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You’re gonna hear this in your dreams

8 PAX posted at Commitment and 8 PAX are gonna hear the timer in their dreams for a while. That’s right, the ever popular EMOM (every minute on the minute) timer from the IPC made an appearance this morning.

60 seconds to go, so DiCCS provided and then a brief explanation of the timer. Every Minute, On the Minute we’ll be doing 2 Burpees. Stop what you’re doing and do your Burpees, then pick back up where you left off. “How long are we doing that for?” they asked. Well guys, Commitment is an hour long workout. You do the math.


Mosey up the road towards the school and stop to do SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Calf Stretches, and Burpees of course, along the way.

The Thang

Starting in the parking lot next to the school we did another throwback to the IPC:

  • 5 Hand Release Merkins
  • 10 Leg Raises
  • 15 Jungle Boi Squats
  • 20 Big Boi Sit-Ups
  • 25 Stationary Lunges (1=1)

Mosey on over across the playground and find some wall for some Donkey Kicks. A Chastain favorite, we start with 10 Donkey Kicks, leaving your feet on the wall after the 10th and do a 10 second countdown. Repeato with 9 DKs and a 9 second count until we get down to 1 DK and 1 second count. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the Burpees

A handful of regular and pistol LBCs then a mosey back to the first parking lot and find a spot on the curb for some suicides. First curb and back then 10 Mike Tysons. Second curb and back then 10 Bonnie Blairs. Last curb and back then 10 Flutters (2=1).

Back past the playground for another round of the IPC stuff from above. Now it’s race time! Take a lap around the lot BUT vary your speed:

  • Side 1 – Run this at race pace. AKA the speed you’d run in a longer distance competitive race. ~70% of your top speed
  • Side 2 – Run this at a recovery pace; ~50% of your top speed
  • Side 3 – Finish line pace! 90-100% speed
  • Side 4 – Walk this one out

Follow this up with 10 T Merkins, 10 Squats, and 10 American Hammers all in cadence

Run another lap then follow it up with 10 Spider Merkins, 10 Bomb Jacks, and 10 American Knock Outs

Run one more lap then mosey to the other parking lot and back on the curb for another Chastain favorite: the Bear Lunge Broad Jump. 8 Bear Crawls, 4 Lunge Walks, and 2 Broad Jumps (feet together) to the first curb and back. Then repeato for good measure

Mosey back to the entrance road for some Paula Abduls with 5 Dry Docks up and 5 Squats back at the trees on the left.

Almost there! Circle up in the COT lot for one more round of the IPC work. 4 minutes left?? Partner up and do Dips on the picnic tables and partner two runs around the building.

Back to COT and finish our last 2 Burpees.


Whew! No one but YHC knew they’d be doing 120 Burpees today. Poor Deep Dish died a little inside as soon as I mentioned the timer (he was the only sucker PAX that did that with me 2 months ago when I Q’d Dromedary). J-Woww kept threatening to pull his Site Q card and overrule my weinke, but I know he secretly enjoyed the Burpees. Great job Doughboy coming back from the COVID and jumping right back into the workouts. Kinda feel a little bad for Ghosted as well. The guy started F3 week 1 of the IPC and kept coming back. He was probably glad it was finally over only for me to bring it right back out this morning.

Doughboy was the 6th man this morning. Bottlecap brought him out a couple years back and he went to the July 4th challenge and started with 100 pull-ups. He still came back the next day and has been a regular ever since. He also got his name from from the Kentucky Throwboy. Pretty cool. Thanks Doughboy!

Nobody felt like doing announcements this morning, so YHC took us out

Aiken Legs at Homecoming

Pax who posted:  Fuze Box, Fruit Loops, Menudo, Chatter Box, Posse, Sledge-o-matic, The Reaper, Das Boot, Von Trapp (FNG), Honeycomb.

10 pax turned out for the Homecoming workout today and it was a perfect day.  I brought my speaker and a great playlist with mostly 80’s and 90’s tunes and a few chick songs so that Fuze Box wouldn’t feel left out.  He asked me if it was my daughters play list, ha!  Both Fruit Loops and the Reaper had told me beforehand that they didn’t want me telling them what to do, so I was a little nervous there might be a Q jack coming, but I didn’t let that stop the planned fun!

