Everyone Needs A Little BootCamp

Everyone Needs A Little BootCamp

Crisp air, late rising sun, growing numbers in the gloom… it must be fall in the the greatest region of all F3.  YHC loves the fall, primarily because of the cooler temps for running for obscenely long distances.  Speaking of running, I’ve not done much else this year as I continue to my ridiculous crusade to conquer Boston Qualifier… so much so that my arms appear to be nought but strings dangling from my sleeves.  Today, thanks to Margo’s pursuit many weeks ago, I had a chance to course correct a bit during my Q at the legendary, but not often visited, AO of Centurion.  Here is what happened:

The Thang:

After a thorough and Mermaid-Approved disclaimer, mosey east to the parking lot at 5th 3rd bank and circle up for COP

Imperial Walker X 15 in cadence

Low Slow Squat X 15 in cadence

Mountain Climbers X15 in Cadence

Low Slow Merkins X15 in cadence


Mosey to lot just up the hill to describe the primary activity.  Split into teams of three PAX each.  Two stations, one on the walkway upstairs, another in the lot.  PAX 1 does merkins in the parking lot, PAX 2 runs to the close stairs and runs up them, and around to where PAX 3 is doing jump squats.  PAX 3 runs to the lot and commences merkins while PAX 1 runs up stairs to relieve PAX 2 and do jump squats… repeato 3 times.

Mosey to the wall for alternating peoples chair and balls to wall.  During chair sets we did air presses 1st set, alternating leg lifts 2nd set, leg holds 3rd set.

Head back to the lot for a second set of the grinder using a mary rotation of LBCs, H2H and Box Cutters X10 in the lot, then upstairs we did “step down burpees” which needs a better name.  Basically step back with one leg in a deep low lunge, match feet, push up, reverse to standing then flapjack repeato.

After a brief foot race (more on that below the fold) PAX moseyed back to launch point for COT.


Ye Olde Moleskinny:

As promised, detail on the foot race… apparently Benny in his infinite wisdom was jaw jockeying with Mermaid and somehow it became a challenge to a 40 yd out and back speed challenge.  Benny has been doing the hard work at PT trying to get his strength and alignment back and feels sprightly… so off they went.  It was a close thing, but everyone knows don’t bet against a mermaid in his own back yard, I mean… that IS a thing… isn’t it?


YHC greatly enjoyed an opportunity to to work with a group of PAX not well known to me, I need to get out into parts unknown more frequently.  Some very strong PAX hiding out in western a51.  Not the least of these is Snuka… I hope I can be half as badass as he is at 59… heck I would settle for being just as badass as he is now, but we cant have all our dreams.

Mermaid’s 10 year old 2.0 joined us for the fun, and kept up gamely for the most part.  First time I can recall at Camel-Back being used at a 45 minute bootcamp tho.  I desperately wanted to make a hydration joke out of his re-naming at the end of the workout but he was being picky about names so we settled on a fishing related name.  Welcome “Chum,” great work today!’

After the workout I had a great conversation with Pre-School, Sable and Huddle House about running workouts, strongly encouraging them to join us south of the border on Tuesday for Swift.  Only place I know of where posting will absolutely guarantee you’ll get faster on your feet.  Yes, I know its in SOBland, but they’re people too!

Mermaid had a relatively abrupt departure from post COT conversations, but we learned it must have been to get chow for Chum, as they only made it as far as Mickey D’s drive through before we saw them again.

There was an honest to god shovel flag sighting.  Centurion keeping the old ways strong, t-claps Margo.


-Blood drive in two weeks, see slack for details or DM mighty-might.  I am told spots are filling up but they need “power reds.”  Ask Lorax what that means, apparently his accounting knowledge includes blood type vernacular, who knew?

-The new A51 board wants to hear from all PAX regarding their hopes, dreams, and visions of the future… or at least the future of the region. The board is as follows: Nantan-Voodoo, 1st F – Orange Whip, 2nd F – Hoover (obviously), 3rd F – Geraldo, Weasel Shaker – Cheese Curd, CSAUP Q – YHC, COMZ Q Emeritus- Udder

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