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I would do anything for love

Meatloaf called for a last minute Q late yesterday. Everyone knows I love a good substitute Q and I jumped at it. With a route set and approved by the pax I tucked myself in bed nice and early to answer the early morning alarm.

on arrival YHC saw 5 shirtless pax moseying away at 5am.

sitting around alone YHC thought, “I could run with the locals if I needed too”. But voodoo came out of the gloom and joker pulled in with a min to spare. We waited for a few incase there were some late arrivals. Seeing none, we launched.

route went east on bevington, right left right left to strawberry lane, left on 51, all the way down to bay brook, right and you’re back on bevington. Woah! Like Magic were right back where we started.

YHC planned for 2-3 2miles at tempo and the boys helped me stay on pace. Tks guys.

Rain didn’t keep 8 from getting in the miles with smiles this morning. Great job everyone

this BB is for voodoo. #nantanguilt

obviously, I would do anything for meatloaf. Both the food and F3 pax. Tks for the opportunity to lead.

peace out

ps: I was not sure who the 5th beetle was in the early crew. Shout out below.

pps: sign up for the blood drive or MM will come take blood from you himself.

Graduation Day!!

To be honest it was the longest 11 weeks of my life and a very tough 2.5 years.  But Qing this site on this day was pure joy.  I’ll come back to this.

WU: Mosey, some stuff and some other stuff,  certainly like incorporating the runners stretch into the warm up

The Thang:  Mosey to the lights.  20 speed scaters and 20 jump squats every other light.  Mosey to the neighborhood next to the school.  7’s ish  on the hill with burpees at one side and jump squats on the other,  10CDD in the midde.  Mosey to the school, was going to utilize the signs but scratch that, mosey the back sidewalk.  6 Merkin shredders at each light,  till the tables.  Do some step ups and head back.

Moleskin: Everyone worked hard we got 3.1miles in,  chatterbox continues to impress me, love the fact that MASH is a thing, Mayham keep killing it.  Back to my earlier point.  Last 2.5 years have been the toughest most challenging time in my life.  My wife went through Cancer and multiple surgeries,  I was in school, and I have 3 daughters all of which are in full blown puberty.  If it was not for my faith and my network of friends I would not have made it.  We say it all the time but we mean it,  F3 is so much more than a work out, that the smallest part.  Its the iron sharpens iron, its the support, its the growth you get when real men are in and part of your life.  The relationships I have because of F3 are irreplaceable.  I was on cloud nine this morning thinking about my friends and I was grateful! Thank you to all the men who have supported me,  challenged me and been part of my life for the last few years.  I would not be the man I am with out you and am looking forward to the continued friendships and the challenges we face,,,, together.




I know. I know! As my 2.0s would say. We took a long time to get back to you. Well we hope it was worth the wait. Our apologies for leaving you in such suspense but we had to figure things out.

As most of you know we put the impact local race together quickly. It was an upstart renegade run with hooligans that had way too much fun.  And were going to do it again! We don’t know what next year will bring. Will it be more professional…. probably not. Will there be more fun and people involved absolutely!

So here is how all of the donations broke down and were distributed to make an impact here in our local area:

Charity Amount
Rice N $ 500
Classroom Central $ 1,000
Church on the Street $ 1,000
Alexander Youth Network $ 1,000
Turning Point Church(food bank) $ 1,000

Please take a moment to search them up and take a look at how these organizations impact your local community.

We would like to thank all of you for being there and or donating. There are some people who need special thanks:


Iron horse who designed the logo and had the tshirts printed.

Bratwurst who was the race course designer and set up all the cones.

Frasier who supplied the coffee we so desperately needed.

ALL the ladies of FIA !

The amazing Gypsy and his roving Speed For Need Chariot.


Strawberry and Kirby

P.s. In the same spirit and fun my good friend Tuck has developed another renegade race that you can impact a local charity:

So what are you waiting for sign up!

Truckin’ time at the Body Shop

Long Haul kept the PAX truckin’ at The Body Shop, hearkening back to his days as Site Q of Devil’s Turn — side runs, backwards runs, side skips all made for happy PAX.

Back to the little track!

Laps around the little kids’ track and plenty of exercises, while welcoming some new faces from the SOB regulars.  Bienvenido, Chippy and Mighty Mite!

Boatload of merkins

Lots of merkins for the first day back at 0530 launch time.  Unfortunately, the message of the new start time was not received by all.  (Ahem, Midriff.)

