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“11 for Centurion @jrr_tolkien tour of never been places. Ton of ab work, and we made a video.: Fun, hard morning.” – thanks Mermaid for effectively writing the backblast on Slack for YHC!


In a nutshell, we went old school bootcamp. 2.5 miles of grinding exercises.  Plank jacks, makhtar ndiaye, lots of big-boy situps, decline situps, dragon flags, a
$$ to the curb squats, merkin ladder (regular, wide, diamond, leg raised), wall sits, air presses, boat/canoe, burpees, reverse burpees, sprints, proper lunges (forwards and back) and some hard running.  It was beautiful.


Well, YHC tried finding somewhere hidden, cool, and never explored by the men in black but it was tough.  Centurion is surrounded by busy roads, not much elevation, and oh yes… the Charlotte Catholic deck, which is a workout favorite.  But we gave the deck today. Rain held off, and the ground wasn’t overly wet.  We visited the “Hearing and Balance Center” … two things PAX don’t do well, in our newfound location off Johnston Road. #supportlocal A bit underwhelming of a location, but new nonetheless.

YHC was busy trying not to pass out calling cadence, so the observations from the morning looked like Snuka and Point Break out front, Madison mildly complaining (as usual), and the rest of us pushing pretty dang hard as we all were grouped together the whole time.  Honestly, it’s been a long while since YHC has Q’d as solid a group as this one, who came and flat out put in the work.  It was appreciated and encouraged me to see.  As always it was an honor to lead, and thank you Margo for the invite.

We finished off the COT with a impromptu little video for F3 and F3 Foundation with a short video selfie message of what F3 means to us, as support for the Give 2 Give campaign coming up. Encouraging all men to spend some time reflecting on what F3 has meant to them, who we’d be without it, and what the impact on the people surrounding us has been. If you feel like it, post your own video testimony on Twitter.  There are so many amazing stories of change and impact … 11 of them at Centurion today in fact.

Have a great weekend all…. and oh, my abs are sore to the touch today!


  • Keep Kai, 2.0 of Fallout in your prayers as he recovers from surgury.
  • If you’re interested be on the lookout for thte F3 ski trip out West which is still on.

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