In an Ornithology Battle Who Would Win…Eagle or Hawk?

In an Ornithology Battle Who Would Win…Eagle or Hawk?

A couple of weeks ago Cobbler reached out to YHC with an invite to head down South and Q Blackhawk.  Having never been to this AO I was looking forward to seeing what it was like.  Since I don’t like to Q a workout without actually physically visiting the site YHC made a reconnaissance trip down to Walnut Creek earlier in the week.  At said midweek visit it was noted that there are lots of various areas to be used for a variety of exercises.  There were even various trails that YHC didn’t have the comfort level to incorporate into the workout and preferred to remain in the main home base of the park.  Hmmm, what workout could remain in a central location but yet incorporate a bunch of different exercises?  Looking at my watch to determine if enough time had passed for traffic to have died down for YHC to venture back to N.C. it dawned on YHC…The Clock Workout.  This is a favorite workout of YHC’s and actually was done at Davinci a couple of months ago, but this was a new crowd so YHC shouldn’t get called out for being too unoriginal.  6:30 hit and 11 Pax (soon to be 12) were chomping at the bit to get started.  YHC gave a disclaimer and reminded the Pax to keep me accountable for keeping the workout socially distanced.

The Thing:

Off we went to one of the 167 baseball fields at the park.  Circled up for various warmups:

Hillbillies, Imperial Walkers, Potato Pickers, Mtn Climbers, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, 6 inches and then a yoga stretch for each leg.

Moseyed to the center of the adjoining soccer fields.  By this point various Pax had noticed and pointed out the cones with folders strategically placed around the soccer fields.  In the center of the soccer fields YHC had planted a pitch fork to mark the center of our clock (what exactly is this called?).  The workout would involve running to each hour which was marked with a cone and perform the exercise noted at that hour.  Once complete with the exercise run back to the center of the clock and then run to the next hour, so on and so on.  Seeing as we had 11 Pax we split in half with YHC taking one group to 1:00 and Mary Kay taking the other group to 7:00. YHC knew MK could handle it seeing as he led this workout the first time YHC ever took part in it.  Here is what the exercises at each hour consisted of:

1:00 = 1 lap around Walnut Creek Pond (quite the scenic start to a workout)

2:00 = 20 burpees

3:00 = 30 lunges (R+L leg equals 1). At this point we had a late arrival join us.  Come to find out Doozie from Richmond, VA joined us to get a beatdown while in town.  He said that the website said that the wo started at 7:00.  I checked and the S. Charlotte site says 6:30 but if there is a separate Waxhaw or Indian Land site that shows 7:00, may want to change that.

4:00 = 40 derkins (great placement of picnic tables under a pavilion)

5:00 = 50 Big Boy sit ups

6:00 = 60 second elbow plank

7:00 = 70 merkins

8:00 = 80 monkey humpers (should have required Pax to face away from the houses overseeing this site so that they could get an eyeful)

9:00 = 90 plank jacks

10:00 = 100 dips (again, great placement of bleachers…it is almost like whoever designed this park had The Clock Workout in mind)

11:00 = 110 flutters (R + L leg equals 1).  Wrigley asked if each leg was one even though he knew the answer.

12:00 = 120 bear crawls along the soccer base line

With a little bit of time for the 6 to wrap up various Mary led by YHC, Doozie with a Richmond exercise and Atlas.  YHC then counted the PAX off 1-12 and instructed guys to go to the time corresponding to their number, perform that exercise and then bring the cone and folder back to the center #delegationofcleanup #worksmarternotharder.

The crew crushed The Clock Workout with about 15 minutes to spare.  Time for a burnout exercise.  Mosey back to a baseball field where YHC noticed some fantastic lifting rocks.  Grab a rock for a burnout superset.  12 civilian count of bicep curls, overhead presses and tricep extensions.  Then down to 10 of each exercise declining by two each set until 0.  Then moved to legs with the same superset of goblet squat thrusters.  Mosey to launch with 1 minute of plank and then finito.


  • Wrigley was not happy with YHC’s decision to make exercises R+L = 1.  He also threatened to chunk his lifting rock at YHC when goblet squat thrusters was called.  Apparently at one point he told YHC and Mary Kay that we were welcome to head back to Ballantyne at any time.  Despite the (always appreciated) mumblechatter he rocked the workout and crushed it.
  • YHC was able to find out from Doozie that he was in town visiting his parents who lived in Sun City.  I wanted to discuss more but Doozie pulled away starting at the 5:00 sit ups and smoked past the Pax from that point on.
  • Lambeau is about a week in and an infant in his F3 journey with his previous workout at MASH.  Regardless he pushed through the workout like a vet and didn’t look fazed.
  • Chainsaw showed that age is irrelevant and stayed towards the front of the group.  I get the impression that if the exercises were called each leg equaled 1 he would have been disappointed and called us out for being soft.
  • I unfortunately did not get to speak to On Time much but as a Q you are constantly evaluating how the workout is treating everyone.  He was quietly crushing the workout. #silentassassin
  • Glidah did great work with the exercises but more importantly was our photographer when YHC, along with several other Pax, could not figure out the timer function on the camera.
  • Twinkle Toes was a blast from the past and a familiar face.  I believe his first few F3 workouts were in Ballantyne land and he was named at a workout that I was at.  Twinkle, we will have to clown car up to WI and help when Bucky launches his WI F3 chapter.
  • T claps to Atlas, One Niner and Cobbler for pre-running before the workout.  YHC was totally going to pre-run too but ummm had to set up the workout and all…you know how that goes.
  • Thanks to Mary Kay for making the trip with YHC and helping to set up and clean up the workout.


I appreciate Cobbler for reaching out to Q.  We all have our favorite AO’s that become comfortable and like home bases for us and that is great, we need that.  But it is also beneficial to venture out and try other AO’s.  It is a great way to meet new guys, learn new exercises and get out of comfort zones.  As noted earlier there is a variety of areas at Blackhawk for a wide range of workout types.  I encourage guys from all areas but especially Indian Land and Waxhaw to check it out.  Seeing as I was gassed after this workout and a worthless POS once I got home, I would have to score this round in favor of The Hawk.

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