The human burpee

9 pax posted this morning at Meathead on a pleasantly cool morning. YHC showed up at precisely 5:29.55 due to an alarm clock issue (I hit snooze). #cobains The struggle to get back into the swing post-BRR is real.

After throwing a few bells on the ground and shaming Uncle Leo into taking a 24, I gave a thorough disclaimer and explained the workout.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • 20 swings
  • Windmill x 10 IC

Main Event (2:30 per round):

  • 15 swings/15 goblet squats/1 merkin
  • 15 swings/14 goblet squats/2 merkins
  • 15 swings/13 goblet squats/3 merkins
  • 15 swings/3 goblet squats/13 merkins
  • 15 swings/2 goblet squats/14 merkins
  • 20 swings/1 goblet squat/15 merkins – (added 5 swings to get to 250 for the workout)

Time for a bit of Mary: 1:00 elbow plank, :30 recovery, 1:00 glute bridge


Thanks to Hoover for the takeout this morning.


  • Sign up for the blood drive or you answer to Mighty Mite. As he explained this morning, you’re going to give blood – one way or another.
  • Swole, Meathead, and Olympus are all looking for Qs. The rules are pretty simple for now – 250 swings on weekdays, 400 on weekends. Go with whatever rep count you want and mix in some accessory exercises. As Uncle Leo said this morning, the hardest part is coming up with music you won’t get made fun of for.
  • Keep an eye out for more information on the F3 Foundation. In an effort to make it more professional, they’re going to be hiring a director and are launching a $200,000 fundraising campaign in October. If you can contribute, please consider it.


  • High Tide came up with the idea behind this workout a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been sitting on it until I had the opportunity to use it. Apparently, it’s based on a Dan John article and he calls it the human burpee. I haven’t read the article, so can’t tell you why. I can tell you that it’s the closest YHC is going to get to a burpee. If you have any complaints, please email him.
  • As always, thanks for posting at Meathead and for following my lead. We have a strong crew of regulars and are seeing some new faces as well. Now, we just need to kill that stupid sandbag workout that poached Wild Turkey. Friday really is a better day for it anyway…
  • The pax were having fun with the numbers this workout. We’re going to have to rename Uncle Leo Rainman or something.



Chiseled BackBlast

At the best lit site in the AO, 12 pax got to choose their own adventure.

The WarmUp:

Quick mosey, then a Popeye special of rapid 10 reps each…

SSH, Merkins, SSH, Imperial Walkers, SSH, Mountain Climbers, SSH, LBCs, SSH, and I think a few others

Stretch with Dugans, shoulders and tricep stretches

The Thang:

3×15 shoulder tap Merkins with little bricks, broad jump 10 yd, 3×15 American Hammers with little bricks, broad jump 10 yd, 3×15 palm-away curl to press with little bricks, then lap the parking lot with little bricks.  Rinse & repeat two more times.

Ask the crew to choose if they want more running or big weights.  They chose poorly…

3×15 4 count zombie curls with coupon (curl, then push coupon straight out and return).  Rest after each set with 10 foot release squats off the coupon.

15 arms to heaven with coupon (chest press, then situp with shoulder press).  Rest after each set with legs at 6″ off the deck.

3×100’s with little bricks (10x curls, 10x palm down curls, 10x standing flys, 10x forward flys, 10x shoulder press, 10x bent over row, 10x bent over tri’s, 10x bent over flys, 10x boxing with bricks, left stance, 10x boxing with bricks, right stance).  Rest between each set with various mary.  Took us to time.

The Moleskine:

Early morning, well lit and safe parking lot means no head-lamps needed.  Proved with the pax that you not only don’t need a lot of space, but you don’t even need to run to get the heart rate up (arms to heaven, high paced 100’s).  What does that mean?  No excuses, no jaw jacking, awesome workout.

Leaving Las Vegas

A great turnout as 16 PAX, including 1 FNG embraced the cooler temps and made their way to Anvil. With 1 minute to go, the PAX was properly disclaimed and we were off at 5:30.