We took a mozy around the middle & elementary schools and stopped halfway around for some warm up exercises.

Our first event was the 7 of diamonds.  We used the loop in front of the school and stopped at all 4 corners to do an exercise.  The first lap was 7 burpees in each corner, 2nd lap was 14 flutter kicks (4 = 1), 3rd lap was 21 merkins, 4th lap was 28 squats.

Next we played a game of pain with a giant wooden dice of pain that I made.  Roll the dice for the exercise, pick a card from the deck the the number of reps.  For some reason it kept landing on heels to heaven so we did a ton of those.  I got accused of having a loaded dice, but at least it wasn’t landing on burpees every time.

The we took a run out to Deal road and around to the football stadium, stopping twice for a round of Aiken Legs.  10 each of squats, bobby hurleys, lunges and smurf jacks.  We then did a round of 7’s using the bleacher stairs.  Donkey kicks at the top and merkins at the bottom.

Next we headed back to the beginning stopping twice for some more Aiken Legs fun.

We got back with just 30 seconds left for a little Mary.

The 6th man in our circle was Chatter Box and it was good to learn a little more about him.  Posse met him at the blood drive a few months ago and invited him to come out, he came the next Monday and has been with us ever since.  He got his name because he said his wife’s biggest complaint about him is that he doesn’t talk very much.  It’s great to have you Chatter Box!  We had one FNG, Ryan Richards who was EH’d by Das Boot.  He’s a banker, recently moved to the area with his family and has lived all over the place.  We gave him the name “Von Trapp” since he used to live in Switzerland, which is close enough to Austria (Sound of Music fans), so we went with that.  He told me, “this is a lot different than riding a Peloton bike.”  Yes it is!  Great to have you Von Trapp!  It was also very good to see the elusive Menudo and The Reaper back out, who we haven’t seen since the Waxhaw launch.  Menudo was hoping for a rename since it had been so long since he’s posted, and he went to school with one of the guys from the Menudo band, and is definitely not a fan.  Fuze Box had never heard of Menudo so we had to look them up on YouTube at coffeeteria and then it was very clear why Menudo doesn’t like his name.  We decided we will just think of Menudo the food, which is intestines, maybe that will be better.

It was a good workout and my watch said we covered 3.18 miles, although we all said it didn’t feel like we ran that far.  What an awesome group of men, thanks to everyone for posting today!

Did it all for the swerkins

Having recently attended Site Q School, YHC knows that the goal of the Site Q is to not Q his own site.  But when one is Site Q at such a fun, dynamic and opportunity-filled site like The Body Shop, that guideline is a negative.  With that, YHC was excited to open the garage this week.


3 burpees OYO before heading out.

Short mosey to a nearby lightpole.

  • Hillbillies x 20 IC, then mosey to the next light on the right
  • SSH x 20 IC, then mosey to the next light on the right
  • Merkins x 20 IC, then mosey to the second light on the right, because the next was dark
  • Squats x 20 IC, then mosey to the small turnout on the right
  • Little Orphan Annie x 20 IC
  • Calf stretches


Paula Abdul time!

  • 3 merkins going forward
  • 5 jump squats on the return

Rock work with a lifting rock

  • 20 curls IC
  • 10 overhead presses IC
  • 10 tricep extensions IC
  • 15 or so bent-over rows IC
  • 7 weighted jump squats OYO
  • Brisk run to the second lightpole and then back


  • Repeato 3x total


Head to the lower playground for swerkins!

  • Each PAX took a turn as the timer, doing 15 supine pull-ups while the rest of the group did swerkins
  • As a breather between sets, the timer chose a short intermediate exercise:
    • squats
    • burpees
    • jump squats
    • SSH
    • merkins
    • 2 others


As mentioned above, YHC was excited for the opportunity to Q today, but there’s also a bit of trepidation and wondering how the group will react to the workout.  Some of the weinke was made up on the fly, like any good mechanic’s solutions to an unexplained tick or knock.

