Big League Stew & 300 merkins

Big League Stew & 300 merkins

The rain was falling but for some reason 8 dumb guys came out and got a full dose of jumping puddles and lifting rocks. Wormwood (would have been 9) pulled into the parking lot and pulled back out when he saw us running away – whaaaa??

The Thang

Round1 – 20 Step ups – 20 merkins X5

50 squats

Round 2 – 20 Rock Curls – 20 merkins X5

50 squats

Round 3 – 20 bent over rows – 10 merkins X5

50 squats

Round 4 – 20 rock thrusters – 10 merkins x5

50 squats

Series of Abstacles in a round the circle format, 20 more merkins to make sure no one cheated, and 20 SSH for Horsehead’s viewing pleasure….



The rain was pouring hard all morning. For some reason tarps were set up at the field so we actually had a place to stay dry until everyone arrived.

Future reference, if you Q Kevlar, we are parking at the pavilion, not running to it.

Inspired by the IPC the past few weeks I decided to give the strength training one more try and we knocked out 300 merkins, 100 step ups, 100 curls, 100 bent over rows, 100 thrusters and over 200 squats.

  • FaultLine gave Monica Seles a run for her money and had some amazing moans this morning. I’m pretty sure he’s the only one who actually did every rep required. Note: he followed that up with a 10 mile run today
  • Geraldo and Horsehead were complaining about some crazy smell that happened at the end of the workout. They both immediately blamed Big League Chew although he never admitted to anything and I’m pretty sure he had no idea what they were talking about.
  • Rhapsody cut his toe in half surfing last week so he was walking a little gingerly. The fin cut it right to the bone….told him to flip the board over next time, smart ass comments are what make me who I am.
  • Cage and Age rhyme but they couldn’t be further from the truth. The 60 year old man of mystery continues to defy every explanation of human decay…with the exception of 3 restroom breaks at every workout.
  • Christmas continues to post consistently and is getting faster and stronger and I think he’s at every workout I ever go to, so he must be going to more than me. You should see the kid kick a soccer ball…big kicker, huge.


  • A51 Blood Drive. Info is all over Slack. Don’t bring your own from home, you must let the nurse do it.
  • A51 board will be roaming around the different AOs together – we didn’t announce this at the workout but you’ve been warned….we’ll be watching
  • Soccer on Sunday at Field 1 at Sportsplex.

I forgot to pray or ask someone to pray and asked that everyone say a prayer in their heart on the run back through the rain. Everyone did except for one person.



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