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F3 + 3 more F’s = Waxhaw’s 1 Year Anniversary

70+ guys came out to F3 Waxhaw’s “In-Vergence” celebration of our 1 year anniversary.  As always in Waxhaw, we incorporate all 3 F’s into our big events:

  • Fitness:  4 separate workouts (High-intensity bootcamp, 2.0 Friendly Bootcamp, 5k race/run, and MASH)
  • Fellowship:  Coffeeteria in the parking lot afterwards
  • Faith:  2 local charities joined us on site
    • We collected a FULL CAR of donated goods (Tarps, Sleeping Bags, Clothes) for Rice N Beans to help the homeless
    • F3 delivered 2 checks from our 100 PAX Challenge
      • Rice N Beans:  $2,000 . . . Pastor Daryl talked about our PAX helping them feeding the homeless in Uptown on Tues/Weds evenings (families welcome)
      • Christ’s Closet:  $4,500 . . . Ice9 spoke about using these funds to get a mobile “boutique” to get more clothes into the hands of more people more often

But this workout also included an additional unofficial 3 F’s that Waxhaw does really well:

  • Friendship:
    • Fellowship sometimes stays at the surface . . . There are MANY Waxhaw PAX that are TRUE friends and it shows up in many ways
    • Picking up the Six isn’t a “duty” when you genuinely know and care for that PAX
    • CHALLENGE:  Get to know PAX better by introducing/talking with ONE guy you don’t know well at EVERY workout
  • Family:
    • We want to know your whole family
    • Lots of 2.0s are frequently at our workouts and we had about 10 at this one
    • One PAX also brought his 69 year old FNG dad (“Mancuso” after his deli shop’s #1 sub)
      • When he came into the circle to tell us about himself, he got choked up
      • He later told his son that he didn’t realize how much he missed this type of male camaraderie
  • Funny:
    • We don’t take ourselves too seriously
    • Many PAX have been offended . . . only later to realize that it’s just busting balls lighthearted fun
    • Even “serious” matters like handing over a Site Q shovelflag and the Nantan role are met with short jokes
    • Although Zin is actually not trying to be funny about Iron PAX Challenge on Twitter . . . He’s legit pissed!


MASH (A 0.0 workout which we offer Mon-Sat . . . Perfect for injured PAX and/or guys who can’t/don’t want to run):

  • Mash was co-led by the three headed monster of Popeye Damascus and Ditka
  • Popeye took the upper body, Damascus focused on the lower body (of course, that’s where the calves are), and Ditka focused on the core
  • As typical for a mash workout, there was plenty of use of the custom-painted cinder blocks and bricks and modifying as well as needed by the participating PAX
  • 9 guys took part this morning and we picked up a couple stragglers that finished the 5k before our hour was up


  • This was a 5k so there were no fancy exercises besides the half mile warm up and warm up dynamic stretching
  • The goal on this 5k was to offer a little something different with half trail and half road.  So, the race included two loops of the middle school spirit trail and two loops in front of the middle school to hopefully keep the PAX in sight of each other and push each other
  • A few observations from today:
    • If you didn’t notice, there was a definite stall at the beginning of the race to try to get some daylight on the trail.  The first loop was definitely a little on the dark side
    • Gerber screeches like a girl and has weak ankles
    • Hollywood pre ran 8 miles before his 5k, who does that?!
    • Chastain says he can’t run more than 2 miles without hurting yet he finished third?
    • Great to see Halfback out and looks like he’s been keeping up with his running
    • Deadwood continued his hot week back in saddle with a strong 5k performance and will probably need to take another week off…
    • Tuck and 2.0 might have made their first Cuthbertson appearance.  Excellent father/son bonding
    • Dana may like to ruck but he can also run, I see more running workouts in your future
    • Posse, Mad Dog, Recalc, and Premature crushed it, you can see the Waxhaw Express workouts paying off.
    • Fusebox kept circling back so actually ran a 10k, looks like we’ll be seeing you at Ignition on Monday.
    • Ghosted’s first post was IPC and second post was a 5k race on our Anniversary.  Way to stay on top of it.
    • Great job Turnbuckle finishing the race and staying focused.


