3 Laps and not much else

3 Laps and not much else

YHC agreed to Q Bagpipe a few weeks ago but was still caught by surprise when Cooter2 made his Monday night marketing post.  Thankfully I have plenty of old Qs to recycle so thats what we did.

It looked like a small group when I arrived but cars kept pulling into a foggy parking lot until 5:30.  Veteran group so I didn’t think we needed until the pax asked for one.  YHC backpedaled gave the disclaimer as the pax moseyed and almost injured myself.  That would have been funny.

In the parking lot near the fountain we did a quick warm up.

10 IW

10 Windmills

10 Arm Circles Forward, 10 Arm Circles Back

Continue to mosey to the bull ring

The Main Event

Run around the bull ring, do 5 merkins at each entrance to the parking lot.

Repeato but trade the merkins for squats

Repeato Again but trade the squats for lbcs.

A this point is was 610 so time to mosey home.

The leaders of the group got back to launch a little early and did some mary but everyone else rolled in right at 615 so time for…



SOB/A51 Blood Drive at Brace YMCA on October 23.

It’s staying dark all morning.  Wear bright colors, reflective bands, and blinkies.

If you haven’t Qed somewhere in a while, do it soon.


I have Qed this same workout before at Stonehenge(yes, believe it or not, I used to Q Stonehenge).  I even had an extra lap with burpees planned but ran out of time.

This is a good weinke because it is well rounded(just over 2 miles), hits all the muscle groups(arms, chest, abs, quads, and glutes), and doesn’t require a lot of instruction which allows pax to go at their own pace.

It was a sweaty morning.  Stay hydrated.


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