Your boy Chub really came through last night…

Your boy Chub really came through last night…

9 men posted for a Kevlar workout and the quote in the title.  After the quote we did a quick disclaimer and headed out.

Down to church lot for standard COT type things.

Run over to backroad.  First light 1 burpee, 2nd light 2x double merkin burpees, 3rd light 3x triple merkin burpees, …. 5th light 5x quintuple merkin burpees.  Jog it out to the end.

Go back with jump squats at each light.  Add a jump squat at each light.

Back down road with 1, 2, 3, 4 then 5 Get-Ups or Deck Squats at the first 5 lights then jog it out.

Mosey to hotbox for Lil Hazes, Derkins, and dips.

Mosey to hill across the street.  Triple Nickel with burpees and Mike Tysons.

Head back to launch for quick Mary and done.


Early on the short jokes started with Tiger Rag and his irritated groin stating that I resembled a marauding, sex fiend, dwarf on Game of Thrones.  I’d suggest that’s half true.

Horsehead peeled out on the Triple Nickel.  He said he had an errand to run.  Not sure if that was code for taking a dump, but TR said he had to pick up biscuits.

Orange Whip was out in front all morning even if he was complaining about the Merkins.

Big League Chew was disappointed that Triple Nickel was 5 rounds.  He’s lobbying for it to be 3.

Thanks to Orange Whip on the takeout.



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