  • Rockwell was honored when Dasher “voluntold” him to assist in leading the In-vergence bootcamp.   With Glidah as his counterpart, they held a top secret meeting to determine the course of action (Ed. Note: “top secret” means talked briefly in a parking lot after a workout).  The plan was for Glidah to lead a high intensity workout covering more distance while Rockwell tailored his to stay closer to COT and to be more 2.0 friendly
    • Warm up exercises
    • Some Dips, Steps Ups, Donkey Kicks and Air Jabs with a partner
    • A series of 10 different exercises done with a timer (1 minute each w/ 20 second rest in between)
    • And a card game with dice (Draw a card and roll the dice.  The dice reveal the exercise and the card reveals the number of reps)
  • Oh yea, and the highlight was a rockin’ playlist!  You haven’t truly lived until you workout while jamming to songs like Macarena, Twist and Shout, Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It and Apache by The Sugarhill Gang!


  • Glidah was a natural pick to lead the “High intensity bootcamp” . . . He has been in beast-mode for over a year and looks like he needs a burger a Greek god
  • Opening mosey of .75 mile with a stop along the way for the Six
  • 4 corners of building a burpee x 8, 6, 4, 2 got the smoke show started
  • Partner work at the stairs with Mike Tysons, Donkey Kicks and Big Boys made some people angry
  • Rounds of table exercises with a full court bear crawl finished ’em off
  • Welcome and kudos to Doozy from Richmond for being up front the whole time
  • The young guns, Summit and FNG Ralphie, pushed hard as evidenced by the latter’s new merlot-esque nickname

Are you still reading?  Announcements consisted of Goodfella handing over the Dromedary Site Q ShovelFlag to a well-deserved Premature and the Nantan magic wand role to Bottlecap.  BC then recognized the outgoing board members (Goodfella, Posse, Hollywood, Deadwood) and the current board members (Mad Dog, Chastain, Dasher, Zinfandel, Gerber, Centerfold, Shop Dawg).  Appreciate their leadership.


  • It’s not about you . . . Show up for another PAX.  He needs to see/talk to you.  You may be tired.  You may not be at your best.  But you just might make a BIG difference by showing up that morning.
  • Lead something . . . Get in the mix.  Lead a workout, a Site, a 2nd F event, a 3rd F service project, etc.  This group needs your ideas and your passion.
  • Get involved in all 3 F’s . . . You are missing out if you think this is about a workout.  Get to know other men in a different way via Coffeeteria, Happy Hours, Lunches.  Take the “scary” step into a 3rd F group.  Trust me, there are no snakes at these events most of the time and you will be surprised at how your home life starts to transform for the better by the wisdom you gain during these conversations.





Chicken On The Loose In Marvin

DICCS GIVEN- Cell phone, CPR, Do not sue anyone, social distance where applicable, modify as needed

Warm up

Fast pace mosey from COT to long road in front of schools for planking and stretching

Downward dog and Upward dog- repeat 5 times- plank right arm high 10 seconds and plank left arm high 10 seconds- Glidah Special

Quick pace Mosey to front of Middle School for the actual warm up

15- Low Slow Squats

15- SSH’S

5 low slow merkins

Calve Stretch and we are off…..


The Thang

Mosey down parking lot towards the brick wall area for a fun little webb

3- Mike Tysons/ 3 dry docks every round/ AB work starting and 4 and increase by 4 each round until we get to 40

4, 8, 12- Big Boys

16- Pistol LBCS

20- LBCS

24- Pistol LBCS

28- LBCS

32- Pistols LBCS

36- LBCS

40-Pistol LBCS

Mosey to bottom of parking lot and back up to dirt trail leading to fields for Triple Dime

10- Bomb Jacks at start

10- Jungle Boy Squats at end

Repeat three times

Split into groups of 4-5 people for a bear crawl ladder

all Pax in group plank in single file line line — Pax member up front says down for the whole PAX to complete one merkin, the Pax member in the back bear crawls to the front – rinse repeat for 4 times   CAR COMING IN HOT!!! ABORT ABORT.. Most groups got to 3 full rounds.