The PAX were strong today and gave big effort, and it was exciting to see some faces from distant Waxhaw lands in Rudy and Chastain.  Smuggler earned the Chain of Pain today when he took the “brisk run” to a new level and chased down Chastain in the repeato by going to full-on sprint.  Sledge just doesn’t quit out there, and One Star’s mouth doesn’t quit either, making for entertaining mumblechatter throughout.  YHC’s tennis arms were ‘a painin during the rock work, but a glance over at Deep Dish’s persistence and was the motivation to not wimp out on his weinke.  YHC loves the difficulty of the swerkins and hinted at those on GroupMe the day before — they continue to bring the pain and he commends those not afraid of such a terrible exercise.

In usual garage and YHC fashion, this job finished a little later than expected, but was delivered with a smile and a money-back guarantee.

In the coffeeteria afterwards, One Star and Smuggler expressed some positive comments about the workout and that was highly appreciated.  As mentioned, there’s often a little nervousness heading into the Q, but this was a clear reminder to YHC that some positive reinforcement and kind words go a long way and he’s committing to do that more often.

Many stars

One Star brought major rock work to the Body Shop, and Posse added to the pain with some creative exercises with rocks.  There may have been tears shed.

Spicy work on the gut!

For the second time this week, Chipotle brought some major ab pain to Waxhaw.  Following his ab-tastic work at Bushwood on Tuesday, Chippy laid some more gut pain on the PAX.  And a welcome to FNG Runway.

Ready, Aim…Monkey Humpers!

Beautiful morning for some Monkey Humpers. They weren’t originally on the weinke but when Posse came sliding in on 2 wheels while the rest of the PAX were warming up it seemed the right thing to do. Actually, it was a preceded by the instruction for all PAX to “aim” at Posse while performing the called exercise. Damascus showed up 15 minutes late but we’re so used to that he didn’t get anything special.


SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Calf stretches, weird yoga poses, and the above-described Monkey Humpers

The Thang:

Today was another round of Uncle. For those unfamiliar with the rules, one person is the leader and does the called exercise with a coupon. The remaining PAX use bricks for the called exercise instead. This time I let the PAX choose their own exercise (except J-Woww) as long as it allowed for the use of the coupon/bricks. Once ready, the leader begins the called exercise and does as many reps as possible until exhaustion and then says “Uncle!” Rotate around the circle with a new leader and new exercise.

Exercises included: Curls, Squat Thrusters, Clean and Press, Weighted Squats, Shoulder Presses, Chest Presses, Tricep Extensions, and probably some more I’m forgetting.

There were ALSO a few, uh…less conventional exercises chosen by certain PAX that appeared to be designed to circumvent the rules of Uncle. For example: Captain Morgans (one foot on the coupon/brick and squat with the other leg) are much tougher for the PAX with the bricks. It’s supposed to be tougher for the leader with the coupon. Another example: some sort of one-hand-in-front-of-the-other-merkin-up-and-over-your-brick/coupon thing that J-Woww threw at us. That one got shut down pretty quick.

Two rounds of Uncle was enough, so we moved on to a Merkin/Calf Raise Webb on our coupons. Finally, we wrapped up with a smattering of Tysons, Merkins, American Hammers, American Knock Outs, and a 15 second Have a Nice Day


COT – 6th Man – Posse tried to start the count off first, but J-Woww was to my left and I gave him the “pick a number, non-inclusive, between 0 and 2”. That got the “One!” out of him and thusly Posse got stuck with number Six. Glad he told us his story, though, because his 5+ years in F3 has allowed him to grow in his leadership abilities as well as helping others to grow in theirs.

Lots of mumblechatter this morning, per the usual Diesel/MASH way. When you aren’t running you’re stuck talking to each other. It’s a ton of fun! Give it a try!

YHC needed a nap afterwards, so a nap is what I got. Highly recommended. Back on Q tomorrow at Commitment!


Events – Stepping up for Staci – Thanksgiving virtual run/fund raiser – see Chicken Little/GroupMe for details

Hot Wheels – Tentative Date 11/7. Making improvements for ramp/sidewalk for Brittany who is wheelchair bound. Stay Tuned.

