Monthly Archive October 2020

They Came for the Ghost Flag

There is nothing like a surprise Q for the PAX in Waxhaw.  This morning, after 1 week of recovery from Covid, Bread Bowl and I rolled into Commitment prepared for a VQ beat down from Turnbuckle for the high rope.  Upon arrival, there were 25 PAX  from Race City has driven down 1.5 hours, committed to getting the Ghost Flag from Waxhaw, and many in full costume for Halloween.  32 PAX was not a VQ friendly crowd.  Mad Dog and TB audibled to a Doughboy Special beat down for our guests from the North Side.  They didn’t know what they were getting into showing up to a Waxhaw Workout.

The Thang

Mosey to the circle in the park – Lots of friction coming from the dinosaur costume

  • SSH X20
  • Calf Stretch
  • Merkins X30
  • Imperial Walkers X20
  • Potato Pickers
  • 5 Burpees to hush the crowd

Mosey to the trees in the parking lot – Since the Crowd had a lot of Energy

  • 2 Burpees at every tree all the way to the parking lot of the elementary school

Find a reasonable rock or don’t, up to you on how much torture.  Find a partner

  • 200 Curls
  • 200 Tricep Extensions
  • 200 Overhead Press
  • 200 Chest Press
  • 200 Kettle Bell Swings
  • Partner runs to the end of the parking lot as the timer.

Mosey to the school parking lot and find a parking spot

  • Ab Web with some extra Merkins
  • 1 Big Boy Situp, 4 LBC’s, 2 Merkins, Repeat  to 10 Big Boy Situps, 40 LBC’s, 2 Merkins

Mosey Back to the Tree Line

  • 5 squats at every tree back to the circle

Finish with Leuitenant Dan’s

  • 1 Squats, 4 back lunges
  • Finish at 10 Squats,  40 LBC’s.

The Race City PAX came for the Ghost Flag. Unfortunately, they will not be able to get out of their car after driving for 1.5 hours and Lieutenant Dan’s.  Great group of guys to have visit and grab the flag.  Now we have to plan to send  70 PAX back to get it in the coming weeks.  It was great to hear from Chief since he has been doing F3 for close to 9.5 years which I think qualifies you as an OG.  Continue to expand and bring men out into the gloom.  Stay safe on Halloween.


  • TB needs help tomorrow emptying out a storage unit for donations to Christs Closet- 9:00 AM
  • Schnitzel needs help moving today.  He lives near Shop Dog and TB
  • Continue to remember to help Christs CLoset on Monday’s Thursday’s and Saturdays.
  • Connect with Surge for CPR Training
  • Drink Beer at Doughboy’s House while your kids trick or treat in Lawson.  1913 Abbotts Creek Rd

The Brave: Trick-or-Treat Edition

4 HIM emerged from the gloom for a Trick-or-Treat edition of The Brave. Spooky Friday edition with an emphasis on the # 13. Because you have to be afraid before you have the courage to be brave.

Warm Up: 13 SSH, 13 imperial walkers, 13 windmills (criticized heavily by Wild Turkey), 13 merkins (approved cautiously by Wild Turkey), 13 peter parkers, 13 LBCs

Parking Deck 1: Jog up each level, 1 PAX chooses between a “trick” or a “treat” exercise. Complete exercise and proceed up to the next level. Then work our way back down the deck to hit the exercise we didn’t choose on our way up.
  • Level 2: Calf Raises (13 x 2), Jump Squats (13 x 2)
  • Level 3: Lunges (13 per leg), Monkey Humpers (13 x 2)
  • Level 4: Low slow squats (13), Side squats (13)
  • Mosey to Parking Deck #2
Parking Deck 2: Same format, different exercises and Bernie Sanders up each level instead of jogging
  • Level 2: Burpees (13), Carolina dry docks (13)
  • Level 3: Plankjacks (13 x 2), Shoulder Taps (13)
  • Level 4: Diamond Merkins (13), Merkins (13)
  • Mosey to putting green circle by Tuck’s office

Select four tricks/treats, 1 PAX runs the circle while remaining 3 complete the called exercise. Healthy dose of pushups, plankjacks, monkey humpers and dry docks.

