Leg Day Part Deux?

Leg Day Part Deux?

17 guys today at Asylum.  Great turn out!  For a site that I feared was dyeing a couple months ago after back to back numbers of less than 4, there has been a steady stream of new guys out to Asylum.

At my last Q at Flash, I brought out leg day after several pax complained after IPC that it was painfully clear we don’t do enough legs.  Since Asylum missed out on that fun (and since I literally heard those exact words uttered again after Popeye’s Q on Saturday), I decided it was time for round 2 (part deux for you Charlie Sheen Hot Shot fans out there).

WARM UP  (I love occasionally skipping the warm up to keep the pax on their toes)


Mosey to the CVS for Paul Abdul Bruce Springsteen’s – 1 step up and 2 steps back (Yes, its a deep track.  Like most deep Springsteen tracks its a depressing song that will leave you wishing you hadn’t ventured that far out of the mainstream.  Here you go if you’ve never heard it…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkFQHScyti0 ).  Ok, back to the workout.  Springsteen’s for a bear crawl forward one parking space for 10 merkins and a crawl bear backwards two spaces for 10 In/Outs.  Repeat 5 times for 50 Merkins and 50 In/Outs.  This was a crowd favorite.

Short mosey to Payless Shoes wall.  Partner up.  P1: Dry Docks.  P2: short mosey to curb for 5 Russian Get Ups then come back to relieve your partner.  Do this 3 times total.

Mosey to Target parking lot for Star Fish.   Progressive Burpees in the middle starting with 1 and finishing with 5.  The four corners were:

  • 10 Russian Get Ups
  • 15 each leg 1 legged lunge (back foot on curb)
  • 15 each leg Baryshnikov’s
  • 30 Monkey Humpers with the instruction to point your butt towards those you hate (or love).

Mosey towards Hickory Tavern grabbing a new partner along the way.  P1: LBC’s.  P2: mosey to stairs and crawl bear up the stairs then run back to your partner.  Because these suck so bad, I told pax in advance we would only do it once.  Even knowing that, there was still some grumbling and attempted hijacking discussions.

Same Partners: P1: Run to short brick wall and back.  P2: one legged side step ups.  I ran first to return to see the entire group doing regular step ups and chastised Chastain the most for doing it wrong.  He tried to claim he didn’t hear the directions – not a valid excuse.   4 rounds total (2 per leg).

About 2 minutes left and I’m out of Winkie…lets do a Jack Webb.   Russian Get ups are the 1 and squats are the 4.  Made it to 5 Russian Get ups and ran out of time.  Note to self: this was hurting really good at 5…perhaps we go the whole 10/40 at the next Q.

Jail Break to COT where we find for the first time ever MASH has beaten us there (THANK YOU FOR BEING ON TIME TO COT MASH!!!).



Lots of chatter today, well except Chatter Box – but that’s to be expected with a name like Chatter Box.

Posse telling me he gets “Giddy” when I’m on Q.  I think we all know its not because he likes my workouts, but because he enjoys poking (and then twisting that knife).   If you haven’t had the pleasure of sitting back and watching him at his finest, you really should come join a Q of mine and watching him work.

Chastain with a rare Damascus moment.  Tighten up!

Flanders and I have gotten into a superstitious rhythm of him asking me how many points I’m willing to give for the Wolfpack Thursdays at Floater.  I respond with some insane number (I believe it was 20 points against Pitt) only for the Wolfpack to win outright.  We have decided to keep the tradition alive until the Wolfpack lose (spoiler, I’m out of town this Thursday so put all your money on Duke).

Good to see Sledge pounding away back at the workouts.

Ex Lax making a conscious effort to get out of his comfort zone to some running boot camps here lately.  Always pushing hard.

Chatter has gone from me hanging back to encourage him to me now seeing the back of him.  I can’t remember the last workout I turned around to join him.  Now I’m having to push to stay with him.

Loafer let out a few “Oh Yeah’s” today so I know I at least had him working hard.

JWoww with a fly by testing out the legs.  He’s hoping to to get a good Dr’s report tomorrow and be able to Q Saturday.

Great discussion at Q Source post workout about Courage.  I will leave the chapter for you to read if you would like, but as usual, the discussion at Q Source far exceeds what the book is teaching.  https://f3nation.com/courage-q3-12/    Monday’s Q Source will be getting into the 4th quadrant next week: Leave Right.  This was the chapter that I started coming to last year and gave me enough gut punches and thought provoking questions to keep me coming back for over a year now.  Its never too late to jump in.

Hanson was our FNG today.  Named after the boy band Hanson because Posse’s suggestion of Jonas Brothers was too easy (his first name is Jonas).  Hanson moved down here from Minnesota so he was able to see how bad F3 Waxhaw Geography is with suggested names of Cheese Head and Cheese Curd being thrown out.  Weezer was a close second.  Great job by Schnitzel bringing him out.

Always good to see Radar.  Even if he has to slide out early.  Still waiting on Yella to drop me off some Cheerwine (I’m kidding).

Both Bypass and Hanson wore grey shirts so I can’t remember who I was giving hell to about their loud running at the end.  Either way, they will never sneak up on anyone.

Shop blew past me on the final mosey to Hickory Tavern.  Posse was close by to make sure I noticed (bastard).

We learned as part of the 6th man movement that Mayhem doesn’t have a belly button (How in the hell did that not come out while naming him?), that in Fayettnam (as Mayhem called it and where he’s originally from) belly rings are like tattoos – everyone has them, and that despite his better judgement – he’s a Tar Heel fan.

Thanks to those who went yesterday to help Legalize load up and stat heading out west.  Hopefully the Oregon Trail is kind…careful on those river crossings.  It’s been a pleasure getting to know you Legalized.  Best of luck to you and the family in Colorado.

Need to get some Asylum Cotter’s back out.  Big Tuna/Chipolte, Flow, and Psycho just to name a few.  Beat the Fart Sack and come join us boys!



  • Blood Drive is this Saturday.  Yes,  you read that right.  This coming Saturday.  Pleas sign up here: https://www.redcrossblood.org/give.html/drive-results?zipSponsor=f3     Please post to your neighborhood facebook page.  Please post on next door.  Please mention it to the neighbor who walks his dog past your house every day (and lets him take a dump in your yard – Posse/Popeye).
  • Surge working on securing a location for another CPR class.  Once things are finalized/firmed up he will be announcing the dates.  Keep an ear out.
  • Super Secret workout happening this Thursday.  Listen to the in person announcements post workouts this week or visit Group Me for more info as we can’t post the details publicly (insert evil grin emoji).
  • Ackbar’s Thursday Night Food Pantry in need of size 2 diapers.

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