Let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose.

17 Pax at Hydra. Burps. Merks. Russians. Squats. LBCs. Backward Runs. Peter Parkers (thx Deep Dish).

Closed with AC/DC’s Thunderstruck + 33 burpees and a few scowling faces.

A few guys were scared-off by the pre-workout announcement on Slack the night before.

Promised Icky Shuffle there would be no burpees next time I’m on Q.

Think I missed tagging two guys on this one. (iPhone recording of sign-off = FUBAR.)

Thank you @Sprokets for asking me to Q. My first boot camp on Q.

“Let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose.” – Beetlejuice

How to avoid being stabbed by a ceramic squirrel

Whip, Christmas, Manziel, Baron, BLC, Chubbs, Spyglass, HH

8 Pax, filled with wanderlust and desire and one filled with last night’s burrito bowl.



Warmup in the darkest spot on campus, over near the graveyard.

The preblast noted a South Carolina man who was stabbed with a ceramic squirrel by his significant other, after a beerless return from a requested errand. How do we avoid this situation?  Do exactly what you are told.  Thus, the theme of this workout was me doing exactly what the pax told to me to.  Don’t tell anyone that they ended up doing what I had planned all along while thinking it was their idea, that’s the beauty of how these things go down.

Pax choice: starfish on the wet (but oh so soft) lacrosse field, or in front of the church on the dry, unforgiving pavement.  We went pavement for a few rounds.

  • L1: 15 merkins
  • L2: 15 jumping squats
  • L3: 15 bicycles
  • L4:  15 pax choice, which was monkey humpers of all things

During R3 of this, Chubbs went pale and bolted to the portajohn.  So, we did what any good group would do and moseyed on over for some encouragement.  He was shining some sort of light inside, which counteracts my general portajohn philosophy of dark blissful ignorance, but to each man his own.

Mosey to tennis hut and partner up for a couple rounds of one guy runs while one guy exercises.

  • P1: run to the dark place where we warmed up
  • P2: alternate between two pax chosen exercises.  I think we did diamonds/RDLs and then something/drydocks

Back to launch with one round of 10/20/30 plus a run to the spirit rock to kill off a few mins.





I’ve been laying a bit low on the backblasts lately, largely due to the fact that many of the things going on in the world today have me at risk of spouting off my mouth (or keyboard) and digging myself into trouble.  However, a few things have me feeling a little better these days, so I figured I’d get this one out there.  Here are some things I’ve tried recently that you may want to consider:

  • Auto-deleted any email with the salutation “Team”
  • Blocked any calls originating from those not in my contacts
  • Deleted all of my phone contacts
  • Deleted Twitter (for real)
  • Continued Facebook abstinence
  • No Fox News or CNN – all news originates from Tiger Rag YouTube videos and a guy named Donnie who lives at the Circle K

A few observations from the workout:

  • BLC continues his aggressive Diamond Dave – Judy Choppin warmup.
  • Orange Whip is leading some sort of soccer vs. frisbee rebellion, where they compete for the most injuries.  Baracus has been relocated to the Soccer team under the witness protection program, since no catching is involved.  It’s basically the same plot as “My Blue Heaven” with Steve Martin and Rick Moranis, so give that a watch this weekend.
  • Red Baron continues to post.  Pretty soon he’ll graduate to Tombstone, and maybe Digorno or Freschetta sometime next year.
  • Chubbs is only 23.  I’m pretty sure I have socks older than that.  Speaking of socks, did he emerge uni-socked from the Blue Tardis of backsplash?  Hmmm.







Quote for the weekend:

“There’s a big difference between the words, ‘naked’ and ‘nekkid.’ ‘Naked’ means you don’t have any clothes on. ‘Nekkid’ means you don’t have any clothes on … and you’re up to something.”  – Lewis Grizzard



your friend,




Flint Tropics

Friday AM was shaping up- perfect weather, clear skies and a good turn out with 15 Pax.  Looking to shake up the boot camp style workouts I had a plan to go old school Semi-Pro and head to the basketball court at Cutty.  I wanted to see what type of basketball shape theF3 Flint Tropics were in.