Mosey to fountain by SPX building. 13 tricep dips, 13 derkins. 13 x 2 air presses while sitting on the wall. First visit to this building since getting chased away by building security, per Wingman. Mosey to Parking Deck #3

Parking Deck 3: Same format, different exercises and sprint up each level instead of jogging
  • Level 2: Imperial Walkers (13 x 2), Big boy situps (13)
  • Level 3: Mountain Climbers (13), Heels to heaven (13)
  • Level 4: Freddy Mercuries (13), Dying Cockroaches (13)
  • Mosey back to launch

Log 4.96 miles by the end of the workout, who knew you could cover this much distance in a parking deck?


  • Gotta say I was intimidated to Q this workout, struggling to incorporate a 4-mile run into a full body beatdown. My prior iterations would either be too run-heavy with little body work, or too bootcamp heavy with not enough of a run. I had to rely on a well-defined weinke (healthy dose of parking deck running) and the GPS watches present (everyone but me) to get the full 4 miles and more in.
  • The Brave has become one of my favorite AOs. Because I know it will kick my ass. I’m not enough of a runner to breeze through the 4 miles. I’m not fit enough to breeze through the bootcamp. This workout continually pushes me towards my NMDE (Near-Maximum Daily Effort). But more than the fitness is the fellowship. Smaller groups means deeper conversation and opportunities to get to know other men in a deeper way. I want to help other PAX not be as intimidated to attend and experience similar joys.
  • Thanks Wingman for the encouragement and wisdom this morning
  • Shoutout to Tuck for keeping this site going, and identifying new men to step up to Q and Site Q


  • Tuck still needs volunteers and plastic tables for the #Makeshift Marathon
  • Pray for peace, grace and justice during this election season. There will be a lot of chaos in the next week, but we have the opportunity to be ambassadors of peace in these moments.



Calling all hot guys!

After a crazy wind storm last night our Metro Q, Pepe, was without power and asked me (LATE) if I could cover for him. Pepe was a professional male model in Italy at one point  – no not the George Costanza hand modeling type –  the kind where they take pictures of your face…..allegedly. Knowing this would draw in some guys I posted Pepe’s modeling prowess to the Slack channel and pulled Joker right into the trap. Sadly for him, he had to look at me the whole workout.

The Thang

Run to Aldi for warmup, SSH, LSS, BLC (Big League Chew – new exercise), merkins – run back

Rocks – grab a lifting rock

  • 50 shoulder presses -> run and do 10 merkins, 40 shoulder presses -> 10 merkins, etc.
  • Partner work at hill – P1 – 200 cumulative curls, P2 runs hill & back
  • 3’s – P1 flutter press, P2 leg lift press P3 – runs between (timer) – Q Fail here, we abandoned ship

Fish Bowl

  • Wall Sit Marches (30)
  • Balls to wall shoulder taps (?)

Parking Lot – merkin parking space descend

  • 5 merkins, side crawl, 5 merkins, back 4 merkins, back, etc. down to 1

Finale: do 1 burpee + 3 jump squats, 2nd light do 1 burpee + 3 jump squats twice, continue to end of road

Various abstacles and we were done….



  • Big League Chew has a voice of southern gold, the bedside manner of a newborn calf & the warmup routine of a WWII infantryman. He has been posting faithfully for years and at 50+ years old he comes out and hits it hard every week. He deserved his own exercise. The exercise is uniquely called “The Big League Chew”. Basically you uppercut punch in cadence….basically the signature BLC warmup. Congrats BLC, you’ve finally made it.
  • The A51 Nantan Voodoo has been making his rounds and making sure that we’re all following his orders. I did not know boss was going to be shadowing me today but overall I think it went fairly well….until I saw him running with his giant rock for the relays per some poor instruction on my end. Regardless, I think we helped him hit his merkin quota for the month, thus he gave me a raise.
  • Manziel started yelling “Aww, damn Chipotle” after about 7 minutes into the workout. Apparently the M is out of town and he’s been perusing the different bowel movement factories that call themselves restaurants to save himself from actually having to cook something for the kids. Fortunately we were right next to the Port-O-John and after several minutes he was able to jump back in.
  • FaultLine rejoined the ranks after various mountain biking injuries and is still pushing at the front of the PAX. His groans are half motivating/half scary but he doesn’t let up for one second
  • Spyglass came without his boyhood counterpart Chubbs. The moustache is getting stronger and creepier each week. There may be a male modeling career in his future and he still has the baby skin to make it happen.
  • Horsehead left early and missed the worst part of the workout. He said he had a 6:30am dentist appointment…and when asked he paused and said his dentist’s name was…….Crentist.
  • Rhapsody on the takeout

Fairly light Fun Friday and a nice morning all around.