Mosey up road to entrance of middle school for some light pole leg work. There are 7 lights from the stop sig down long road in front of schools. At each light pole complete 10 jump squats and 10 ( single count) Speed Skaters

Back to the bear crawl ladder to complete your last round..

Mosey to COT…



As always I appreciate the opportunity to lead this group of men. The Pax pushed hard today and as always it is like herd damn cats with Ice9, Transporter, Glidah, Tanyatine, and Bottlecap they pushed me out of my comfort zone while moseying. But today a few others where pushing themselves and have been for quite sometime and they are heading or already in the gazelle crowd– Rockwell, Soft Pretzel, Figi, Schneider ( FYI never try to sprint with Ice 9 though- dummy) and Red Tape ( second workout and he is a beast).


Need a Q at Floater tomorrow- reach out to Shake n Bake or Carbload

New neighborhood walk group/AO – Sunday morning to talk, walk and maybe grab a few new people- This Sunday at the Chimneys at 7:30 at the clubhouse.

Open Door- 3 opportunities – Saturday Morning 8am, Sunday Morning 8am  ( 2 zoom ) and 1 in person Sunday 7:30 at the Five Stones Fire pit.

IPC 6:30 tomorrow night after client dinner RELAY GROUP .. Reach out to Zinfandel




Rain, Rain, Go Away

16 gathered a Chiseled for a slightly warmer, definitely more humid morning that turned into heavy rain for a bit. I think the MASH unit was there but they exercised with us the whole time so we were all one big happy family.


Long mosey around Mt. Chiseled and back to COT. Circle up then a series of SSHs (plus a few ssslllooowww ones), Moroccan Night Clubs, Jimmy Dugans, and end with a calf stretch.

The Thang:

Rifle Carry your coupons from COT to the base of Mt. Chiseled. Find yourself a partner on the way. Upon arrival find an open spot of pavement. Partner 1 will run to the back of Mt. Chiseled then up and over the top while partner 2 does an AMRAP of the exercises on the board. Once both partners have completed the first exercise and ran, move on to the next exercise. The exercises consisted of the following:

  1. Merkins
  2. Weighted Squats*
  3. American Hammers
  4. Vertical Block Presses*
  5. Stationary Lunges
  6. Kettle Bell Swings*
  7. Flutters
  8. Squat Thrusters*
  9. Big Boy Sit-Ups
  10. Alpos*
  11. Monkey Humpers
  12. Blockees*
  13. LBCs
  14. Derkins*

By the time YHC made it over the hill the second time the light sprinkle had turned into a downpour. Stupid rain. I had really hoped to tear up that hill with all the running but audibled from over Mt. Chiseled to around it. No hill, but a bit further to run.

By the time YHC finished the last Derkin and lap we only had about 5 minutes left, so Rifle Carry your coupon back to COT.

With the remaining time we did some island suicides with 5 Burpees on one end and 5 Big Boy Sit-Ups  on the other. Two rounds and we’re out of time.



If you’re wondering about the red text for some of the exercises…those are exercises from this week’s IPC. Zinfandel put together a good video to demonstrate form: Check it out and go do the IPC this week. Saturday at New Town Elemetary! But if you were at Chiseled today you already know what the exercises are cause you did them.

Had an FNG from Massachusetts today, down visiting Centerfold and his son Cavalier. He’s a hockey/lax player so we named him Slapstick. Also had a Kotter return after a long hiatus. His name is Homer (doh!) and Doughboy is credited with shaming him into his return.




Shine a Light

I’m not alone in claiming the Rolling Stones as my favorite band. There’s a strong case to be made for the Stones to be the greatest band of all time. For 60+ years, Mick, Keith and Charlie have written iconic tunes recorded timeless albums and fundamentally changed what it means for a band to tour. For today’s Meathead setlist, we fired up Exile on Main St. and went 10 swings a minute for 25 minutes. Next we alternated farmer’s and waiter carries with deadlift/high pulls on one end and thrusters on the opposite side of the parking lot. We finished with the core classics – plank, hollow body hold and glute bridge.

