DICCS–   ( kinda skipped over this  since not going away from cars ) sorry do yell at me –

We made a executive decision not to use grass or any fields as we did not want to pull a Damascus and get us thrown out of this site. For whatever reason the parks and recs department decided 6:10am is a good time to mow grass, so too many eyes would be looking at us tearing up their property-  Moved to a gravel lot.

Warm up– lead by Maddog while I was using the potty so not sure what ya’ll did but I am sure it was great, I know my potty experience was great.

Quick overview and demonstration of workout

The Thang

10 burpees over block

murder bunnies 25 yards- 25 squat thrust- return to start with cinder block

10 burpees over block

murder bunny – 50 yards- 50 merkins using your block 2 is one- return to start with your block

10 burpees over your block

murder bunny – 75 yards- 75 curl press using your block- return to start with your block

10 burpees over your block

murder bunny – 100 yards- 100 block windshield wipers- return to start with your block

10 burpees over your block- TIME!!


Hell of a job by all. Few call outs

Centerfold– WTF dude you are a machine with windshield wipers– good lord

Tanyatine, Chastain and Pebbles- I can 100 percent validate your forms since you three were out front I focused form watching on your guys so there would be no questions- As long as you nailed the counts which I am sure you can you guys crushed it and your times are legit.

Maddog was in beast mode today especially on murder bunnies and merkins

Chainsaw- RESPECT RESPECT and I will double down on RESPECT– dude if I can do half of what you do at your age I will be in a good place.

Doughboy– banged up knee and all- Dude you can pump out merkins– hell of a push bro.

Ghosted– Who starts F3 on round 1 of IPC and decides—- hummmmmm maybe I should do all 4- WOW- impressive.

Fuse– great push at the end with finishing strong on windshield wipers then pushing others while they were finishing.

Breadbowl- You have completed all 4 IPCS and know you now you can push yourself out of your comfort zone- keep pushing young lad and believe in yourself, you can do it.. At 13 years old I would have been laying in bed until 11am looking forward to riding bicycles with friends verse getting my butt kicked at 6:30am.

Deep Dish– Strong and Faster each time I see you workout- hell of a push today especially on curl press and thrusters.

CP30– Dude was cruising through murder bunnies and windshield wipers and push himself to the max on last few wipers.



Blood drive 10/17/20- PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYONES SANITY sign up so we can move on to another topic

CPR Class $15.00 Monday have room for 6 more 2 hours 6pm-8pm

Christ Closet convergence next Saturday after workout need trucks and people to help move and fold.

Thursday Night folding party- every Thursday need bodies 7:30pm.

Thanks to Chastain for taking us out.

Post your own scores





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