F3 Waxhaw – IPC – Saturday

F3 Waxhaw – IPC – Saturday

Great work this morning pushing at the IPC fellas. Each of you will need to input your time into the site by visiting: https://f3greenwood.com/ironpax-form/

Your name is grouped together by Region and Waxhaw is at the bottom of the “F3 Name 3000-3999” section. Times are as follows, only in the order I wrote them down:

• Rusty Trombone 69:69

• Turnbucke 52:26

• Mad Dog 29:41

• Shop Dawg 27:22

• Fusebox 28:56

• By Pass 39:36

• Premature 27:59

• Rudy 35:14

• Breadbowl 31:15

• Motorboat 28:43

• Native 29:08

• Dirty Sanchez 31:14

• Centerfold 35:50

• Speed Bump 25:13

• Gerber 26:44

• Chainsaw 33:52

• Deep Dish 32:43

• Doughboy 31:55

• JWow 22:47

• Popeye 33:44

• Drive By 32:55

• Blue Screen 22:31

• Recalc 28:56

• Your Mom 11:53

  • Tool Time 21:32
  • Easy Button 26:26
  • Carb Load 28:24
  • Chicken Little 29:03
  • Sugar Daddy 29:38
  • Zinfandel 29:38
  • High Hat 30:17

Congrats to Tool Time for the Week Zero champion of the IPC for F3 Waxhaw with a time of 21:32. I was there and dude is a legit beast.


Modifying an exercise due to injury or ability is ALWAYS allowed. No one would argue that. If you are kind of doing the exercises but then modifying the count to be faster let’s look to finish it next week. Channel Glidah’s kind words about getting uncomfortable and pushing through our usual comfort zones. If you aren’t sore as hell you still had gas in the tank regardless of how hard you were breathing at the end.

This is You vs You challenge. You are either testing your continued progress or setting the bar for where you are in the start of your fitness journey. Keep going…

Overall everyone did great. I saw a lot of pain in those eyes this morning and I was right there on Wednesday completing that stupid thing. We got through it and we are, probably, better for it. Take a hot bath, roll those thighs and maybe take a short jog. Buckle up because day 2 is the worst and Monday morning will be hell.

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