  • Give to Give Campaign Ends tomorrow
  • F3 Passport challenge – visit as many AOs as possible through the end of the year (see Slack for details)
  • Manziel is collecting backpacks for kids going back to school or money to support the cause – thanks to BLC for his donation today!
  • Bring a friend to F3, reach out to someone you haven’t seen in a while, try to talk to someone you don’t know at a workout….let’s expand the brotherhood!

Thanks – Whip

A51 OBD?

8 for Centurion today. Group was disclaimed and we took off. Lorax called the QIC’s disclaimer, “Lazy.” Fair enough.


Mosey across 51, north to shopping center where businesses go to die on the corner of 51/Carmel.


IW x 10 IC

Low Slow Squat x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

Flutter x 11 IC

Triple Set

Start at the middle of the shopping center. Run up stairs. 15 Heels to Heaven in the middle. Run down far stairs and back to launch. 20 Merkins. 3 reps

Mary to regroup

Mosey over to the rock pile on McMahon, by the two semi trucks parked on the road. Grab a rock.

Civilian count rock set. All exercises to 10. We did a bunch of curls, presses, tri extensions, goblet squats. Some exercises were done in consecutive sets of 10. All completed without putting rock down.

Mosey down Little, back into campus, over to parking deck, AKA, Tartarus.

Triple Set

Same as above. Start at Stairwell 1. Up to level 4. Over to Stairwell 2. 15 Jump Squat. Down stairs and back to launch. 20 Wide arm merkin.

Mary/Plank-o-rama to regroup.

Mosey to benches in middle of campus. 10 Incline Merkin/10 Dips/10 Decline Merkins x 3.

Mosey through campus, across 51, and back to launch.

5 MOM and plank. Several exercises completed. Zero burpees today.



OBD=Only Backblast of the Day. Maybe. We will see. 1st Centurion backblast in a few weeks. Mighty Might did not write one. Neither did Benny, even after I called him on it the Saturday following his Q. He responded that he would complete it later that day. Alas, he did not.

Point Break mentioned that he may need to use his feet to type after this morning. Yes, it was a heavy arm day. I was hitting failure during the bench sets. As the Q, you are most welcome to selfishly plan the workout to meet your individual fitness needs. I needed some arms and chest today.

Solid mumblechatter during COP. Clover and Lorax were jabbering about something super important. To them anyway.

Limey is on the verge of putting his man parts in his gym bag and spending some time with the fern. Apparently, he doesn’t do the cold weather, outside, for workouts. I say man up. The workouts I remember the most vividly are the ones completed in adverse conditions.

Snuka had a little trouble counting to 3. Leaving that there.

Bout Time ran in and back. #stud

Clover flatulated and blamed Limey. Even asked him if he ate shrimp last night.

Have a safe Halloween. Hopefully the kids can have a good time and stay healthy. 2020, two months left.

T-claps to Bout Time for the takeout prayer


Sable has his Centurion VQ 11/13. Dude has been getting after it and has already Q’d a couple of workouts. Put it on your calendar.

Christmas Zoom Party…


Do I Need Gloves for This

So… apparently YHC has a reputation for turning unsuspecting PAX’s hands into hamburger when I Q at Waverly.  There was quite the debate, gloves or no gloves this morning while we gathered around 0525, most opted in and off we went.


