Make It Stop™ Diesel Edition

Make It Stop™ Diesel Edition

Back in July I used Watchtower as a guinea pig for the First Edition of Make It Stop™. The rules were simple: I name an exercise from an ordered list and count cadence (or civilian count) and all pax participate. We do this AMRAP style (As Many Reps As Possible) until someone can’t take it anymore and yells “Make It Stop!”. At that point, I name the next exercise from the list and the Make It Stop-er must count cadence for the new exercise. We do this for 5 exercises then run a lap around the lot. Simple enough, right?

For the Diesel Edition, there are few small tweaks. 1.) This is Diesel, so we’re gonna use gear, and 2.) No running at Diesel, so instead we do a Broken Farmers Carry (2 bricks held high in one hand and a coupon in the other) around the parking lot. Note: One thing I learned after the first Make It Stop™ is I needed to add a clarification that once you’re no longer continually doing the exercise (too tired) then you need to say “Make It Stop”. No pausing and watching everyone else do their reps.


No Gear

  1. Lunges
  2. Big Bois
  3. Merkins
  4. Heels to Heaven
  5. Calf Raises


  6. Canadian Beavers
  7. Side Raises
  8. Presses
  9. Ditka Haymakers
  10. Ax Chops (alternating 5 per side)

    No Gear

  11. Plank Jacks
  12. Mike Tysons
  13. War Hammers (Big Boi with 4 American Hammers at the top)
  14. Squats
  15. Air Presses


  16. Coupon Swing
  17. Chest Press
  18. Dips
  19. Goblet Squats
  20. Curls

No Gear

  1. Speed Skaters 
  2. Dry Docks
  3. Plank
  4. Monkey Humpers
  5. LBCs



I had many more exercise groups to go, but this is how far we made it. Special thanks to Mayhem for leading the first 10-15 minutes while I finished up the IPC relay.

Turnbuckle got the Chain of Pain today because he didn’t say “Make It Stop”. Not even once. He was pumped and ready for more. Good job TB!

Damascus got the Diesel Chain because he modified AS NEEDED due to his foot injury. We don’t get up at the crack of dawn to cheat ourselves out of a good workout. If you can do the reps, then do the RIGHT reps. If you need to modify for a good reason (ie. injury) then modify.

I forgot to record how many reps of each exercise we did this time. It was a lot, usually in the hundreds for each…glad you’re still reading this far.


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