Local “Karen” warns PAX of potential arrest

  • When:08/28/2020
  • QIC: Circuit City

Local “Karen” warns PAX of potential arrest

QIC: Circuit City

Pax: Mermaid, Margo, Chelms, Clover, Lorax, Point Break, Runstopper (R), Limey, Snuka (R), Bout Time, Uncle Phil, Kane, Thunder Road, Mayday, Jon (FNG), Matt (FNG)

17 PAX pulled up near the Amelie’s bakery as the temp and humidity was quickly rising. This was a Q that YHC has been looking forward to since Mermaid inquired a few weeks ago. This was going to be a site VQ. New turf to cover and shaky on the directions. More on that later. Also, YHC has been working on a few FNGs throughout Covid and was successful this morning as 2 of them showed up in the Gloom (Jon and Matt). Also, more on them later. YHC spent a little more time than normal on the disclaimer given the FNGs in attendance – one of which is a personal injury attorney. 0530 hit and off we mosey’ed to the parking deck at the high school.


Circled up just outside the parking deck. Standard issue including the leadoff SSH. Hops was not there to object or modify this call but the group that was there all obliged. Followed with IW, LSS, and Mountain Climbers. Enjoyed a final set of “shoulder tap Merkins”, which Mermaid was concerned YHC made it up on the spot. Not quite but could see where the choppy cadence counting and poor form would lead one to think that.

Dora 1, 2, but not 3

Split into 2 groups so we could spread out – using both of the 1st two stairwells. Partner up with someone you don’t normally or haven’t before. Our 2 FNGs partnered up, both of whom were getting after it!

  • 100 = Merkins; 200 = LBCs *** P1 = Run up the 3 floors of the deck and back down; P2 = Perform the exercises. Flapjack until we until the total count is complete. Meet in the middle of the two stairwells for Mary (Flutter and AH) when complete.

Mosey to Rock Pile on McMahon and Little Ave:

Here is where YHC’s poor navigation skills came in to play. We inadvertently took the long way around the Charlotte Catholic campus, instead of cutting through. Eventually, Mermaid helped guide YHC to the Rock Pile, however we are better having picked up the extra mileage.

    • Grab a lifting rock and cross the street to the CC Federal Credit Union. (Site of the soon-to-be Karen encounter)
    • 1st Round = 15 curls, 15 presses, 15 tri-ext.; run a lap around the parking when complete. Repeato.
  • 2nd Round = 15 bent over rows and 15 Romanian/Bulgarian/Yugoslavian/Lithuanian DLs.   Mumble chatter ensued over YHC potentially inaccurate description and demo of the RDLs. The intent was for a straighter leg position, lowering rock to the ground, and use your glutes and hammies to raise. Clover was convinced RDLs are with one leg at a time, Mermaid shared a different perspective, and Chelms rattled off a number of Central and Eastern European countries that might fit the move better. YHC still thinks the name and movement were accurately called.

Crawls and Lunges:

Line up abreast in front of bank facing McMahan. Bear crawl to curb and lunge walk back. Repeato. Here is about when we were paid a visit by an area “Karen”. Lorax and Point Break were our first line of defense to shield the rest of the PAX from the scolding for our supposed mischief. Despite an immediate threat that all of us could be arrested immediately, Lorax and PB did an admirable job deescalating Karen and she pulled away. After YHC confirmed we weren’t all going to jail, we did a round or two of crab walks and lunge walks. Some c-walked backwards while others forward. Pick your poison, me thinks.

Mosey back towards launch:

  • People’s chair on the wall with a total of 100 air presses (50 each round). Followed by 2 rounds of 20 calf raises on the curb and 10 merkins. Uncle Phil is certain he is going to feel the calf raises tomorrow.

Ye Ol’ Moleskin

From YHC’s short time posting at Centurion, numbers seem to be growing quickly! Thanks to Mermaid and Margie for their site-Q leadership, a big factor in increased participation.

  • 2 FNGs added to our ranks. Jon and his family have been close friends of ours over the past few years, starting when we coached our sons in baseball. Jon is a personal injury and medical malpractice attorney in Charlotte, so when Lorax called out the name “Erin Brockovich” it seemed like a winner. Welcome “Erin Brockovich”! Matt and his family have been friends of Jon’s and eventually ours over the past couple of years. YHC saw Matt this past Saturday and EH’ed him while enjoying an IPA or two together. Matt has 4 kids, 2 of which are into horseback riding. Matt owns two horses to support this family hobby. Runstopper helped guide us to the name “Seabiscuit”. Welcome “Seabiscuit“!
  • Monday A51 sites converging on Labor Day (9/7) at Basecamp at SCMS. Launch at 0700.
  • Thanks to Mermaid for the takeout.


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