Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishin’

12 Pax including Mermaid’s 2.0 Samuel, ignored the #FartSack for some of O’Tannebaum’s old man strong Q this week.

Warm up jog down gravel road around flag circle and back to parking lot for warm up and meet Joker! SSH, Merkins, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Planks, LBCs, IW

4 X 4 x 4: 4 light poles 4 exercises reps = Increasing multiples of 4

4 burpees, 8 Merkins, 12 jupsquats, 16 heels to heaven


Trees:  Mosey our and Side lunge alternate legs with bear crawl in between (Proehl exhibited serious quality) all the way to front of church. Run back down line of trees and over to ‘grassy knoll”. where we had to detour to front circle due to “high risk” patrons loitering in the artificial turf common area.

6 minutes of Mary with guest Q McGee–Great fun and good for you.

We then moseyed over to the parking lot with the islands for The Beast:  HAND RELAEASE MERKINS, JUMP SQUATS, LBCs, MTC, DRYDOCKS, BURPEES

The Pax then gathered up and headed back to the launch point, THE END.


  • O’Tannenbaum had solid Q, although it did seem like he was making it up as he went along, specifically during the warm up jog around the flag pole.
  • Finally Proehl was not the youngest at a work out this week with Mermaid’s 2.0 Samuel on hand.
  • Speaking of which, Samuel was out front with Proehl for the first 30 minutes or so when he and Mermaid decided to pick up their poles and headed over to the pond to catch some fish.”
  • McGee kept asking for burpees, which O’Tannenbaum eventually gave in to during the Beast.
  • Joker came in hot and caught up with us after the lap around the flag pole.
  • Big League Chew put in strong work coming off from his solid relay race at Kevlar the previous day.
  • Sling Shot and Mermaid talked about some swimming stuff.
  • Fault Line posted with some prodding by Geraldo at Kevlar
  • TCLAPS to Hoover on the extra credit pre-run
  • Various Pax discussed their experiences with virtual learning


  • Iron Pax Challenge will be hosted at Wamwrap Wednesdays 05:30 starting in September
  • Jet Fuel takes a break from White Claw and is on Q at Rock Zero next week.

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