Flint Tropics

Flint Tropics

Friday AM was shaping up- perfect weather, clear skies and a good turn out with 15 Pax.  Looking to shake up the boot camp style workouts I had a plan to go old school Semi-Pro and head to the basketball court at Cutty.  I wanted to see what type of basketball shape theF3 Flint Tropics were in.


Mosey around front of Middle Schools – SSH, Dugans and into a quick yoga flow – runners stretch/merkins/plank jacks and a long 6 inch hold.

The Thang

Start at path of parking lot: Hit each lite on the way to Rudy’s Poop Palace. Alternate between 10 Bobby Hurleys and 10 Big Boi’s at each lite.

Mosey to middle school cafe tables. OYO perform 10 stepups/10Derkins runt to corner repeato with 15 count.  Next up 10 Knee Slap and 10 1 leg pistol squat/ repeato 15 reps each.

Main Event – Head to Court for practice – I mean conditioning.

Sideline to Sideline or 15’s to start:  1 minute to go back and forth across the court -each line touch counts as one.

We did a bunch of 15’s – if you didn’t complete 15 – penalty burpee for each one short.

We did a bunch of 13’s – with pentalty x2 with your partner

Court slide with 10 squats at each basket – basically a low side lunch around the court

We did some more 13’s

Court slides again.

Mosey back to the parking lot.

Not a lot of mumble chatter today as heart rates were up, sweat piles were left> but no Merlot was spilled (next time).

Lots of effort on the court today: pain of chain to Sledg-o-matic and Ex Lax.  Sledge jogged from Lawson to Cutty pre workout!!!  Ex-Lax keeps showing up to the cardio workouts to push himself!!!! He’s working on form compliance – but with a little encouragement he’ll be on the form police squad soon.

Ralphie  and/or Cargo -both young guns were pretty fast out there.  Ricky Bobby has a quick first gear as he was racing Schneider all day. Sugar Daddy and Dana top effort as usual.  Zin and Deadwood getting there wind back seemed to enjoy themselves.  Honeycomb is sneaky quick.  Hanson and Fruit Loops way to get after it.  ShopDog pulled a Bill Russell to answer the bell even with a bad ankle sprain.

0-69 lapped us and good to see him pushing.

COT – Sugar Daddy 6th Man – EH’d by Rockwell and really buying into F3 on all levels. Glad you’re with us.

Prayers up for those facing challenges – medical, mental or those needing some thoughts.  Take a few seconds out of your day to think about Premature’s wife Kelli.

Events – Stepping up for Staci – Thanksgiving virtual run/fund raiser – see Chicken

Hot Wheels – Tentative Date 11/7. Making improvements for ramp/sidewalk for Brittany who is wheelchair bound. Stay Tuned.


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