Mosey to the faux turf for COP

-25 SSH, 1 Burpee, 25 IW, 2 Burpees, 15 Low Slow Squats, 3 Burpees, 15 Low Slow Merkins, 4 Burpees

-Mosey to nearby benches, partner up.  Partner runs round the building and does 10 merkins while partner 2 does little hazes, flapjack, repeato.  Next Partner 1 runs round the turf rectangle while partner 2 swaps between 10 dips, 10 derkins, flapjack.  Grab some wall for peoples chair, leg lift L for 30 seconds, Leg lift R for 30 seconds.  5 burpees

-Mosey to parking deck, head to the 3rd floor, grab some wall for more peoples chair, then balls to the wall.  Still with the same partner, Partner 1 runs down the stairs to 2 and then across to the 2nd staircase and back up while partner 1 alternates between 5 exploding merkins and 5 palm slap jump squats, flapjack.  6 Burpees

-Head to the bottom of the  ramp to 3.  Alternating forward and backward lunge walks with 5 merkins every time Q calls to change directions. 7 Burpees

-Elevator Merkins on the ramp, with forward and backward bearcrawl mixed in.  Mosey to top of the ramp afterwards.  8 burpees

-Peoples chair at the top of the deck intermixed with wall-tar-jai, donkey kicks, wall touch merkins.  9 Burpees

-Mosey to the bottom of the ramps and proceed to Indian run up the deck, only passing on the up ramps. 10 Burpees at the top of the deck.

-Return to launch for ~3 minutes of plank-o-rama and Mary, done.

Ye Olde Moleskinny

When Joker through out he needed a substitute-Q for Cerberus this week, YHC took it knowing it would drag me from the fartsack on a Friday, which isn’t always my strongest posting day.  I’ve spent plenty of gloom time at Waverly for WAMRAP, but rarely have I gotten out to the AO on other days… as such the parking deck is the only part of the AO I know particularly well.  I’ll have to get out more often to learn what else is available on campus.  Additionally, its amazing to get out with different PAX, and having not boot camped much this year, there are new faces for me just about everywhere.

The crew at Cerberus seemed a serious lot, except maybe for One-star I think.  I’m a bit more accustomed to mumble chatter filled workouts, so the quiet grind this morning was an adjustment.  Thankfully Alf was there to throw the occasional barb else I would have thought we were at a FIA workout.  Speaking of the great cat-a-tarian, I gotta figure out what his M is feeding him #fastANDstrong.  Speaking of physical specimens, does anyone else hope they can perform like Snowflake as the approach double-respect?

Don’t really know Rousey that well, but the dude has an awesome attitude.  He was so excited to be in the gloom he was the first to start almost every exercise, even to the point of trying to repeat circuits which weren’t intended to repeat… dude gets after it.

Thanks to the PAX for putting up with a weird one today, a couple ideas didn’t pan out the way I wanted but still think we’ll be feeling that one later.  Although, now that I think about it, the weinke wasn’t nearly as weird as Alf’s solution to solve Trick-or-Treat in a socially distant world… ask him about it, it will haunt your dreams.





Scavenger Hunt

18 showed up for the last daylight Clyent Dinner of 2020. They were treated to a six course progressive dinner around the Cutty campus. But it didn’t stop there, this one required a little detective work to figure out where each course would take place. Fortunately we had seven 2.0s present to get us moving in the right direction.

DiCCS provided as well as special instructions for the scavenger hunt. I’ve got clues but you’re gonna have to work for them!


Quick mosey around the starting lot then circle up for SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Plank Jacks, Calf Stretches. A nice appetizer and that earned the PAX their first clue. What is this a picture of and where would you do this activity? These kids are smart so we were off to the basketball courts. Now we’ve whet our appetites so it’s time for…

The Thang

We’re on the courts, so why not work out with some basketball players. Start with some suicide drills with Bobby Hurleys then follow that with a few Makhtar N’Diayes. Last up some Big Boy Sit-Ups and then it’s time for clue number two. This one came with a hint to get rid of the letters the spell the last exercise we did. For those following at home, the letters were BIG BOY. That left us with SHED. The kids figured out the puzzle but we needed the dads to point us in the right direction. Teamwork!

Now that we’re at Rudy’s famous shed, I instructed the PAX to sit at the shed just like Rudy would (lost on the children) so we did a wall sit with some air presses. Hop off the wall for some LBCs, then back to the wall for some Donkey Kicks. Time for the third clue. Tell you what these kids are sharp! We had an early guess of merry-go-round, but they quickly got to roundabout, so that’s where we headed.

