Wait I have what tomorrow

Wait I have what tomorrow

Two Qs in one week, what was I thinking. A special shout out to Schneider and Chicken Little for reminding me yesterday at the 87th worst site in Waxhaw that I had the Q for this morning. Arrived at 5:10 to see the reset of the F3 Waxhaw Team trying to beat 16:30 for IPC Week 0. Well done Pax that was fast coming in at 15:49. Alright how many Pax will I have at Impromptu, how will I keep them together while allowing for social distancing with a wide range of speed? These are all things I was thinking about in the gloom.

As 5:30 came 17 Pax joined me for 45 minutes of fun. We warmed-up with a quick mosey around the parking lot and completed, 20 SSH, 20 Merkins, Calf Stretch, Mountain Climbers, and Imperial Walkers.

Starting at the front drive alternating lights to the stop sign we completed 5 Burpees and 5 Squats. No Mary in Waxhaw, we circle for the 6. Then to the large parking lot by the football field for some Suicides. We started with 10 LBC with a Burpee at the lines, hey Pax we don’t Mary go get the 6. Next was 10 Dry-docks, then 10 Big Boys for round 3. A quick Mosey to the circle for more fun, 100 Merkins in order around while holding plank. At Rudy’s Shed grab a rock, wall sits while completing 20 curls, 20 Donkey Kicks, then 20 Overhead Presses. Ending with a quick Mosey back to COT as time is called.

Everyone pushed it today for this edition of Impromptu. I continue to be impressed by our Pax, the amount of drive and support for others is outstanding. It does not matter where you are we lift everyone up. We had an impressive 9 Respects, outstanding.

Remember tomorrow after posting head to Christ Closet to help moving bins if you are able. October 17th is the blood drive, if you can donate please consider doing so. Labor Day Waxhaw 1 year convergence with 3 options, Coffeteria following.

YHC took us out.

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