We moseyed over to the parking lot behind the office buildings across the street from the church for COP

  • 5 Burpees OYO
  • SSH x 20
  • 4 Burpees OYO
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • 3 Burpees OYO
  • Windmills x 20
  • 2 Burpees OYO
  • Squats x 20
  • 1 Burpee OYO
  • Merkins x 10

The Beast with a Twist

We moseyed over to the rock pile and chose an appropriately sized lifting rock and headed over to the islands. Run to island #1 and do 6 of called exercise with the rock. Run to island #2 and do 6 reps of called exercise. Run to island #3 and do 6 reps of called exercise. Run to island #4 and do 6 reps of called exercise. Run to island #5 and do 6 reps of called exercise. Run to island #6 and do 6 reps of called exercise. Run to the end of the parking lot and back in between sets.

  • Curls
  • Overhead Presses
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Squats

Jacob’s Ladder

We returned our rocks and yogged over to the hill by the soccer field for a little Jacob’s Ladder, 1 Carolina Dry Dock at the bottom, 6 lunges (each leg) at the top.

Bench Circuits

We then moved over to the Hot box for some circuit work, 3 rounds.

  • Decline Merkins x 10
  • Dips x 15
  • Step ups x 20 (10 each leg)

Avenue of  Trees

We started to head back to the launch point but stopped at the Avenue of Trees for lunges every other tree, and then resumed our mosey back.


  • None, we ran out of time.


  • The temps were finally at a respectable level this morning, like no humidity and in the 60s, just perfect.
  • Welcome FNG Picabo (John) he’s new to Charlotte and was EH’d by Hops. He’s a pilot for American Airlines, but enjoys skiing, and somehow we wound up at Picabo (Street). I think it was Puddin’ Pop who came up with his name, of course.
  • After the Iron Pax Challenge yesterday, YHC had no appetite for merkins, so there were only a few on the menu, you’re welcome.
  • YHC fumbled the execution the hill work by only completing 1 rep at the top of the hill, Horsehead properly called me out for it, and I added the missed reps to the next round. I think I may have confused Boondock though. That Boondock is fast by the way.
  • Somehow we started talking about Karate Kid, Parts 1, 2, and 3, the Cobra Kai series, Elizabeth Shue, Leaving Las Vegas which can owe to our resident trivia king Puddin’ Pop. There we have title.
  • 49er brought his “A” game and was out front during the rock themed Beast.
  • Mermaid and Lorax seemed to be catching up on things during the Beast.
  • Lorax dm’d me last night to make sure I was still onboard to Q and that depending on his tax work, he’d be there. Fortunately he made his filing deadline and was able to join us.
  • Hops actually did a few Side Straddle Hops for the FNG.
  • Puddin’ Pop modified as necessary, which is expected.
  • Snowflake was expecting an FNG this morning but he wasn’t able to make it, maybe next time. Snowflake ran in of course.
  • Runstopper couldn’t stick around much after the workout because he had to walk the dog.
  • Prayers for Fallout and his family as his son is undergoing brain surgery today.
  • Thanks to Lorax and Point Break for the opportunity to lead and please sound off with any mumble chatter.


  • Area 51/SOB Blood Drive 10/23 Mighty Mite is the Q, details here 
  • Makeshift Marathon Saturday 11/14 7 AM, preblast here

Limey’s VQ

The Thang



  • Imperial
  • Low slow
  • Peter Parker
  • Mountain climber
  • mosey – 1 lap track
  • x2:

o   crabwalk/lunges/bearcrawl/broad jumps

o   1 lap track

  • mosey to rocks
  • x2:

o   rock: curl/bent row x20

o   run to bleachers – x10 step ups per leg

o   supine pull up x10

  • x2:

o   rock: tri/bench x20

o   run to bleachers – x10 step ups per leg

o   incline pushup on bleacher x20

o   decline pushup on bleacher x10

  • rock: pick one set from previous, x20
  • x2:

o   wall – arm raises x50

o   Calf raises x40

  • AYG run parking lot x2
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Rosalita
  • Hammer
  • LBC


Good crowd for a Monday.  A couple of new faces I hadn’t seen in a while which is always good.  Flojo showed up and helped represent the neighborhood.  Felt bad for Sardine, not an easy itinerary with one arm.  I think he modified more than he followed.  Spackler and Gloss weren’t wild about the all-you-got run at the end.  After realizing they ran an extra mile+ each way to get there I don’t blame them.  Appreciate Thunder Road including my brother-in-law in the prayer.  Reminder to enjoy every day and don’t take them for granted, you never know what can happen.


Enjoyed my first Q.  Thanks to Mr. Magoo for singling me out and making me finally pull my weight.