The human burpee

The human burpee

9 pax posted this morning at Meathead on a pleasantly cool morning. YHC showed up at precisely 5:29.55 due to an alarm clock issue (I hit snooze). #cobains The struggle to get back into the swing post-BRR is real.

After throwing a few bells on the ground and shaming Uncle Leo into taking a 24, I gave a thorough disclaimer and explained the workout.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • 20 swings
  • Windmill x 10 IC

Main Event (2:30 per round):

  • 15 swings/15 goblet squats/1 merkin
  • 15 swings/14 goblet squats/2 merkins
  • 15 swings/13 goblet squats/3 merkins
  • 15 swings/3 goblet squats/13 merkins
  • 15 swings/2 goblet squats/14 merkins
  • 20 swings/1 goblet squat/15 merkins – (added 5 swings to get to 250 for the workout)

Time for a bit of Mary: 1:00 elbow plank, :30 recovery, 1:00 glute bridge


Thanks to Hoover for the takeout this morning.


  • Sign up for the blood drive or you answer to Mighty Mite. As he explained this morning, you’re going to give blood – one way or another.
  • Swole, Meathead, and Olympus are all looking for Qs. The rules are pretty simple for now – 250 swings on weekdays, 400 on weekends. Go with whatever rep count you want and mix in some accessory exercises. As Uncle Leo said this morning, the hardest part is coming up with music you won’t get made fun of for.
  • Keep an eye out for more information on the F3 Foundation. In an effort to make it more professional, they’re going to be hiring a director and are launching a $200,000 fundraising campaign in October. If you can contribute, please consider it.


  • High Tide came up with the idea behind this workout a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been sitting on it until I had the opportunity to use it. Apparently, it’s based on a Dan John article and he calls it the human burpee. I haven’t read the article, so can’t tell you why. I can tell you that it’s the closest YHC is going to get to a burpee. If you have any complaints, please email him.
  • As always, thanks for posting at Meathead and for following my lead. We have a strong crew of regulars and are seeing some new faces as well. Now, we just need to kill that stupid sandbag workout that poached Wild Turkey. Friday really is a better day for it anyway…
  • The pax were having fun with the numbers this workout. We’re going to have to rename Uncle Leo Rainman or something.



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