On the way I told the PAX to partner up with someone that wasn’t in your family. Chatterbox and his 2.0 found us right as we got there so we were up to 18! Good numbers! We moseyed down one light pole away from the roundabout and then the partners took turns taking a lap around the roundabout while the other partner did AMRAP of Squats, Turkish Get Ups, Alligator Merkins, Imperial Walkers, Rosalitas, and Side Straddle Hops. One both partners have finished the first exercise then move on to the next. Once we were all finished, clue number four had already been revealed! That’s right, a very original acronym using the first letter of each exercise spelled STAIRS. Everyone was SUPER excited to travel to the covered stairs.

The original plan was to do 7s at the top and bottom of the stairs, but with such a large group I audibled to more partner work. Find a NEW partner and collectively do 50 Mike Tysons and 50 (audibled to 25) Speed Skaters while alternating running down the stairs and back up. At this point I audibled because we were running low on time and had a few more clues to get through. Speaking of which, clue number five was a cypher. I wish I had a picture of all 7 2.0s gathered around the clue sheet and collectively deciphering the code. It didn’t take long and we were off to the middle school’s front door. We took a circuitous route to get there so we could work in a bear crawl under the covered walkway, but after a few groans and moans we got through it and to the benches at the front.

One more set of partner work with another NEW partner. This time the partners collectively did 100 Dips while alternating a hot lap around the flag pole island. With 2 minutes to go the final clue was revealed! This clue was in the form of a rebus (look it up) and though it took a minute for the kiddos to figure out how it worked, they managed to puzzle it out and we made a jailbreak for the final location. The answer to the clue?? SHOVEL FLAG!


This one was a ton of fun to put together. It was my first time as Q for Clyent Dinner and knowing that it regularly has 2.0s I wanted to make sure it was fun for all ages. Here are a couple of things that you missed:

On the 2nd clue that spelled SHED, I think Gerber got a little worried as the kids were figuring out the letters one at a time…First they got “S” then “H” and Gerber said something along the lines of “Uh, what are you spelling here?” Not sure what he meant…

Got a few comments about the Turkish Get Ups and why they were named such. I’d also heard them called Russian Get Ups, but SRAIRS wouldn’t have been a very helpful clue

Just like his dad, Speedbump was a little concerned with the cypher after the first letter. The kids got “F” and Speedbump says “Is this kid friendly?” C’mon guys!

Thanks Wrigley for inviting me to Q the last 2020 Clyent Dinner with a sunset ending.


Project Hotwheels is a go for November 7th. No more cash donations needed but could use more guys to assist

Turkey Trot 5k/10k opportunity on Thanksgiving morning – Sign up here:

CPR classes still available on November 9th and 16th from 6pm to 8pm. The cost is $15 and the proceeds go towards purchasing AEDs. See Surge (Jim Connell) for details/sign-up



YHC took us out

PreBlast: The 2020 Passport Challenge

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock or trapped under a tipped-over stockpile of canned goods and toilet paper, we are growing.  If you haven’t gotten around in a while, you’ve missed a lot.  The 1st F Q’s of Waxhaw, A51 and SOB present to you a challenge designed to get you outside of your normal routine/region/comfort zone, while encouraging consistency and giving you the opportunity to meet new PAX.

The 2020 Passport Challenge:

  • Starts November 1st and ends December 31st
  • Earn 1 point for each unique F3 workout / 2nd F Happy Hour / 3rd F meeting attended
  • No points are earned when repeating a workout/HH/meeting you’ve already done during the 2 month timeframe
  • The man with the most points at end of the year wins bragging rights and badass 2020 Passport Challenge dog tags, customized with his F3 name
  • We will use a Google sheet (link) to keep track.  Simply enter in your F3 name and keep track of your attendance at each unique F3 activity by entering the date that you attended.
  • F3 activities that are outside of A51/SOB/Waxhaw/UC are eligible (add them at the far right of the Google sheet)

With the Passport Challenge and the Holiday Knockout Challenge, the only sensible option is to get after it in a big way as we close out the year.  2020 has thrown a lot at us but we have it within our control to finish strong.  Let’s go! #SYITG

– Chastain, Orange Whip, Madame Tussauds, Cooter2 & Tuck

We Eat Pieces of _____ Like You For Breakfast!