Mosey around front of Middle Schools – SSH, Dugans and into a quick yoga flow – runners stretch/merkins/plank jacks and a long 6 inch hold.

The Thang

Start at path of parking lot: Hit each lite on the way to Rudy’s Poop Palace. Alternate between 10 Bobby Hurleys and 10 Big Boi’s at each lite.

Mosey to middle school cafe tables. OYO perform 10 stepups/10Derkins runt to corner repeato with 15 count.  Next up 10 Knee Slap and 10 1 leg pistol squat/ repeato 15 reps each.

Main Event – Head to Court for practice – I mean conditioning.

Sideline to Sideline or 15’s to start:  1 minute to go back and forth across the court -each line touch counts as one.

We did a bunch of 15’s – if you didn’t complete 15 – penalty burpee for each one short.

We did a bunch of 13’s – with pentalty x2 with your partner

Court slide with 10 squats at each basket – basically a low side lunch around the court

We did some more 13’s

Court slides again.

Mosey back to the parking lot.

Not a lot of mumble chatter today as heart rates were up, sweat piles were left> but no Merlot was spilled (next time).

Lots of effort on the court today: pain of chain to Sledg-o-matic and Ex Lax.  Sledge jogged from Lawson to Cutty pre workout!!!  Ex-Lax keeps showing up to the cardio workouts to push himself!!!! He’s working on form compliance – but with a little encouragement he’ll be on the form police squad soon.

Ralphie  and/or Cargo -both young guns were pretty fast out there.  Ricky Bobby has a quick first gear as he was racing Schneider all day. Sugar Daddy and Dana top effort as usual.  Zin and Deadwood getting there wind back seemed to enjoy themselves.  Honeycomb is sneaky quick.  Hanson and Fruit Loops way to get after it.  ShopDog pulled a Bill Russell to answer the bell even with a bad ankle sprain.

0-69 lapped us and good to see him pushing.

COT – Sugar Daddy 6th Man – EH’d by Rockwell and really buying into F3 on all levels. Glad you’re with us.

Prayers up for those facing challenges – medical, mental or those needing some thoughts.  Take a few seconds out of your day to think about Premature’s wife Kelli.

Events – Stepping up for Staci – Thanksgiving virtual run/fund raiser – see Chicken

Hot Wheels – Tentative Date 11/7. Making improvements for ramp/sidewalk for Brittany who is wheelchair bound. Stay Tuned.


New Q with a Few

A lot of effort and stress goes into prepping for your first Q; especially when you’ve only discovered F3 two months ago and you have to follow friggin DARK HELMET from the previous week! Shout out to the PAX coming out to support me – including Waxhaw representin’

Props to Atlas and Cobbler for pre-run.


Mosey around ILES then back to starting point for SSH, IW, M.  Night Clubs, squats, and chest stretch.


2 sets of: bear crawls, 20 tricep dips, and 30 sun gods.  Then another run through ILES and back to starting point. 10 burpees on cadence – which was all jacked up cause some of us can’t count cadence on burpees but (most) everyone was smart enough to know what to do.
Then we followed a circuit in parking lot with each of the four corners having their own exercise: 10 Merkins, 20 Carolina dry docks, 30 mountain climbers, and 40 squats. For 15 minutes. And I honestly lost count of how many complete circuits we did…..
Finished with round robin of core exercises.

Apparently Brexit thought the new guy would take it easy on everyone and showed up in a tutu and ballet shoes. It was an interesting look.  But as an old boss used to say: it ain’t wrong it’s just different.
I think Atlas injured his neck cause he had to keep looking behind him on the circuit – he was so far ahead.  What a stud.  Hey, Atlas, I hear bourbon is a good muscle relaxant.
As for Posse, Cobbler, and myself we were committed to physically demonstrating all three F’s. Fitness cause we were, you know, out there working out. Fellowship cause we hung together and kept an eye on the six (ourselves). And faith cause we were praying to get through it all.  Kudos to us.

Seriously, thank you F3 for the opportunity and thank you, Happy Meal, for asking me to step up.  We missed you and Hope you all are well soonest.

Closed us out in prayer – good morning