daVinci on Saturday

daVinci on Saturday

11 fellows pushed hard on Saturday.


Mosey to the Fountains of Novant for warm-up
20 Side Stradle Hops In Cadence (IC)
20 Imperial Walkers IC
10 Windmills IC
5 Forward Lunges each Leg On-Your-Own (OYO)

Fountain Work
15 Jump-Ups (or 10 step ups)
15 Ass to the Fountain Squats
15 Dips

Run the Fan shape lot for sets of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25
Run out is half-burpee (burpee no pushup)
Run back is deeps squats

Partner Laps and Merkins
Partner Up and flapjack
1. Run the oval lot
2. Merkins until your partner returns

Mosey to the Rock pile with various things along the way
Air Chair/Tree Hugger/Al-Gore

Grab a Lifting Rock for Strength/Cardio Sets
Two minutes each
Set 1
– 10 Curls, 10 Presses, 10 Tricep Extensions for 2 minutes
– 10 High Knees, 10 Butt Kickers. Don’t stop 2 Minutes
Set 2
– 10 Bent-over rows for 2 minutes
– Side Shuffle with a half-burpee, Side shuffle back with a half-burpee for 2 minutes

Mosey back to launch with stations along the way
– Flutter
– LBCs
– Straight Leg alternating Flutter LBCs

Thine Skine, Moled over
Great group of guys. YHC met at least three new guys in the gloom. One with a few workouts under his belt and another this was day 2. Great Work by all.
Worked out with Soft Pretzel on Friday, Brexit killed us with Merkins. Tried to have as little as possible but pushing it where we did. Softie asked for me to bring it. Hope YHC was successful.
No 10 ten counts. encouragement on sets. Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Wish there was a rock pile closer to launch. OUT.

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