The costume choice was simple for my 54th Q but I honestly didn’t love the options all that much. Focusing on the positive, #1 it wasnt a dress and #2 it wasn’t hot as a damn sauna inside. At 39 poop/fart jokes are still some of my favorites so dressing as literal doodoo was perfect.

Interestingly enough I’m not sleeping well this week in fear I will sleep through my alarm like that 1 time. But this week is too important to my being so…

Crappy DiCCS given. Bottlecap’s poo lipstick flavor quickly discussed. Let’s roll…


Mosey to the basketball court. Circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

3. 10 x Merkins IC

4. Jimmy Dugan

5. Calf Stretch

6. The new classic, leg stretch

Mosey to Bad Idea. 10 x Bobby Hurley’s at the top and 20 Carolina Dry Docks at the bottom. 2.5 times aka stop at the top.

Mosey to graveyard. Big Gas Webb. 1 Big Boy Sit Up. 4 Gas Pumps. 2 Hand release Merkins. 5 rounds completed.

Mosey to Waxhaw Elementary. Break into groups of 3. Partner 1 stays on one end. Partner 2 goes to other end of lot. Partner 3 is the timer and will jail break to one side of the lot to swap spot with other partner. When not running the other partners are completing the exercises. Rinse and repeat until each person has run twice. Exercises are Speedskaters, elbow plank and Squats. Audible because people are idiots.

10 minutes to get from Waxhaw Elementary. Let’s roll. What’s that rumbling noise? Is that a choo-choo yonder into the distance? What’s the protocol with no time left to get back to COT in time? My maternal instincts kicked and I knew I had to get my children back in time so told everyone to just keep running. I was right you know.

We arrived at 6:13.5am. Finished up another round of the Ab Webb. That was a wrap


I learned instructions are hard when having to count higher than 2. Good lord was that audible painful. Just when I thought we figured out it got worse. Live and learn a bit. And by that I mean, never do that again.

Interestingly enough Tic Tok approached me at the end to let me know we met once a year or so ago while at a work dinner in Charleston. Apparently I was chatting him up about F3 a bunch and he knows Glidah and Catfish. Hot damn, it worked!!

It was a great morning. I hurt all over. Taking off for 4 weeks was well worth it but getting back out there is brutal. I’m not looking forward to it happening again but undoubtedly will. If you haven’t posted in awhile tomorrow is an opportunity to refill your F3 soul a bit.


• Special Friday workout/convergence. Bring your favorite costume and some awesome energy. We got something special planned.

• CPR class – see Surge if he ever decides to workout again

• Virtual Turkey Day 5k or 10 – see Chicken Little for more details

• Freed to Lead! Passionate about ways to lend a helping hand or clean up something in our community, take charge. We will follow!

Terrible Idea

DICCS given and covered route so all the PAX knows where we will be.

Warm up

More than a comfortable paced mosey up hill on Millbridge to first island for walking leg lifts to stretch those legs . Plank position for calf stretch and off again to next circle island. When we get to next island plank position for upward dog and downward dog- 5 of each while explaining what is next.

