Let’s Grow Today

Let’s Grow Today

Time for another Q. Swarm. I’ve been here and done this before but as I started planning a fresh new Weinke I discover I’ve been sucked into another “sub-group” of elite athletes, idiots, over achievers / dreamers. IPC season is upon us so why not put together a relay team to take down the top time in less than 24hrs? I generally haven’t said “No” to much of anything presented to me from this group so why not. See how distracted I became? I’ve already forgotten where I was going while writing up this BB… Anyway, I arrived on site at 3:30am about 4:50am to what looked like a news channel preparing for a local broadcast or crime scene investigation. Think two super bright light rings focused on part of the parking lot with a group of by-standards gathering. This was to be my pre-run I suppose. Call me Tool time, long story short, we came, we saw, we destroyed the top time by nearly a full minute. I had burpees because I like them. I also had one of the 400m runs which I generally enjoy but this one took me back to ’99 on the Piedmont Panthers track team when there was a real timer and it “mattered” and you couldn’t let your team down so I ran it. I ran it as hard as I could and actually felt the brain and body start to shut down on that final stretch to the finish line…..

5.18am… DiCCS let’s mosey.


.75 mosey around front of schools and around past stadium to first circle

Circle up – we were already warmed up so i selfishly took time to stop for a few minutes because i was still in la,la land from that 400

Dynamic warm up stretch
over head to toes walk out to plank
runners stretch arm to sky R, L
hill drops R, L alternating up to 20
maybe something else…

Mosey back to pick a rock for .25 boulder run

All x 10 reps

Corner 1 shoulders

Rock press

Dry docks

Corner 2 triceps

Curb dips

Rock OH extension

Corner 3 abs

Flutters 2 is 1

Rock curls

Corner 4 legs

Mtn climbers 2 is 1

Rock am hams

Complete laps until the rock travels back to start.

Mosey around and up to the picnic tables at back of high school for 3 rounds of
burpees x 5
BBs x 10
box jumps or step ups x 15
then AYG around Geeb Jungle

Recover then mosey to Transporter’s Shed, Rudy’s Outhouse etc
some type of evil suicide up and down the yellow brick rd
AYG up to first sidewalk on R then mosey back to start for 10 T plank push ups
rinse and repeat until Q calls audible to 10 shoulder taps back at the start and then up to COT

Still had a couple minutes left so i knew it was time for me to stop the madness and use them for me.


…..i don’t think I finally came back to reality from that opening 400 until we were running up and down the yellow brick rd. Not sure exactly where I went but I haven’t been there in a long time. I always like to throw some shout outs here but everything is such a blur please accept my apologies because I can’t seem to pull any together! I do know that everyone pushed really hard out there this morning and I’m seeing more PAX at Swarm, Ignition etc. that are taking those uncomfortable steps to break through into new territory and discover untapped potential. Don’t stop! We’ll do it together. It’s no secret I’ve been sharing a lot of thoughts and personal “stuff” with this group so we circled up back where most of us started the morning at the IPC relay start / finish. We took a knee and I let it go. 12 months have gone by already since I’ve made several changes in my life. Working on mental, physical, spiritual and relational challenges. IT’S. BEEN. HARD. But I’m growing. I’m seeing things come to the surface, beautiful things, positive things that I knew would eventually reveal themselves but just didn’t know what, when and how. I’m in a season of change, growth and discomfort. All in a good way. I won’t try to regurgitate everything here so just ask if you’d like to hear more or have a question about some of the things I’ve been doing that have helped provide guidance and support for me along the way. I’ll leave you with this though. Take a moment to lift your foot off the “gas pedal” of life and slow down enough or even stop to zoom out and see where you’re headed. We try to go 90 miles an hour all the time but what if you’re not heading in the right direction? Are you on a path to achieve your goals whatever they may be? Do you even have any written down? Look for areas where you can add margin to help in an area where you may be lacking. One of the best books and first books I read when embarking on my self improvement / personal development journey years ago is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy (https://www.amazon.com/Compound-Effect-Darren-Hardy/dp/159315724X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=UWZ701NVXQGA&dchild=1&keywords=the+compound+effect&qid=1598644722&sprefix=the+compound+%2Caps%2C418&sr=8-1) It really shows you how the smallest, almost unnoticeable, choices you make day in and day out can compound into massive results or a life of mundane, stagnant complacency. And we can choose what those are.


IPC is upon us. Looks like we’re going to continue the relay team formula just for kicks.

The Waxhaw region 1 year anniversary convergence celebration is on the calendar for Labor day. You have 3 guilt free flavors to choose from; bootcamp, 5k race and MASH. Doesn’t matter which one you pick, just pick one and show up at Cuthbertson!

YHC took us out.
Be intentional in all you do and say. Look for His guidance to ensure your words are kind and pure. Find the person you are meant to help or impact in a positive way.

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