Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

I don’t Q much and therefore tend to forget to post backblasts.  So here goes, a week late.

5 men posted for an Ironsides-led WAMRAP last Wednesday.

I only have one goal at WAMRAP – not to get lapped.  Fail.

The thing..

Mosey from launch to the shorter, cleaner, rougher-on-the-soft-hands parking deck.  (Good thing Bypass couldn’t make it)

Stairs to the top for 4 corners of pain:

Corner 1 – 5 burpees, 10 LBCs; Corner 2- 10 merkins, 10 Peter Parker; Corner 3 – 10 jump squats, 10 IW; Corner 4 – 10 donkey kicks, 10 boots-to-heaven.

Run down the ramp to level 2, back up the stairs to level 3, and repeat, adding 1 burpee and 2 of everything else each round with max reps of 10 burpees and 20 everything else.

Alf and McGee made 7 rounds, the rest of us 6, plus a lightning round of 5 reps of each exercise.

Rep Count: Alf/McGee 55 burpees, 115 everything else; Spare Parts/Mile High/YHC:  45 and 95.

Prohibition didn’t show up.


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