Swarm Backblast

Swarm Backblast

Dasher made a call to the bullpen last night when the original Q was unable to make it because he was at the beach.  I won’t call out that F3 member (his name rhymes with Deadwood) but that is a lame excuse not to Q.  needless to say I began right away preparing for my Q waited until the morning to get my Q vibe going and I think I worked out pretty well.  DICC’s given.  Foundation claimed to have a cell phone but nobody in the group was willing to verify that.

Warm up

Mosey around to the front of the middle school and circle up.

20 x SSH

That’s enough of that….let’s get back to our mosey.  Indian run around the front of the middle school and high school and continue around the perimeter of the campus until we make it around to Rudy’s Shed.

20 x mountain climbers

Various stretches

The Thang

Partner up and run a lap around the bus lot island.  P1 goes one way and P2 goes the other.  After the end of each lap you meet up and complete 10 hand release merkins.  Rinse and repeat x 3

Go to the entrance of the high school gym. Do 10 mike Tysons and run down the stairs to the first street light and do 10 Bobby Hurley’s.  Back to the gym for 10 mike Tysons.  Run down to the 2nd street light for 10 Bobby Hurley’s and the back to the gym for Tyson’s.  keep doing this until you get down to the street light in front of Rudy’s poop palace. it was either 6 or 7 lights. I’m not sure as my body was in survival mode by the end.

Mosey over to the benches behind the high school cafeteria.  15 dips at the benches and then run over to the picnic tables for 15 step ups.  Rinse and repeat x 5.

Long mosey back around the front of the high school where the time on my watch was questioned several times.  Made it to COT with 20 seconds left.

The Moleskin

Great group of guys this morning!  Tool Time and Glidah left everyone in the dust. The rest of the Waxhaw express (Bottlecap and Dasher) were right behind them all morning…..The Waxhaw Express crushed it today.  LRC is no longer a throuple but looked like a very happy couple today. They had already partnered up before I even finished saying partner up. Hope the recovery is going well Deflated. I bet Dana wasn’t expecting 5+ miles today.  Rucking has been working for that guy as he crushed it today and has already committed to attending ignition on Monday. #nolongeraclydesdale.  Ice 9…where the hell were you today!  I finally could have had my redemption.


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