Bushwood In The Fog

Bushwood In The Fog


Mosey around bus lot to front parking lot.  SSH, IW, Merkins, Moroccan Night Clubs & Mountain Climbers all x 18.  Stretching – up/down dogs, calves.


Mosey to rock pile for PAX to select rock of their choice.  3 sets of 25 each of curls, overhead press and tri’s.  Run/jog a lap around lot after each set of 25.  75×3 = 225 reps total with 9 laps in between.

Mosey to parking lot for 4 corners and burpee middle.  PAX broke into groups for the following.

Corner 1 – Merkins x 20, Bobby Hurley’s x 20

Corner 2 – Big Boys x 20, Lo-slo-squats x 20

Corner 3 – Dry Docks x 20, Speed Skaters x 20

Corner 4 – LBC’s x 20, Plank jacks x 20

Middle (after each corner) – Burpee’s x 2

Repeat above with corner reps x 15 each; burpee x 1 each.

While waiting for six, One Star led various ab exercises.

Mosey back to bus lot and wall.  50 x air presses, 50 x air jabs & 15 x donkey kicks.  Jail break (modify as needed) to COT.


Plenty of sweat added to the already foggy aura.  Good to get back on the Q-train.  Yes, Posse…..I will sign up for a future Homecoming gig.

Welcomed FNG Todd Pfalzgraf – Cool Runnings.  Appropriately named after one of his 50 bucket list items of learning a new sport.  That sport being “Skeleton Racing” where you ride belly-down, head first, 85 mph on a sled down Olympic style bobsled courses.  Welcome “Cool” and extra prayers sent your way with each “run”.

Announcements / Closing

Waxhaw F3 2nd blood drive on 10/17/20 at Waxhaw American Legion.  TB has details.  SOB hosting their blood drive 10/23/20.

Convergence at “The Arsenal” at Indian Land Elementary School led by Dark Helmet this Thursday at 5:30 am.

SOB F2 Social at Middle James Brewery Thursday 5:30 pm.

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