The Thang 

There are five side roads between the island and Millbridge pkwy. and Landau run parallel to each other and we will use the side roads as a uncomfortable paced mosey and use Millbridge pkwy. and Landau as normal pace moseys in a zig zag fashion. The Pax will be on their own to complete this and stop at other circle island when finished and circle back for the 6. Once all PAX are accounted for we will uncomfortable pace mosey down Millbridge pkwy. taking a immediate left on Jude street and stop at the cul-de sac. Once all PAX are in we will comfortable mosey back to the circle island for the Terrible idea ( stupid chicken). I broke the PAX into two random groups and decided we should Indian run as groups. The guy in the back would sprint to the front and instead of stopping he would continue another 10-12 seconds at sprinting pace and then back it down to a comfortable mosey pace until the PAX caught up and then the guy on the back would repeat. This was suppose to last all the way down Jude street and taking a left on Landau all the way back to the other circle island——- well the issue here is there a few guys like Ice 9, Tool Time, Hollywood, Wolverine, Tuck, Red Tape and Hazmat just to name a few that really do not understand what the F$%# a comfortable mosey is to NORMAL PEOPLE. So this did not go according to plan and I think I lost my dinner from last night on Landau road somewhere. After that disaster I promised never to do that again we repeated our opening act on the side streets in zig zag fashion with a comfort/uncomfortable mosey, this time though we got in pairs of 2-4 people to push each other on the uncomfortable mosey. Next we moseyed back to other island and 1/2 the way there you would mosey again at a uncomfortable pace and then circle back for the 6. After this we moseyed down past the circle to the stop sign and circled back to the circle island for a quick breather before redo a comfortable/ uncomfortable mosey between island. We had 8 minutes left so we moseyed down the hill and dropped Red Tape off at his house before curfew and made sure he got in his house nice and safely before back to COT.


Today was my first Q at pursuit and only my second time posting here so I was little nervous keeping the gazelles interested —especially when I pulled up close to launch time and see about 14-15 of them standing there primed up  and ready to go like horses at a damn derby. Most the PAX seemed to enjoy the workout ( except Schneider )- I got a cussing on the way home- He might have been slightly tricked as to what pursuit is, but he did damn good.. sorry bro) and most got between 5.9-6.25 miles in from what I heard. Word to the wise if you Q or post at pursuit do not and I !MEAN! DO! NOT!! call for a Indian Run unless you properly plan who is in your line. I appreciate Wolverine having faith in me to lead this group and I enjoyed the large group today, thanks for the support boys. Hell of a job to 0-69 and Deflated for crushing it our there today and Maddog for taking Cargo under his wing today.



New site called appetizer at Khols – Rae rd. on Tuesday evening

Turkey Trot Briar crest

Hot-wheels project- Nov 7th

Congrats to Schneider for new site Q at Watchtower.

Thanks Schneider of taking us out


Air Presses Never Hurt So Good

14 pax posted this morning for a windy workout just a few hours before Hurricane Zeta comes in.  This was sort of a last minute Q for me because Deep Dish was scheduled to Q but he’s waiting on Covid test results and had to stay home (good luck Deep Dish!).  Inspired by Zinfandel’s costumes this week, I dug out my favorite Napoleon Dynamite wig, my old glasses from middle school, a Nasa shirt I found at Target last night, and made some tater tots too, which unfortunately I forgot to bring, GOSH!  I had enough to share.  Oh well, more for me to enjoy today.

We did a warm up mozy and a few exercises (SSH, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Mtn Climbers, calf stretch).  Then we mozied back to the front of the school for a 7 of diamonds drill.  1st lap was 7 merkins in each corner, 2nd round was 14 plank jacks, 3rd round was 21 LBC’s, 4th round was 28 squats.  This one takes a while to complete and we did some Mary while the 6 came in.  My wig had to come off during this, that thing was way too hot.

Next we did a merkins & air press web and went straight through to 10 and 40, which was pretty painful by the end.  I could tell some of the pax were not enjoying this web and there may have been some mumble chatter, but I didn’t care.  It’s my Q, I’ll do whatever I want, GOSH!  My shoulders are still hurting right now as I eat my tater tots and type at my desk.

Then we went over to the playground area and did a round of 7’s (Swerkins on the swings, inspired by Das Boot) and Speed Skaters on the opposite end of their little track.  This pretty much killed our time.

Our 6th man in the COT was One Star.  He played football in college and played with a guy who was an amazing 5-star recruit.  I don’t remember the guys name, but he EH’d One Star and brought him out to F3.  I guess One star was more of a 1-star player, haha!  Gotta love F3 names.  Never tell us your weaknesses FNG’s!

On a serious note, I asked everyone to pray for the Garrett family, who is one of my neighbors.  Their only child, Morgan was one of the pilots who crashed last week in Alabama on Naval a training flight.  She graduated from Weddington High with my oldest son and was a great kid.  She went to the Coast Guard Academy and ran track for them and was training to be a pilot.  Very sad.

Thanks to all who came out today, I enjoyed working out with you all.  We will see you tomorrow!