Since it’s a double album, we didn’t get to the end of the recording, but the song Shine a Light has a special meaning for me. Mick is singing about his former bandmate, Brian Jones. Jones became addicted to drugs was dismissed from the band (the band he started) and died soon after in a drowning accident. The song is a plea for serenity for his former mate.

Lyrics of "Shine a Light"

The song is both mournful and hopeful. Even in the depths of desperation and death, we seek peace for our friends and family. Chances are we all know someone battling demons of addiction and mental health issues. It’s impossible to “fix” these people. We can only be there when they are ready. Print a list professional help and resources, drive them to appointments, remind people to take their medicine and complete the journals and breathing exercises. Join them for a walk in woods Pray together.

Luke 11:33 ESV

“No one after lighting a lamp puts it in a cellar or under a basket, but on a stand, so that those who enter may see the light.

Simple but effective (or keep it simple stupid – you pick)

Ten men decided to accelerate on hump day (maybe to earn our happy hour).    Cool temperatures and a fairly old group (4 over 50) made for perfect conditions for YHC.  Luckily, Lorax posted today instead of tomorrow (he mentioned something about Labor Day getting him off track – I worked out on Labor Day so I was Prepared).

The Thang:

COP – 1 burpee, 10 SSH, 2 burpees, 10 IW, 3 burpees, 10 Mtn Climbers (PAX was likely happy after thinking burpees would end at 10)

YHC assigned partners and we moseyed over to the rock pile to grab one rock per team.  Then we moseyed down to right field of the baseball field for some partner work.  Partner one runs down to fence at field while partner two does called exercise and then flapjack.

  1. Curls and run
  2. Push presses and run
  3. Skull crushers and run
  4. Squats and run
  5. Flutter and run
  6. Merkins and run with rock to infield
  7. Curls and bear crawl 25 yards
  8. Push presses and karaoke to infield
  9. Skull crushers and backward run to infield
  10. Merkins and lunge walk 25 years with rock
  11. Dolly and run to fence
  12. Six inches and run to fence (all together)

Mosey up to picinic area for a ladder of 15, 10, 5 with both dips and step ups.     Finish with 25 decline merkins

Mosey to other side of concession stand for a few minutes of wall sit.  One partner holds rock out as long as they can and then hand off to partner.

Mosey back to rock pile.   Monkey humpers for a 30 seconds (evidently, Smokey had never done monkey humpers before).

Mosey to middle of parking lot.  Partner 1 does burpees while partner 2 runs down to next light and back.  Flap-jack.

Finish with a few minutes of mary


Hard to believe a Respect has never done monkey humpers.  He probably went home and tried to demonstrate for his M.

Snooka’s gold chain was shining in the morning moonlight and now YHC may be in trouble with the mafia for making fun of it.   However, he beat Lorax in the first few sprints so Lorax is probably the one in trouble.   The guys is 20 years older (supposedly).

Good to visit a different site as Centurion has been my only F3 workout for about 5 months.     Trying to get my neigbors to wake up earlier and travel with me some instead of working out in our hood every morning.   They had the gall to call me JV for not working out with them even though we started 30 minutes earlier.

Fallout’s family has had a rough period (COVID is the least of his worries) so let’s keep him and his family in our prayers.

As always, it was a privilege to lead this group this morning.   Let’s all keep accelerating.


Please consider finding out a way to help your local public school.   Lots of families could use help with supplies and food so call your PTO president or contact me for ideas.


A Tale of Two Neighborhoods

Watchtower is the closest AO to my home so it’s always a pleasure to post and Q at this site

Only 12 pax made it out on a beautiful 58 degree morning.  The post Labor Day hangover must have been going strong.

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)


  • Mosey a complete loop around the parking lot
  • Side Straddle Hop x 15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
  • Calf Stretch x 15 seconds, flapjack
  • Stretch

The Thang:

Mosey to the start of interior road in front of the school.

Paula Abdul:

  • Up two lights for 5 Hand Release Release Merkins
  • Back 1 light for 5 squats with good form
  • Continue all the way to the far curb at the end of the road (7 or 8 lights I think)

Mosey down Waxhaw Indian Trail Rd. to the entrance of Brookmeade, the neighborhood with perfectly smooth perfect asphalt, and cross the road into the Wesley Springs neighborhood.

