Are you going to eat your fat?

Are you going to eat your fat?

Fourteen joined up at South Charlotte MS for a Sardine inspired beat down.  Floorslapper even beat Geraldo there.  You don’t see that often.


Hillbillies – 13
Windmills – 12
Superman – 11
Imperial Walkers – 11
Alabama Jackass Legkicks – 4 count – 10 each leg
Carolina Drydocks – 30
Run a lap in parking lot
Monkey Humpers – 30
Run a sprint
Jack Knives – 10 each leg
Run suicides
Obligue crunches – 10 each side
Diamond merkins – 10
Run a lap in parking lot
Dead bugs – 10
Diamond merkins – 10
Sit-ups – 10
Run a sprint
Hip Bridge Toe Touches – 4 count / 10
Run to rock pile
100 bicep curls with rock
100 tricep press with rock
Run to benches on other side of school
75 bench dips
Diamond merkins – 10
Sit-ups – 10
Indian Run down the road
Indian Run back / stopping at speed bumps – 10 merkins each time
Sit-ups – 10
Merkins – 4 count touch shoulder & side – 10
Not a lot of running today,  which was made up in a thorough boot camp beat down.  A couple new exercises out there today (or maybe just new to me).  Let’s talk about the Alabama Jackass Leg Kicks.  So, your on all 4’s and you kick your leg up in the air in two stages.  For a second I thought I was in some kind of deranged Saturday Night Fever episode but quickly realized I was in the synchronized swimming scene from Caddyshack.  All is well.
We should talk about Penis Pushups.  If you read back through the workout, you’ll notice diamond merkins keep showing up.  Apparently, someone (probably me) got called out on poor formed merkins – you know the kind where you bend at the waist and your crotch hits the ground before you barely bend your elbows?  That’s a Penis Pushup and they have been outlawed.
Thank goodness Point Break had his watch on today.  We’d probably all be back at SCMS wandering around the parking lot.
Way has been reading Floorslapper’s book on when workouts begin.  The answer is 5:32.  Always has been, always will.
Everyone was pushing hard today and getting a great start to a Monday.  Good to see some newer guys come out to BaseCamp – LaFawnda, Midriff, Way – welcome and I hope to see  you there again.
Sign up for the blood drive!!!
Sardine, thank you for leading today and taking us out!

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