Cobra Kai – Flip the Script

Cobra Kai – Flip the Script

Cobra Kai is the follow-up to Karate Kid. The series focuses on the movie’s villian Johnny. After losing the All-Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament, he is directionless, drinks too much and works menial jobs. After a rescuing a teen neighbor, he begins the road to reclaiming his past and his dojo. The series is the perfect tribute with just the right amount of action, 80s nostalgia and fan service. It’s a must watch.

In response a Facebook friend of mine challenged us to “Cobra Kai” other 80s movies. Here’s my submission.

Teen Wolf’s career in the NBA is ended when he succombs to his predator instinct and kills rival player. Jailed he begins a journey into self-discovery with the help of a changling warden.

Opening Scene

An agitated Old/Teen Wolf is pulled from a solitary confinement cell, inside the walls are gouged with claw marks.
Warden: I guess they meant it when they said you’d be a handful. Now that I’m in charge. Change is coming Mr. Wolf. Big changes.
Old/Teen Wolf: What you do know about change. I’m a monster. That’s all I’ll ever be!
Warden: I know more than you think.
Old/Teen Wolf: You don’t know what I’m dealing with.
(Warden reaching out, with a clawed hand) 
Warden: Oh, I do…I most certainly do…
Opening credits roll, The Cramps I Was A Teenage Werewolf plays.

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The Workout –

John J. Delaney Loop
Typical warm-up
3 sets of graduated sprints with 10, 20 and 30 reps push-ups, squats and big boy sits
Dips and step-ups on the fountain
Bear crawls, lunge walks and broad jumps at Harris Teeter
Lake laps and burpees
Run home (fast)

Back to Cobra Kai. What does that have to do with F3? Everything. It’s the story of a high school athlete who figured he peeked and failed. He’s friendless and purposeless. Then, he gets into fitness and works on reaching out to the community. He’s not perfect, but through the series, he keeps trying. That’s your message friends – keep trying. Your life is far from over. Find your purpose, reclaim your life and never give up.

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