Misery loves company

  • When:09-25-2020
  • QIC: Madison

Misery loves company

The forecast called for a 90% chance of rain at 5AM, so YHC wasn’t expecting much of a turnout at Centurion, but 8 studs proved me wrong — I guess misery loves company.  One even got a little extra credit by running in from his estate.  Although they were prepared for nothing short of a soggy workout, that didn’t stop the grumblings about wet feet, soggy shoes, etc.  05:30 hit.  Disclaimer provided and we did our best to find a dry spot on the Charlotte Catholic campus.  The mosey to the parking deck was a little longer than YHC planned due to a missed turn, but we eventually got there — had to practically cross a river on 51, but the deck was nice & dry.  Wish I could say the same for us.

We entered the deck, ran to the far set of stairs, up one level and back to the deck entrance for COP & the Main Event.


  1. SSH X 20 IC
  2. IW X 10 IC
  3. Hillbillies X 10 IC
  4. Low Slow Squat X 10 IC

The Main Event:


  1. 20 jump squats at the entrance to parking L1.  Run to far stairs.  Up the stairs to L2.  20 Merkins & down the ramp to the Start
  2. 20 jump squats at the entrance on L1, run the stairs up to L3.  20 LBC & down the ramp to L2.  20 Merkins & down the ramp to the Start
  3. 20 jump squats at the entrance on L1, run the stairs up to L4.  20 Carolina Dry Docks & down the ramp to L3.  20 LBC & down to L2.  20 Merkins & down the ramp to Start
  4. 20 jump squats

#2 – Line up along the center wall.  Toy Soldier walk to outside wall & repeato

#3 – Lt. Dan up the ramp from L1 to L2 (try not to make eye contact with the CMPD officer)

#4 – Line up on every other parking space & assume the plank position.  Plank walk R to the next line – 3 Merkins – plank walk back – 20 plank jacks.  Repeato 5X

#5 – People’s Chair on the wall + 25 air presses

#6 – 25 calf raises each direction (toes straight, pointed in, pointed out)

#7 – People’s Chair on the wall + 50 air presses

Return to launch (in the rain & ankle deep puddles) for 6 MOM

  1. Cumberland Co. Viaduct X 10 IC each side
  2. LBC X 20 IC
  3. Flutter X 20 IC
  4. Tabletop plank for 60 seconds



Great effort out there today by everyone.  Site FNG, TriDelt, made an appearance and YHC saw several new faces (Can’t remember all of the names, so no tags – Q fail).  That’s the greatest benefit of Q’ing at an AO where you aren’t a regular — it shakes things up for everyone.  It didn’t take long to forget about the nasty weather.  Miserable conditions help build bonds that workouts in sunny and 70 degree days can’t.  It was a great honor to lead.  I hope to have the opportunity to do it again sometime.


Thanks to Mermaid for the Take Out.



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2 months ago

Thanks for a strong Q Madison. Gotta say, the accountability of F3 helps quite a bit on mornings like that. Great start to the weekend

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