Mosey to Walnut Ridge Ct.

  • Mike Tysons x 10, run to end
  • Heels to Heaven x 10
  • Two sets but end with a third round of Tysons

Mosey to Farm Ridge Ct.

  • Shoulder Tap Merkins x 10, run to the end
  • Mountain Climbers (2 is 1) x 10
  • Two sets but end with a third round of Shoulder Tap Merkins

Mosey down Woodwinds all the way to Willow Ridge Ln.

  • Burpees x 10 (crowd favorite), run to end
  • Big Boys x 10
  • Two sets but end with a third round of Burpees

Mosey all the way back up Woodwinds

  • 10 single count speed skates at every light

Cross back over Waxhaw Indian Trail Rd. and Mosey to back of school, find some wall

  • 10 Merkins, 10 Donkey Kicks
  • 9 Merkins, 9 Donkey Kicks
  • 8 Merkins, 8 Donkey Kicks
  • Time was running short, mosey back to AO

Actually had about 90 second left

  • Flutters x 10 IC
  • Box Cutters x 10 IC
  • Freddy Mercury’s x 15 IC


About 3 miles for everyone


Perfect morning out there today and if you missed it or another site you missed out.  The humidity is back tomorrow.

There is definitely a difference in the two neighborhoods Watchtower has to offer.  Brookmeade has wide streets and perfect asphalt and Wesley Springs has 24 grit asphalt perfect for ripping your hands and back.

It’s great to see some of the newer pax like Chatterbox post with such consistency and work hard, great job.

I felt the dirty looks when I called the burpees at the bottom of Woodwinds so I kept my head down to avoid eye contact and just started doing them hoping everyone would follow along which they did.

All in all, everyone did a great job staying together and working hard.  Smaller groups tend to be a little more cohesive sometimes, especially back in neighborhoods and worked out perfectly today.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead today.

Raintree laps

7 Men ran over to Rounding Run.  We did 5 loops there at various paces and directions.  On the way back we ran down Smokerise and back.  We also did a bunch of flutters.  At least some of us did.


Look, writing backblasts for running workouts isn’t that interesting.  We ran, that’s pretty much the gist.

Margo’s beard was back out, I think Margo might have been behind that beard, but couldn’t tell.  He opted for old skool High Viz vest and not the Tron vest.  I was disappointed.

Enron made it to FT for the first time since we hit Phase 2 and came to the Arbo.  He was out in front the whole time.  He also yelled “Objection” when he saw the Smokerise hill, as he didn’t remember it from before.  He was overruled.

Turkey Leg slow-paced it around us all morning as he tapered for virtual Boston Marathon.  It will be just like the Boston Marathon, except really nothing like it at all.  But the suck of running 26.2 will still be there.

Ductwork didn’t want to do any flutters.  Maybe he likes his core muscles loose and jiggly? Who am I to judge.  He did do all the running.

Prohibition said he has been slower since he left Swift.  I am not sure if that’s the FT sites fault or his own.  Doesn’t really matter, his M is a 40 under 40 superstar so he’s basically a kept man so no need to be fast.

Lex was moving pretty good for a guy who usually hitting up gear workouts and bootcamps.  He made us do excessive Merkins the other week at Cerberus.  Hopefully I was able to return an equal amount of pain.

All of you are now signed up as backups for BRR this weekend.  Keep your schedule clear.

Thanks to Ductwork for the takeout.



HELP!  The COVID-19 pandemic has severely diminished the Red Cross’s blood supply and they have called upon the men of F3 Nation to step up like we always do.  Regions throughout the country are hosting blood drives including ones close to us like F3 Metro and F3 Waxhaw(who is going to be done with 2 before we get done with our first).  I’d say it’s our turn.

Our friends at the Brace Family YMCA(3127 Weddington Road Matthews NC) have offered to host the Red Cross and our pax for a donation day from 10AM to 2PM on Friday October 23rd.  I know it’s not the cool thing to HC to things several weeks in advance but make an exception this time, block off your calendar around lunch time on 10/23 and SIGN UP NOW!

