welcome to selfishly plan the workout to meet your individual fitness needs. I needed some arms and chest today.

Solid mumblechatter during COP. Clover and Lorax were jabbering about something super important. To them anyway.

Limey is on the verge of putting his man parts in his gym bag and spending some time with the fern. Apparently, he doesn’t do the cold weather, outside, for workouts. I say man up. The workouts I remember the most vividly are the ones completed in adverse conditions.

Snuka had a little trouble counting to 3. Leaving that there.

Bout Time ran in and back. #stud

Clover flatulated and blamed Limey. Even asked him if he ate shrimp last night.

Have a safe Halloween. Hopefully the kids can have a good time and stay healthy. 2020, two months left.

T-claps to Bout Time for the takeout prayer


Sable has his Centurion VQ 11/13. Dude has been getting after it and has already Q’d a couple of workouts. Put it on your calendar.

Christmas Zoom Party…


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28 days ago

That workout sounds miserable, Mermaid. Nice work on the Q and backblast. #makebackblastsgreatagain

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