Playing In The Rain

Playing In The Rain

DICCS Given- CPR, cell phone, modify if needed ect..


written by Chicken Little cause Schneider hates writing back-blast..

First of all ( words Schneider wanted me to include, I said no but he insisted) lol-haha

I want to thank Chicken Little for being my friend and ALWAYS helping out with basically everything from cell phone usage, setting up a evites for parties, writing my back-blast,  Busch lights when I walk by his house, keeping his wife from killing me when my dog pee’s on his bushes that she just planted, letting me know where workouts are just are just to name a few, There are so many things Chicken Little does to for me I am forever in debit to him and I hope one day I will be able to repay him or properly.. I LOVE THAT DAMN CHICKEN….

Now that that is out of the way on to the seriousness….

Warm Up

Mosey to front of school- a few decided to take cover for the warm up under the shed – so cute!!!

20- SSH

15- Imperial Walkers


Calve Stretch

The Thang

Mosey to COT to start of the trail

alternating lights for 10- murkins / 10 – big boy sit-ups in puddles ( sorry boys)

Hit Rudy’s POOP palace for some arm work

3 sets of 50 air presses single count 

Mosey to the covered area near the buses just in time for the rain to stop

complete a lap around the triangle after each exercise and 1 burpee before heading up stairs to start next exercise

20 Donkey Kicks/20 LBCS/20 Mike Tysons/20 Hills to Heaven/20 Murkins

Mosey to the benches near the school for 3 sets of

25 dips and run to school for 30 squats – rinse repeat 2 more times

Mosey to overhang near buses and bear crawl the whole covered area while we dodge Zinfandels ass gas that literal hovered over everyone like a damn nuclear cloud ( GET LOW BOYS I THINK HE POOPED HIS PANTS). It reminded a few of us of stink bombs from yester years– YIKES… I and pretty sure a few of us tasted some of his fancy brews and I got notes of barley, oatmeal, oak, earth tones and wild berries- ugh..

Mosey to front of school for a 3 quick hot 1/2 laps after each exercise

10 derkins/20 hills to heaven/10 murkins

Mosey back to COT taking long way around lot and wait for the buzz of the shirted SWARMERS to come rolling in. I must say on a wet damp morning I was shocked the Swarmer’s all came in with shirts on- guess they did not want to show off their ripped moist bodies ( except Carb Load) to us Clydesdales fearing we would all be in awh of their greatness…


Today was a great day as I usually will not workout in the rain but since I was vol-n-told I was Q ing by Mr. Form Police himself I could not back out. It was a pleasure leading this group today and I believe I actually counted properly, stuck to my Wienke and stayed on task… The PAX pushed themselves hard today in the rain and we had a blast.


Blood Drive tomorrow

Helping Hotwheels on 11/07/20 – ramp building- need 20 peoples or so for 5 hours

Drop off diapers at Akbars church or just throw in his yard as you speed by honking your horn while blowing through the red light- prefer size 2- thanks to Ricky Bobby and Fuse Box for your donations.



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