Q and A

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Go to

Next enter the code F3 in the Find Blood Drive Search

From there you will be shown a list of ALL F3 blood drives that are currently scheduled.  You will choose the Brace Family YMCA on October 23 option.  Then you will see all of the remaining appointment options from 10 AM to 2:30PM.

Q:  My wife/brother/son/neighbor/coworker is interested in donating at this drive.  Are they welcome to join?

A:  Absolutely.  The more the merrier.  Provide them the same signup information I provided above and have them sign up the same way.

Q:  I’ve been on some weird vacations recently.  Will that prevent my eligibility to donate?

A:  Maybe.  But read the eligibility requirements

and see if you are still a candidate for donation.  If you read through the eligibility requirements and determine you will NOT be able to donate, please refrain from signing up because you might be taking a spot away from another donor.

Q:  I am not able to donate but I still want to help.  How can I?

A:  Mighty Mite has already wrangled Tuck and War Eagle to help out but we can always use more volunteers to assist in registration, logistics, setup, cleanup, and running the canteen.  If you would like to assist on the day of the drive, please reach out to Mighty Mite.

Q:  F3 has a lot of blood to donate in order to reach their lofty goals.  Is this one blood drive going to be enough?

A:  No.  All regions participating in this effort are expected to host 4-5 blood drives between now and the end of 2021.  Plan on donating and helping out at the next one!

Q:  I am confused about _______

A: Reach out to Mighty Mite



Say What

After completing the weekly IPC Relay the Swarm group headed out.  A couple of the usual Swarm participants decided to hang back for Impromptu and Deadwood started with us and bailed 2 minutes into the run.

Headed down past Rudy’s shed over the the HS for warm up.  Had the jump the fence for my normal morning #2.  Hollywood lead the warmup

Did 3 rounds of round about work, supines at one end and squats at the other

Moseyed over the the HS parking lot for 4 rounds of star fish

Front of the HS for 5 lunges at each light pole

The problem with doing a BB the following week is I don’t remember any of the stuff we did.  Getting old is my excuse.

Now that IPC is in full swing I’ve realized we don’t include enough leg exercises into our workouts so I’ve made a commitment to do 50% legs in each of my workouts moving forward.

Blew through my weinke

5 men met up at Olympus on a cool Saturday morning for some fellowship, ball-busting, and 400 swings. About halfway through, Frehley’s rolled in to catch the back half of the workout after posting at Stonehenge. He had sent a note to the Q, who promptly forgot until he saw his car rolling in.

Warm-upSSH (20), IW (15), Mountain Climber (20) IC

The Thang:

  • 10 swings, 1 press per side
  • 15 swings, 2 presses per side
  • 25 swings, 3 presses per side
  • 50 swings, 4 presses per side

Repeato 3 times (4 total rounds) with goblet squats, rows, and lunges (400 total swings)

Waiter carries – 1:00 per side 4 times (twice per side)

Snatches – 5 per side for 10 rounds (100 snatches)

Mary: elbow plank and hollow body hold

COT with the RockZero pax


  • SOB/Area 51 blood drive will take place on 10/23 at the Brace (formerly Sisley) Y. Don’t do at between now and then or you will be ineligible
  • Wild Turkey on Q on Wednesday at Meathead. Come for the music, stay for the 250 swings. Unplugged will be Qing on Saturday at Olympus. Next week, Beetlejuice will (V)Q at Swole.


  • #cobains for the delay in getting this posted. I find it hard to sit at my computer during the weekends after being on it all week.
  • Good to have a strong crowd out there this morning. Thanks to Frehley’s for double-posting to catch the second half of the workout.
  • It had been a while since we did the 50 swing set, so I decided to bring it back for this workout. It’s good to challenge the grip every once in a while.
  • I didn’t really have anything planned after the 400 swings since that usually takes us most of the hour. I guess the 50 swing sets reduced the amount of time, so we had a little less than half the workout to go. Tiger Rag suggested the snatches, so the pax can thank him for that. Madison didn’t take kindly to the 5 rounds turning into 10 and there was some modifying.